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While spending my days at home, I have found out that I have a terrible habit of eating everything in the house. I decided that I should look for some healthier snacks, and the first thing that came to my mind was Graze. Today I will be trying out 2 of the new share packets Graze have to offer on their website!

While on my snack hunt, I made the irrational decision to buy 5 sharing packs and a 4-week subscription to their snack box. (oops!) My sharing bags arrived, and I was excited to try them all out. Today I shall be tasing the new flavours. These flavours were Chinese style honey sesame and sweet & salty. I chose these because I love the combination of sweet and salty! Both of these packets are vegetarian and cost £2.99

Chinese Style Honey Sesame

This 107g packet contains a mixture of honey sesame peanuts, black pepper almonds, roasted edamame beans and wild rice sticks. It sounded intriguing as there was a mix of nuts, flavours, and it also had rice sticks in. Each 26g portion is only 132 calories with 6g of plant protein!

I really enjoyed trying this snack pack. There was a nice mix of sweet and savoury. I really enjoyed the honey sesame peanuts however the sesame seeds took away some of the sweetness I was looking for. The black pepper almonds were amazing! It was the perfect amount of pepper so that your tastebuds tingle, not burn. It also left an almost milky aftertaste in your mouth which was divine. The edamame beans added a crunch but didn't carry too much flavour. The rice sticks were a fun addition as they were like breadsticks and gave a new texture and crunch to the snack.

This was a fun share pack and I would recommend this highly. It had all the right flavours but if I could improve it, I wouldn't have coated the peanuts in sesame seeds.
Sweet & Salty Veggie Protein Powder

I wasn't sure why this was a protein powder as the contents are solid - perhaps I am being silly!  This packet contains honey salted peanuts, baked salted peanuts, roasted cashews and roasted edamame beans. This 120g pack can be divided into 30g portions each containing 162 calories and 7g of plant protein!

These were the peanuts I was looking for! Although the saltiness of them wasn't predominant, the honey roasted nature of these peanuts was amazing. It was sweet and balanced perfectly with the rest of the nuts. The salted peanuts added what was lacking in the honey roasted ones without being so salty, you needed some water. The edamame added a nice crunch to the packet while the cashew nuts provide a smooth, milkiness to the mix. It was the perfect blend in my opinion.

I am pleased with these new sharing bags. I think that Graze has done a good job in appealing to my sweet and salty side. I would recommend them both as each one has something spectacular about them! I think that they are good value for money at £2.99 and although the 25g portions seem small, they are overwhelmingly filling!

Have you tried any graze products? What were your favourite ones? Let me know what snacks I should try next as I am always on the lookout for some new treats to try!

If you use this referral link, you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes for free! 

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If you use this referral link, you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes for free! 

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  1. These snacks with dry fruits are yummy... 😍

  2. Oooh, these look amazing!! I love the sound of both of these as I love honey sesame!! I love Graze products but I'd not seen these before. I'll have to look into getting some :) xx

    Holly |

  3. I'm definitely the same when it comes to snacks. I'll get through entire packets of multipack crisps in one evening at my worst so I definitely need to look into some healthier options haha. I've tried a Graze box once before when they did their free trials but haven't tried anything since!

  4. I definitely need to try these, they look so tasty! Thank you for sharing!