Keeping A Relationship While Isolating

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I, unfortunately, didn't get the option to isolate with my boyfriend. It has been hard not seeing him for the last two months, but we have developed methods of coping in this time. Some people are struggling while living together. Here is my advice on how to maintain a relationship, through lockdown, in both scenarios.

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Living Without Each Other 

My boyfriend and I have been together for around a year now. I am the happiest I have been in a long time so to have it all taken away from me in a matter of weeks, really sucks. I have come up with a few things that help us thrive despite not seeing each other for 2 months. 

Date Nights

I always was excited about date nights. They gave us a chance to go out, explore and get away from everyday life. Date nights are a fun way to spend time together. It keeps things special! Here are some social distancing date ideas!

  • Have a movie night! - I like to use a chrome extension called Netflix party which allows you to watch the film at the same time as each other!
  • Gaming - We both like gaming, so we play PC games like Minecraft or CS:GO. It makes for the friendly competition too!
  • Quiz Night This one you can do with a group of friends, family or other couples! You can pick the theme, and there could even be a small prize like the loser orders pizza to the winner's house! 

Plan Future Activities 

Something that I find exciting is looking forward to future plans. Create some date ideas and things you'd like to do together when restrictions are loosened. It keeps things exciting and gives a bit of hope. I wouldn't recommend booking things just yet but coming up with a bucket list could be a fun idea!


Communication is important in many ways. It is important to make sure that you talk to each other about problems, but also so you can help each other through this tough time. It can be hard to show affection without physical touch or being with your other half, so communication and reassuring each other is helpful. Make sure you tell each other, when problems arise otherwise, it'll build-up and explode later! 

Living Together 

If you are living together, it may be difficult to balance work, relationship and self-care. Living on top of each other, especially if this is your first time together, can be hard to adjust to. Here are some things you could do to make life a bit easier. 


It isn't good to be on top of each other all the time! Space is key to being able to survive with your other half while living together. For many couples, living together may have occurred quicker than expected, and typically, you both would be working, or doing social activities apart. Make sure you have space and respect each other when you want to be alone. 

Share Responsibilities

If you're both home working, it is important to split the responsibility of tasks. If only one of you if working, it is also important to make sure that jobs around the house are still being shared. Try to make sure that things stay clean, tidy, and it is an environment you both want to work and live in. It isn't fair for one person to do it all. 

Make Time For Eachother

It is easy to lounge around all day or work but make sure you still schedule in quality time together. This could be in the form of at-home dates, walks together or spa night. Making quality time for each other can help revive your relationship and keep things special. 


Similar to being apart, communication is very important. Talking to each other means that arguments can be avoided as feelings don't get bottled up. Talk to each other, don't shout, and listen to each other before speaking. Communication is key, and it will seriously help your relationship if you nail it. 

What things do you and your partner do to maintain a good relationship in isolation? Are you living together or apart and what is the hardest thing you've found!? I'd love to know so comment below!

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  1. Some great tips, I especially like your emphasis on communication. It's a very strange situation at the moment: either you're completely apart for a really long time or you're constantly together. Wishing you and your boyfriend all the best.

  2. You have some great tips here. Communication is the key to have a healthy relationship. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this Em, a few of my friends aren’t coping well being with their partner 24/7 and it’s definitely because they aren’t communicating confidently enough like you say. You’re completely right, giving someone space really is crucial, it can be quite suffocating unless you do this. Some great tips !
    Lots of love, She 💖

  4. Yes you are right communication in a relationship is so important it is the base of any relationship.Good I like your suggestions 😃👍

  5. Awe that is so hard to not be together during lockdown, but it looks like you are making the best of the situation. These are all such fabulous ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are such great tips! I'm so grateful I live with my partner but it can get tight in the house with both of us all the time. I agree with you that space is key and communication is so important.

  7. you have some great tips here. Communication in a relationship is so important!

  8. Date night! Always a great idea, even if it's going from the kitchen and meeting in the dining room! Thanks for the reminders not to become complacent.

  9. Great advice! My partner and I live together and have done for years. Yet lockdown has been the only time we've had in years to communicate properly. It's been wonderful.

  10. My boyfriend and I have been isolating apart too, it feels like its been forever since we've hugged :( but these tips are great thank you! I love the quiz idea (especially with the loser buying pizza, although that would probably be me lol)
    Thank you for sharing!