Trying Out Healthy Graze Snacks!

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A couple of days ago, I tried out a few new Graze sharing bags. Today I have even more Graze goodies to taste! These flavours have been around a while, but I am still excited to test them out. 

In my graze order, there were 5 sharing bags. I tried the newest flavours in a recent blog post so you can check that out by clicking the link here. The flavours I am going to have today are Smokehouse, smokey barbecue and punchy chilli & lime as I have been inspired by the recently sunny weather to have some BBQ/summery flavours.


This vegan snack contains hickory smoked almonds, chilli lemon broad beans, raw almonds and roasted pumpkin seeds. Per 32g portion, there is 7g of plant protein and 167 calories. The hickory-smoked almonds were amazing! They had the right amount of flavour and had a lovely smokiness to them. I wish there were more because they carried a lot of flavour. It was also a 50/50 chance to get either a smoked or plain almond. I would have preferred all the almonds to be hickory smoked.

 The broad beans added a nice crunch to the mix and a spice. It wasn't overwhelmingly spicey (which is good as I don't like spicy food!) and there was a slight aftertaste of lemon. I like broad beans, but I felt there should have been more of an equal mix between all of the nuts. There were a lot of broad beans in this packet which is great if you enjoy them, but I was desperate for more almonds! I forgot there were pumpkin seeds in this pack as they sit at the bottom of the packet, so you only get to them once you eat the good bits. The pumpkin seeds tasted lemony, but I assume this is because they are at the bottom so take in any flavouring.

This packet was nice. There was a nice range of flavours, and the smokiness of the almonds was amazing. The almonds were my favourite part!

Smoky Barbeque

Out of all 3 sharing bags, this one was by far my favourite. At 118 calories per 26g serving, this pack contains smoky barbecue flavoured peas, crunchy corn chips and chilli corn. I could happily and eat the whole packet. It would be the perfect replacement for crisps or as a snack on a summer BBQ spread. It probably would taste nice on top of a salad instead of croutons!

It is very crunchy, so teeth be warned! The barbecue flavour is nailed perfectly. It is tasty and morish. The peas are the least crunchy and are a bit like popcorn. The corn chips are exactly like nachos but with a more tangy taste while the chilli corn adds a hint of spice to the BBQ mix. It is a really fun mixture of savoury treats.

Out of all the packets I have tried, this is my favourite one, and I enjoy everything in the mix. I can't fault this one, it is amazing!

Punchy Chilli & Lime 

At 174 calories per 29g, this punch packet contains chilli and lime flavoured cashews, lightly salted peanuts & almonds. I was excited to try this as I like cashew nuts, but unfortunately the chilli and lime were too overwhelming for me. The chilli and lime were very spicey together, which sadly ruined the whole cashew experience for me.

The lightly salted peanuts were delicious. It wasn't contaminated by the lime flavouring so I could pick out the peanuts and the almonds, which were milk and delicious! I am sad that I couldn't enjoy the full experience, but my family tried the cashews for me. They said the cashews were spicy, but they were the right flavour and had everything they were looking for. The lime isn't too overpowering and it would make a delicious summer snack.

Overall, these sharing packs were enjoyable and, at £2.99, they would make fun summer snacks. I enjoyed the barbecue flavour immensely while I liked parts of the other 2 packs. I would highly recommend the barbecue flavour, and the chilli one if spice if your thing.

Have you tried any Graze sharing bags? What have been your favourites? I'd love to hear what snacks you are enjoying at the moment!

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  1. I love barbecue anything !!! I’ll definitely give these a try. But disappointed with the cashews as they’re a favourite of mine but I’m like you, I need to enjoy a snack without spice overpowering it! Thanks for the review of everything... YUM!

  2. I would love to try these yummy snacks. thanks for the review.🌺🌸🏡️

  3. Oh my goodness these snack mixes look so tasty! I would love to try them out. Thanks for sharing your review!

  4. Wow! I definitely need to try the smokey barbecue one! Great review :)