Chillys 750ml Pastel Green Reusable Bottle Review!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

If you keep up with trending Instagram products, you'll have heard about Chilly's bottles. These bottles are the stylish, eco-friendly solution to single-use plastic bottles. Today I will be reviewing the 750ml bottle and letting you know if it is worth the price tag and the hype!

Refilling plastic bottles can be bad for your health. Bacteria can grow and washing the bottle with warm soapy water to kill this bacteria can cause it to degrade, which can be harmful to your health. These bottles are designed to be used once so get thrown into landfills, resulting in around 1 million bottles being thrown away per minute according to Forbes. This figure is alarming, so I decided it was an important step to find a reusable bottle that I could use during the day. 

I decided to go with Chillys because I had heard a lot of good reviews about the bottles and I wanted to try it out for myself. I chose the 750ml bottle as I drink a lot of water so, when I go on my adventures, I would have enough water to carry around with me. The colour I chose was green from the pastels range which cost me £25. I also purchased the mono-white lid to accompany it which cost £3. There are a range of different lids you can buy as extra and even carabiners to go along with your bottle. Chillys offers free delivery for orders over £10, which was great news as this came to £28. I also used my 10% student discount to make it even cheaper. 

When the bottle arrived, I was excited to see it came in a cute cardboard box. The packaging was beautiful and, each bottle comes in its own cylindrical container. These bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours and drinks hot for 12. They are leak-proof and free from BPA. I thought the bottle was beautiful. It was bigger than I had expected but lightweight so, when I put in my liquid, it wouldn't be too heavy to carry around. The lid and the bottle were amazing and, I was very pleased with how it looked. 

The bottle did an amazing job of keeping my drink cold. Recently, it has been beautifully warm outside so, when I go to relax in the garden, I bring my bottle with me and, it keeps me hydrated all day. I didn't time it to see how long the drink stayed cold for as I didn't need it to last me 24 hours. I also haven't tried out how long the bottle keeps drinks hot for because I haven't needed to carry 750ml of coffee with me anywhere! 

The Chillys bottle with its update logo
I love this bottle. I can't comment on whether it keeps drinks hot/cold for the time Chillys have claimed however it does keep drinks cold for a long time. It also is a beautiful bottle, so I am encouraged to carry it around with me more and, I end up drinking more than I usually would. It has stylish aspects and is eco-friendly. The 3 sizes of the bottle you can choose from are 260ml, 500ml and 750ml. You can also buy reusable coffee cups! There are many customisable features, so each bottle is unique to the customer.

I would recommend Chillys to anyone looking for a reusable bottle which is not only stylish but is high quality and is good for the environment. Have you ever tried Chillys? Let me know if you have any favourite reusable bottle brands that I should try next!

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  1. The Chillys bottles are so cute but, they’re so expensive. I bought a similar one from a small shop and it works just the same for about a fifth of the price!

    Al x

    1. I know! I have seen a few in Wilko for a decent price. If you are looking for a brand, I would recommend this one otherwise yeah, they are a little pricey!

      Em x

  2. I needed this post Em!! I’m in desperate need of a new gym (home gym for now lol) bottle. Like you, I drink loads of water and I drink more when I have it in a bottle so this would be a perfect size for me. Plus with it being environmentally friendly, it’s even better!
    Thank you ☺️

    Love, She xx

  3. I've not yet bought one of these bottles but now I've seen this I might have to! They look so cute and carry enough water for me!

  4. What an underrated but very useful topic!

  5. We have a couple of reusable bottles at home, one for me and one for my daughter who takes hers to school. They're not Chillys but they are really good, and keep water cold for hours, easily until you need to refill the bottles. Anything that discourages plastic single use is a good thing though. Great review, Em! X