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Saturday, June 06, 2020

AD - This post contains gifted items, but all opinions are my own

In this current time, travel is highly unlikely with restrictions and quarantines in place. Don't let that stop you from enjoying the things you love and exploring the world. Discover different cultures with Explore Chocolate's Destination Box, something I am going to be reviewing in today's post!

Explore Choc creates artisan chocolates and bonbons for you to enjoy. I have been kindly gifted their Destination Box, a chocolate box I have included in my fathers day gift guide! The chocolate box features 9 different chocolate flavours inspired by countries around the world. There are 18 chocolates in each box for £26 - the perfect gift for any adventurous explorer! 

Mapel Ganache - Canada 

The first of the chocolates to be tasted was the Canadian Mapel Ganache chocolate. This chocolate is described as dark chocolate with a Grade A Canadian Mapel Syrup ganache. I really enjoyed this chocolate as it has a genuine maple syrup flavour to it - not like the store-bought syrup you have. The syrup was sweet and contrasted well with the bitter dark chocolate. It was a rich combination, but not sickly. I thought the pair worked well together and it is strange to taste proper maple rather than the cheap stuff you can buy. This chocolate is also vegan, which is nice to know. It proves that things can taste nice without animal products! 

Maldivian Lady - The Maldives 

This chocolate is described as dark chocolate with orange and pineapple pate de fruits. It was a beautiful blue colour, one of the prettiest in the box. It looked a bit like the ocean. There is also a ganache made with brandy and white rum inside. I was a bit disappointed with this chocolate as I thought it didn't hit the spot with the alcoholic ganache. Brandy and rum are strong flavours, so I expected a kick in the aftertaste. That being said, the rest of the chocolate was decadent. There was a tangy, fruity middle which had the right amount of sweetness to combat the dark chocolate. It was slightly bitter but enjoyable. I enjoyed the chocolate but would have prefered more of the alcohol to come through. 

Zobo - West Africa 

This bonbon was described as dark chocolate with hibiscus, ginger and pineapple ganache. I thought the flavour should have been sweeter from the pineapple, but the pineapple was drowned out by the ginger and dark chocolate. The flavour was unique, although not very diverse. If you prefer bitter chocolates, this is the bonbon for you. I would have liked more of the pineapple flavour to come through to add a tangy contrast. It was nice, never the less. The ginger worked well with the dark chocolate. I am not too sure what hibiscus tastes like so I can't comment on how well that ingredient works in the chocolate. 

Mango Lhassi - India

Described as white chocolate with mango and yoghurt ganache. This chocolate was almost egg yolk coloured, very orangy. Similar to Zobo, this chocolate lacked the flavouring of the fruit. The white chocolate and yoghurt ganache were delicious, although I think it dialled down the zing of the mango. There was a hint of sweet mango, just not of the vibrancy I was looking for. I still thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate. I favour white chocolate, so this was a nice, sweeter option to the other chocolates in the box. 

Lemon & Olive - Sicily

Described as dark chocolate with Sicilian lemon pate de fruits and an extra virgin olive oil ganache. This chocolate was a greeny, yellow colour. I have mixed feelings about. The chocolate itself ticks all the boxes, there is just a hint of flavour that I am not a fan of. I believe it is the olive oil lurking in the background which I didn't like as much as I thought the flavour was a bit left-field. It was almost as if it didn't belong. I liked the rest of the chocolate as the lemon added a bitterness. The ganache also added a much-needed sweetness to the bonbon. There was a perfect flavour balance, minus the olive oil.

Raspberry Ripple - UK

I was excited to try this chocolate! It was described as white chocolate with raspberry pate de fruits and silky white chocolate and vanilla ganache. I have 3 words; This is amazing! The chocolate was creamy and smooth while the raspberry added a tang to break up the sweetness. It was the perfect combination. It reminded me of ice cream or a milkshake with how creamy the chocolate was. The vanilla was a little pushed aside, but I think this would be my favourite of them all.

Picarones - Peru

This chocolate is described as dark chocolate with spiced sweet potato ganache. It was very unique, and of all the chocolates, suited it's country the most. Sweet potato is a unique flavour. It holds the right amount of sweetness. Contrasted with the dark chocolate, it really embodies the culture of Peru. I thought the whole chocolate was rich, almost like the coffee you'd associate with Peru. It hits your sweet tooth but also is rich enough that you are satisfied. I thoroughly enjoyed this flavour. I think that Explore Chocolate has nailed this flavour. 

Lamington - Australia 

The Lamington is described as dark chocolate with milk chocolate and coconut oil ganache and desiccated coconut. I was excited to try this chocolate as there is desiccated coconut inside. I thought that it added to the texture and gave it a twist that none of the other chocolates had. The coconut had a strong presence, and I enjoyed that. I liked that the sweet coconut balanced out the dark chocolate. I think it has converted me to dark chocolate Bountys rather than milk! If you like Bounty chocolate, then this would be a new but enjoyable experience for you!

Bali, Baby - Bali

Described as dark chocolate with palm sugar, coconut oil, ginger and lime ganache. The combination of ginger and lime makes the chocolate quite aromatic. Bali Baby was my least favourite of all the chocolates as I thought overall it was too bitter. The chocolate was tasty and of a good quilty, but the addition of lime made the chocolate too sour. I think it embodied the culture of Bali nicely, it just wasn't a flavour for me. I also thought that the coconut oil didn't add much to the ganache. 

This isn't a fathers gift for most, it would be one for adventurous people that like to explore different cultures! These chocolates are great and very unique. You need to be a fan of bitter chocolates - obviously as it is dark chocolate, but they are a lot more bitter than you'd think. The concept is great, it is a unique way to explore things. There has been a strong effort to make the taste accurate. Each chocolate sparks a lot of thought, it is as if you are travelling around the world. 

I would recommend trying this chocolate box. I think it is a fun way to explore different cultures and try something new. Which chocolate sounds the most appealing to you? I'd love to know what you think in the comments!

*This post contains gifted items, all of the opinions are my own and cannot be bought. 

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  1. I love chocolate! Thanks for sharing

  2. Reading your post made me hungry for chocolates! I think I've never tasted the ones in this chocolate box, but I have tasted Lamington but as a cake/dessert. I usually avoid coconut, unless it's fresh, but for some reason, I love how Lamington tastes.

    Awesome post! One can never tire of too much chocolate.

  3. This looks great, they all sound fantastic especially the zobo and the raspberry ripple.

  4. These look amazing! Such a clever idea, think raspberry ripple would be my favourite!!x

  5. Lovely post. I am searching for that Goahead.

  6. Oh wow, I never heard of these, but they look so pretty and it sounds like they taste amazing... but I wouldn't want to eat them, so beautiful! Thanks for this post.


  7. I love the concept! I once tried something similar, with different countries, but it was like eight years ago. Definitely a wonderful experience to travel with flavors.


  8. Love this, how unique! I love trying new things from different countries. The flavours must really explode in yoyr mouth, i can taste them just reading about them!

  9. Wooow,, never heard about this kind of chocolates, but I enjoyed reading your post! You explained everything so good, that I am really thinking about buying them!
    Interesting, have they also box with ''European countrys''? I need to check it!