Self-Care and Ways to Relax in Quarantine

Sunday, April 12, 2020

I recently spoke about how to relieve stress and anxiety. Today, I thought it would be helpful to give you a few ways you can take care of yourselves. Although it is a similar topic, many people forget to look after themselves when a routine is out the window. It is important to stay positive in times like these, so self-care is vital to boosting morale. Here are some of my favourite ways to unwind and practise self-care!

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Have a movie night

Having a movie night is a great way to relax as it is customisable to your taste. Not only does it let you unwind, but if you have a few snacks and allow your family to join you, it can make for a wonderful evening. There are so many great films out there to indulge in. Watching movies and being surrounded by the people you love is one of the best ways to relax. Just the presence of other people is comforting. If you're not sure about what to watch, pick a streaming site, and I'll give you some recommendations!

Pamper Yourself 

Looking after your body also helps you to look after your mind. Pampering yourself is a great way of releasing stress because of the amazing oils that are found in products. Laying in a bath has magical healing powers! It is a great method of self-care. There are so many possibilities for you pamper night. An amazing pamper night could include:

  • Relaxing in a warm bath with a face mask
  • Painting your nails and taking care of your skin
  • Lighting some scented candles
  • Making a fun fruit bowl to nourish the inside of your body

There are lots of other pamper night ideas you could try. Pampering means something different to everyone, so do what makes you happy!

Be productive

Having a list of obtainable goals is a great way to relieve anxiety. It keeps track of what you need to do and keeps all your deadlines in one place. For many, this is a stress relief because things are planned. Being productive can reduce stress as it keeps you busy, and means you aren't wasting time. However, be careful with using productivity as a coping method. Don't overdo it. If you're giving yourself too much to do, you'll burn out and have more stress. If you make a list of goals, don't feel pressured to complete them. Setting yourself achievable goals is an important step, and stay track of what needs to be completed. 

Have regular phone calls with family

It is important to stay in contact with people, especially if you or your loved one lives alone. It can be comforting to phone someone and to hear their voice. You could even video chat with them to see their face. Every Sunday, my family set up a large group call on Zoom. We talk for a few hours about how our weeks been! It may be once a week, but it brightens everyone's day and keeps everyone in the loop. It is also nice to keep my Grandma company. Interaction with people is an amazing way to relax. It means that everyone keeps busy, and has communication with others outside their home. Lockdown can feel quite alienating, but technology is so amazing, it keeps everyone together!

Eat regularly and exercise

It is important to look after your body physically as well as mentally. It is easy to sit down and watch TV all day but for 30 minutes a day, try a more active task. A few things you could do are:

  • Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lessons at 9 am every weekday - especially if you have kids who need to get moving
  • Do some yoga as this also helps with the mind
  • Housework - Let's get our spring clean on!
  • Use your daily outdoor exercise wisely - It may not be a good idea to go for a walk/run/cycle every day but if you are really craving fresh air, please be careful and follow the Government guidelines :)

Eating is also important but eating the right foods is key. Make sure you are having regular meals and that you are getting the right amount of all the food groups to keep your body well-nourished.

Bullet Journal

I have recently found a love for bullet journaling. It is a relaxing thing to do, and keeps you organised without even realising it! Bullet journaling allows you to be creative and get all of your ideas and feeling onto a page. It is stress relief as well as productive. There are so many unique pages you can create for your journal. If you're starting out, here are some beginner ideas for you to try! Express yourself and try out different mediums too! Stationary and stickers can make you happy, reducing stress and looking after your mine!

Read a book 

Reading a book can allow you to escape into another world. Reading has a range of amazing benefits from reducing stress to improving your own literacy skills. It is an amazing thing to do, and with so many books available, there's no reason to not! From ebooks to paperback, audio to hardback, there are so many ways you can read a book. Reading helps the brain. It gives it a chance to take in new information while shutting off the outside world. For many, it is an escape. There are so many genres and authors to choose from, so pick up a book and get reading!

I hope these ideas have helped you to relax and feel calmer. There are lots of different ways to relieve anxiety, you just need to find what works for you. It is really important to listen to your head and figure out when you need a break. If not, it'll become too overwhelming. What do you do when you need to wind down? Let me know what your favourite self-care activities are in the comment

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  1. Exactly, proper eating and exercise habits are key to healthy life

  2. Great post! I deffo agree that eating healthy and exercising is very important. I always get out the house for a 30 minute walk everyday. I'm thinking of having a movie night tonight to chill out x

  3. Definitely some good ideas. I have been doing movie nights and exercising, but I have not spent enough time reading for fun.

  4. Such a great post full of some great ideas. It's so important for us to be taking care of ourselves during this time and not let things get on top of us. Thanks for sharing!
    Philippa Claire

  5. I've found movie nights and reading to be really helpful as a distraction when the news has left me feeling stressed or anxious. It's good for my mental health to switch off from the world every now and then. I've been using my hour to walk my dog and it's really nice to get out for that short time x


  6. These are brilliant suggestions, thanks for sharing Em! I absolutely love the idea of a pamper night, it's my birthday at the weekend so I'm planning a little 'home spa day' to totally relax :) I love that you mentioned we don't need to be productive either, it's such a strange time for everyone, we have to make sure we are being kind to ourselves and not adding extra stress. Fab post, have a lovely week! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  7. A big yes to a film night!! Can't beat a bit of HSM either haha x

  8. All great tips Em! I do a lot of these things on the regular and I find them to be very helpful in keeping me relaxed especially during this time of high anxiety and uncertainty.

  9. Great tips for self-care! I’ll definitely try these as I’m always the best with self-care

  10. Some great ideas. I love bullet journaling. It helped so much during lockdown and I’ve really loved reading a lot more too

    What I Have Wrote