Limited Edition Mr Kipling Hot Cross Slices

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As I mentioned in my last post, I had picked up a range of goodies to try while on my shopping trip. I love cake and hot cross buns are a seasonal favourite of mine so when I saw Kipling cakes had made hot cross bun slices, I jumped at the chance to try them!

For £1, you get 6 slices. There are 2 slices in one sealed pack which is both great for when you really fancy cake but bad if you only want one slice. These treats are described as "lightly spiced cake slice made with raisins and topped with a drizzle of white decoration" and comes in a cute, Easter-themed box.

I think that these slices real nail the hot cross bun flavour. It isn't too sweet and had kind of a doughy/bready sense to it. The sponge is lightly fruited and spiced which gives you a warm, almost autumnal feel and the slice tastes quite good. It could have done with a little bit more spice for my liking as I am a big fan of spiced fruit cake.

Hot cross bun slice with raisins, fruit and a drizzle of icing on the top

The slice has a nice bite to it; it isn't too spongy but I would have liked it to be a little more fluffy. There is a reasonable amount of fruit in it but the slice could have benefitted from more to make it less dry and to have added a bit more flavour. It is the typical cake bar/slice size.

The only issue I have is how dry it is. It has some moistness to it and 2 slices can be eaten at once but the icing on the top (I assume it should provide flavour and add moisture) does nothing but contribute to that classic icing squiggle that all Mr Kipling cakes have. It doesn't have a flavour. It would have been more interesting if Kipling had presented this as a cross as the classic hot cross buns do. The lack of icing also means that the slice should be munched with a drink as, without it, the slice becomes quite claggy. There just isn't a lot of moisture.

This slice would go great with a cup of tea and does taste like a hot cross bun but I could have done with a bit more moisture and texture. It was a little bland but otherwise, a decent slice, just not one of the best that Mr Kipling has produced.

Have you tried any Kipling cakes recently? Let me know your thoughts below!

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