Biore Rose Quartz & Charcoal Daily Purifying Cleanser Review!

Monday, April 27, 2020

I am on a mission to clear my skin before the end of lockdown. I have tried a range of facial scrubs, so today I am trying a daily solution to tackle my skin issues. I am testing Biore's Rose Quartz & Charcoal cleanser as I decided to give this range another go after my last experience with Biore!

Biore has a Rose Quartz and Charcoal facial range aimed at targeting blemishes while radiating positive vibes. The cleanser claims to purify pores and adds "self-love" to energise your skin. I bought this off of amazon for £5.99. 

I liked the look of this product from the start. It was a pump, which is handy when your hands are wet, and the product is a beautiful sparkly pink colour. The packaging, in general, has a fun rose gold vibe to it so would look perfect in any bathroom. The cleanser also smells strongly of rose, which is a hit a miss scent with some but I liked it. 

The cleanser came out smoothly and lathered well. I thought it would be foamier but turns out, my face needed to be wetter to see it's full potential! It lathered well once I was in the shower and I felt a slight tingling sensation the longer I left the product on. It was a lot milder than the Biore scrub but still had a cooling feeling. I was a tad worried about it around my eyes as I didn't want it to sting. There is menthol in the product, which is probably where the cooling, minty sensation comes from.

Once out the shower, didn't leave my face as red and blotchy. There was still some redness although, it didn't hurt nor burn. My face did feel dry afterwards, though. Moisturiser is an easy fix but takes this into mind when using it daily! The product contains salicylic & carboxylic acid. These acids are common in Biore products as they do a good job at cleaning but leave the face red. 

I think this cleanser was great. It cleaned thoroughly and having used it for a week, felt my skin was revived, and I had fewer impurities on my face. I liked that it was a pump rather than a squeezy tube as it is less messy and more convenient. The only thing I didn't like as much, was how dry, and tight my skin felt afterwards. It meant that the cleanser was doing its job, but it is a powerful thing. It is definitely a product to use if you are looking for clearer skin, but:

  • Don't use this right before going out - the redness takes a little while to go down
  • Do have some moisturiser on hand - the dryness feels a little funny!
  • Don't get it in your eyes - it really stings, I learnt the hard way...
  • Maybe use it a few times a week rather than daily

I would recommend this product. I prefer it to the Biore scrub, but not to the winning product so far; the Garnier 3 in 1 Charcoal scrub. It was a good product and did well. The issues it comes with are an easy fix, and I am going to continue using this product!

Do you struggle with impurities? If you have a skin cleaning, pore purifying, blemish busting product that you think I should try, I would love to know recommendations! Let me know what you're using in the comments :)

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  1. We have Biore skincare brand in Malaysia. But not sure if we have this line. Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Thanks for sharing, this looks a lovely product to use :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  3. This looks so good. Wish if they can deliver in india too. Not available here.☹️ I love reading review the presentation and the picture of are so good.

  4. I’ve only ever used their nose strips. I would try this but I have rosacea on my face which already makes my face red so I’m not sure if this would be good for my skin. But I will look into it to make sure for sure cause it seems nice.

  5. I've used Biroe nose strips a couple of times but they nearly took my skin off so I've steered clear of the brand ever since! I've been using the ALDI dupe for the Sand & Sky pink face scrub and it's brilliant, I'm very sad I'm about to run out shortly :( Lisa x

    1. Wow really!? I haven't tried the nose strips but thanks for the heads up! Ooo that sounds cool, maybe I need to pick some up once this is all over, thanks for the tip.
      Em x

  6. Skin care is becoming more and more prevalent in people’s priorities now.... would love a piece on your current skin care routine!!! 💖💖💖