Milka Triple Caramel Flavor Chocolate Bar Review

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Where I live, we have an amazing little Polish shop which sells a range of treats from around the world so before we went into lockdown, I picked up some treats. Today I am tasting Milka's caramel triple chocolate bar which has not one but three different caramel fillings! I was lucky to find this and for just 49p, I had to taste it!

Milka is originally a Swiss company but is now owned by the same people who make Cadburys chocolate - Mondelez International. Milka produces chocolate for Germany but you can find it in many UK supermarkets.

Made with 100% Alpine milk, this bar comes in three parts each with a unique filling. These 3 fillings are runny caramel, a caramel flavoured milk cream and crispy almond with caramel pieces. They each have a pattern on the top to identify which flavour is which

Caramel: This chunk is classic caramel-filled chocolate. The caramel was smooth, creamy and not sickly. The chocolate complimented the caramel and they were both in the rich quantities. I thought it was lovely, just the right richness whereas my family, who tried it with me, thought that the chocolate was bland. The flavour wasn't too overwhelming although it would have tasted better if the caramel taste was more present.

Caramel Cream: Although I enjoyed this one, it wasn't what I would call caramel. The flavouring similar to a kinder bar because the caramel flavouring in the centre wasn't present. The caramel was overwhelmed by the chocolate as it was rich and milky. It was, however, still a nice edition which I did enjoy eating.

Just look at those yummy, crispy caramel and almond pieces!
Caramel and Almond Crispies: This piece is my favourite one. It's a lovely, crunchy chocolate chunk when you get to the crispy pieces. They aren't evenly distributed throughout the bar which is disappointing because this is one of the main features to the chunk. You can taste the caramel prominently and the pieces are deliciously crispy. This is a perfect piece of chocolate and my favourite. I wish the pieces of caramel were distributed more fairly or that there were just more in general!

What is your favourite bar of Milka chocolate? Let me know in the comments section or pop me a message on any of my social media channels!

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