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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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It's finally October! The year is coming to an end, the nights are getting darker, and Halloween is approaching! I've been at work for a month now, and I miss blogging full-time. There has been a lot to balance, but I am managing to organise my time well. I am excited for Halloween candy, fluffy jumpers and hot chocolates - those are what I live for. Excited for the Autumn? This month, I have 4 lovely bloggers to introduce to you! I am excited to share these bloggers with you, and I think you're going to enjoy their content! If you haven't read last month's advertisers post, you can check that out here!

Star Advertiser | Formidable Joy

If you love to travel, you'll love this blog! Louise from Formidable Joy a lifestyle and travel blog from Milton Keynes! I love Louise's blog - It's so open, adventurous and fun. I like the uplifting and quirky nature behind her posts, and she never fails to excite me with her new blog posts! Louise has been on lots of adventures. There's always something interesting to read about, and I am jealous that she has experienced so much! Her Instagram feed is also gorgeous if you fancy something nice to look at! If you're looking for some fun travel reads, here are some of my favourites!

A Weekend Break In Milano, Italy
The Ultimate Guide To A West Coast, USA Road Trip
10 Unique Things To Do In Las Vegas

Johana | JM Integrated Marketing

Johana is a lovely social media manager who I recently discovered. I have fallen in love with her marketing blog! Not only does Johana offer marketing services, but she offers valuable information in her blog posts. Whether you're looking for advice on graphic design or needing some editing tips, Johana has got you covered! They're helpful, and I've learnt so many useful tips and tricks! Here are some blog posts that you should dive into!

User-Friendly Graphic Design Tools To Be Using
Essential Content Planning Tools

Rhi | The Violet Journal

Rhi is a blogger who I have been reading for a while. She shares relationship, mental health and personal development posts, something that I know a lot of people are interested in! Rhi is a lovely blogger, and her posts are inspiring. I really enjoyed browsing through her blog posts. The inclusive nature, openness and how many amazing topics are covered makes this one of my favourite blogs. Here are some inspiring blog posts to read this evening!

50 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery
The Best Hobbies To Pick Up In Your 20's

Jenn | Jenn & Tonic

Jenn is a bubbly blogger from Wisconsin. If you're looking for delicious recipes, books, DIYs or budgeting, Jenn & Tonic is the blog you need to be following this spooky season! I am excited to see what other recipes and DIYs Jenn has to offer over the next few months. Keep your eyes peeled as Christmas approaches! I have been enjoying Jenn's wellness blog posts, especially as I've been looking into mindfulness more. Here are some other blog posts I have been loving this month!

A Guide To Choosing Apples
How To Remember To Drink More Water

So there you have it, 4 new advertisers for this month! Make sure you give them lots of love and support, they are an amazing bunch. Your support would mean so much to these bloggers, even if you were to say hi! I love reading their posts, and they're all really lovely bloggers. Their content is of high quality, and they are some of my favourite bloggers. Do you want to advertise your blog on my site? Make sure you book your spaces soon to guarantee a space!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your advertisers for this month, might check these out :)

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