12 Things To Do With Washi Tape - Eco-friendly Tape Review!

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AD - This post contains gifted items, but all opinions are my own

Plastic sellotape is damaging to the environment, but, Naturally Wrapt has created eco-friendly supplies, to help combat this. Tape has many uses so here are 4 fun and creative things you can do with natural, eco-friendly washi tape!

interviewed an amazing eco-friendly company called Naturally Wrapt for a Meet The Business post. I fell in love with the ethical ethos of the business! I have been blessed with the stars brown paper tape to review in today's post! This 18mm brown parcel tape is gorgeous and designed by Naturally Wrapt owner, Carolyn herself! This tape is 50m long, has a natural adhesive and is recyclable too! I have found so many fun things to do with this tape:

Parcels & Presents

This tape is perfect for my eBay parcels. I wrap each parcel in brown recycled paper, and the stars tape is the perfect sealant! My customers love it. It would also look cute for birthday presents! The tape holds wrapping paper down with ease but holds things in place really well. It looks amazing with brown paper!

Bullet Journalling 

With so many colours of Naturally Wrapt tape to choose from, the possibilities for your bullet journal is endless. I like the rustic look the starts tape gives my notebook. It is great for outlines. It is also really sticky so keeps my torn pages held in well! I love using this tape in my weekly planner. It adds a rustic vibe to my pages and makes them look cute! 


Not only can you make funky geometric shapes with the tape, but this also looks amazing as a background for images! The artistic license for this tape is extensive. I like to cover a canvas with the tape and paint over it in funky shapes. It saves you wasting and throwing away plastic tape!


I love making scrapbooks for big events in my life. I went to Florida in 2019 and have used the starts tape across multiple pages to make them look unique and add embellishments! I think the final pieces look amazing and are really cute. There are lots of ways to use the tape in a scrapbook from bordering the edges of each page to sticking down photos! 

  • Make tiny flags with cocktail sticks to top cakes with!
  • Decorate computer keys by putting tape over them
  • Cover a notebook with tape to revamp the look
  • Use it to mark a calendar
  • Add colour to dull photo frames/items of decor 
  • Organise your cables by colour coding them with tape
  • Cover the handle of wooden cutlery to make them more fun

I have never found anything like Naturally Wrapt before and I am so glad I came across it. I am in love with the brown stars tape. It is one of the best tapes I have ever use. It not only is adorable, but it is high quality too. The tape is only £3.50, and it is now a staple in my everyday life. I love how versatile the tape it; it can be used for so many different projects. It is sticky enough to close boxes for shipping, it is zero-waste and biodegradable. 

I think it is time to make the switch to natural, eco-friendly and sustainable wrapping. I am already excited for Christmas as this will make my wrapping look amazing. What do you like to do with your washi tape? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Find Naturally Wrapt Online! 

*This post contains gifted items, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE washi tape! I love using it for bullet journaling and i love all your other ideas for using it especially the orgamising cables idea! Thank you for sharing :)
    Em x

  2. I love the ways you came up with to use the tape. It is so beautiful and simplistic but really adds to your projects. Particularly the ebay packages. I love it when I order something that is sent beautifully wrapped, it really gives it that personal touch.

    Claire x

  3. I used to have an obsession with washi tape and I think it's starting to resurface! I really love the stars and like you said, it looks perfect for packages!

  4. These are some really great ideas. That tape is so pretty and such a good price too.


  5. This is defo something we should invest in. The young people in our lives will enjoy using it and I love the idea of using it for parcels. Makes them look unique and special. Great idea. Thank you for the suggestion c

  6. I love this post,and the way you talked about different alternatives has given me some ideas as well.. Thank you

  7. I've never used washi tape for anything before actually but if I did, I'd definitely go for an eco-friendly option like this!


  8. I love adding a little bit of washi tape to my bullet journal. It really just adds something even if they page is minimalist.

  9. What a great post with some fab tips too! I’ve never used this tape before but it may be something I need to invest in! It’s so pretty and affordable too! X


  10. I have an embarrassing collection of washi take o never know what to do with. These are great suggestions. Plus, I LOVE that you're sharing an ego friendly alternative.

  11. This washi tape is so cute! I love that it is eco friendly. I have so many washi tapes, but always looking for more! I have shared ideas for washi tapes too.

    Lauren | www.bournemouthgirl.com

  12. These are all such cute ideas! I have never really thought about using tape at all for any of these things but I deffo will now!

  13. I have got some Washi tape, but I don't really use it, thanks for sharing uses and this brand :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  14. This washi tape looks great! I often use washi tape on my envelopes when sending out letters.