Limited Edition Mr Kipling Chocolate Whirls Review

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Easter is only a week away and although we are all in isolation, there is no reason to not have a bit of seasonal joy in your weekly shop. This week, I picked up these Mr Kipling treats along with a few other items that I will be trying over the next couple of posts.

For £1 you get 6 shortcake whirls described as "light chocolate shortcake with a chocolate flavour filling and chocolate sauce" in a brown box. Each whirl is 143 calories and a high 13% of your daily saturated fats so although it may be tempting, these little treats are not the healthiest so (unlike me) don't eat most of them in one go!

The texture of these whirls were velvety and a lot more crumbly than I had anticipated. I thought that they were softer than the other Viennese whirls I have tried. These chocolate treats tended to crumble when you pick them up and on my first attempt, it broke in my hand! They were all uniform and satisfying to bite into. You would get a soft, fluffy crumble which was so good. It was a little dry without the ganache but when you hit it, it's really enjoyable.

The taste of these was amazing. The chocolate flavouring was not sickly rich but just strong enough that 2 whirls were satisfying enough. The chocolate sauce filling was like a ganache and it was to die for. It was rich and smooth; heavenly in fact! I am very impressed as I didn't really like the Christmas Gingerbread Edition Mr Kipling released in December so these are really a step up in my opinion. The ganache was almost like frosting; it added a much-needed moistness to the dry shortcake.

The biscuit itself was buttery and had a light taste of chocolate which is great as together with the ganache, was not an overpowering flavour. The whirl also wasn't overly sweet so it wasn't too sickly. It melted in your mouth and left a delicious, chocolatey aftertaste.

I could eat the bites in one or two mouthfuls depending on how greedy I was feeling which means they are great for little hands too. They have a cute little swirl on either side of the biscuit which makes them look appealing. If you pop one of the layers off, you can see that chocolate sauce is in a cute swirl too. The only thing I think I would question is the description of "chocolate filling and chocolate sauce". If you look at the inside images, there is no visible sauce, only the ganache. I was a little confused about what this was and whether it would add extra flavour. I honestly couldn't tell.

Overall, I really liked these whirls and I would recommend them while they are around. It may be something you only buy once but I think it is worth that one try. It is delicious and moreish and I could see myself putting these on a cake stand around Easter time as they are so enjoyable. Understandably, this isn't the time to be stocking up on non-essentials but if you are looking for a treat to add to your weekly shop, I would definitely consider this one.

Have you tried this new Mr Kipling treat? They have been around for a few years now but I have never felt the urge to pick them up although I am glad I have on this occasion. Let me know in the comments what you think of these and what your favourite Easter treat is too!

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