Georganics - A Sustainable Solution To Oral Hygiene?

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Here in 2020, we must look towards more sustainable solutions for everyday life. Each year, the UK alone adds 18,480,000 kilos of waste in landfill from just toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes. Georganics aims to provide an eco-friendly solution to oral-care with a wide range of sustainable products. 

About Georganics: 

Georganics creates natural and eco-friendly oral care products, priding themselves on being organic, zero waste, vegan, cruelty-free, and they use recyclable packaging. Their product range is vast, ranging from beechwood toothbrushes to chewing gum! 


My package arrived quickly in a recyclable box. The products were wrapped in brown paper, which can be recycled and even the packing slip was on brown paper! This made me very happy because Georganics is sticking to zero-waste down to a T! 

Natural Beech Toothbrush & Toothpaste

I have been sent a few products to try, but I am only going to try two of them today as there is so much to talk about! 

The toothbrush is made of beechwood; free from plastic, BPA-free and has multiple uses. Here are some reasons I already love this toothbrush:
  • The handle is suitable for composting.
  • Each tree cut down for this brush is replanted.
  • Excess wooden materials are used to heat the factory.
  • The packaging comes with some second use ideas!
  • The head of the brush can be snapped off and once 10 are collected, can be free posted back to the Zero To Landfill scheme.

If that doesn't convince you, let me tell you my experience with it. I have the medium-sized bristle brush. The bristles are made from nylon so effectively remove plaque without damaging gums. I liked this toothbrush. At first, the feeling of having wood in your mouth is strange. It is like having a lolly stick in your mouth. Once you get past this, it is actually not that bad. The bristles are soft and kind to gums, but leave your teeth feeling clean. I really liked the feel of these bristles. I would use this toothbrush again. It was a lot better than I thought it would be, and I was impressed with its performance. Each toothbrush costs £4.40, which I don't think is that bad. 

The toothpaste was where it fell down a bit. Sadly, this toothpaste was not for me. I had the English Peppermint flavoured toothpaste. It is £6.90 on their website and comes with a bamboo spatula to put it on your brush. The smell was wonderful, I like peppermint, but the taste was not to my liking. Have you ever chewed gum for a long time, so it goes really a strange stringy texture? The toothpaste was almost like that as a paste. It also had that chewed gum taste where there was a light minty flavour. I can't describe it any other way! There was a strange aftertaste, so I understand why you have to rinse your mouth after use. 

If you can get used to this, the product actually cleans really well. The peppermint isn't overwhelming but is present. The toothpaste didn't foam as you'd expect, but you can use it sparingly nevertheless as spreads amazingly. Your breath stays fresh for a while and teeth are left feeling really clean afterwards. I am going to continue to use this toothpaste for a bit and see if I notice any natural whitening so I'll update you if I notice anything. 

An Eco-Friendly Solution?

I really like Georganics and what they stand for. I have never tried zero-waste oral care products before. It was a new experience, and I will be buying more of their products. I'll admit, I am not fully transitioning into eco-friendly as I like my Colgate toothpaste, but I will keep this in mind and rethink later down the line. The toothpaste didn't quite hit the right spots, but maybe one day I'll come around!

Their toothbrushes are fantastic. I love that you can participate in their Z.T.L scheme. I love my electric toothbrush, but when I go away, I use a manual one. I will be switching to this toothbrush from now on! 

I'd recommend Georganics. They are fantastic. Their delivery is fast and tracked. Their products are of high quality, and they tick many eco-friendly boxes! Do you use sustainable oral care products? Let me know your thoughts about Georganics in the comments!

*This post contains gifted items and affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links will not charge you any extra but will help me out. 

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  1. I haven't heard of these before but I love the sound of them, especially as they are zero wast . Thank you for sharing

  2. Never heard of georganic's products before. Will definitely order them once the lockdown ends. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Obviously the zero waste is a great thing, but I just think the tooth brush looks great anyway.


  4. Oh this looks amazing! I have never heard off this before, but I'll definitely be looking into it x

  5. Thank you for this honest review! I'm looking to incorporate more eco-friendly and sustainable products into my life, especially when it comes to hygiene. I like the toothbrush, but I may have the same reservations about the toothpaste (I'm a big texture person). But I'll definitely do a little more research into Georganics products. Thanks!

  6. Never heard of this brand before! Such a good way to try being more sustainable but such a shame the toothpaste was a bit weird!

  7. I love this! I am all for organic products, I love the fact that even the brush isn't plastic!

  8. I've not heard of this brand before, but it's great to hear about zero waste products. Quite recently I swapped out my shampoo to a bar and I'm loving it, I think like most of these things its take a bit of getting used to but after that its just as good! The toothpaste does sound a little odd haha but again, I guess its something you get used to!

    Chloe xx

  9. This seems like a really interesting concept but I'm not sure how I'd feel about a wooden toothbrush!

  10. This is such an informative post, thank you for sharing. I haven't heard of this brand before but I am deffo into zero waste products I think its the way forward!

  11. Shame the toothpaste didn't do it for you! The texture certainly sounds a little weird but I guess if we want to make these sustainable changes, it's something we have to get used to. I had a bamboo toothbrush a while ago but it really hurt my gums! So perhaps I'll check this one out instead :)


  12. This is cool! I want to check it out - love that its environmental friendly!

  13. I've used a charcoal powder toothpaste which was super messy! I'll have to try something like this as it looks much better!

  14. The stick itself originates from the Salvadora Persica tree and it is either the root or a twig of the tree. eco toothbrush

  15. I was amazed by the fact that information provided by you in this blog is so helpful ,

    Keep it up!

    Thankyou for such a wonderful article