How To Find The Perfect Budget Prom Dress

Friday, October 23, 2020

AD - This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own

Prom is a magical experience and for many girls, finding their dream dress is the highest priority. Looking back on my prom, girls would spend hundreds on a prom dress, something I didn't have the luxury of doing. Everyone deserves to have the dress of their dreams, you just need to know where to look. If you have a prom coming up, I will give you all the tips and tricks to find the perfect prom dress, even on a budget! 

Set A Decent Budget

Like with any celebration outfit, prom dresses don't come cheaply. Setting and sticking to your budget is important if you want to save some money on your dream dress. Prom dresses can be very expensive, especially if you're shopping in a boutique. I managed to get my prom dress, heels and a bag for around £100 because we shopped on a budget. The dress was still gorgeous and of high quality. Here are some tips for finding a purse-friendly dress and how I stuck to such a tight budget:

  • Shop within your means - try not to look at places you know you can't afford
  • Set aside your money and only spend that amount - I'd recommend opening a little saving account for the money you plan on spending
  • Plan out what you need to buy
  • See if you can find things on eBay or second-hand sites
  • Borrow items or use what you already have

Browse Online Rather Than In A Boutique

Boutiques are gorgeous places, but they come with a hefty price tag. A lot of girls I went to prom with spend over £1000 on their prom dresses because they bought it at a luxury boutique. As much as I loved prom shopping, a dress for one night isn't worth that amount. Shopping online allows you to browse different sites and compare prices, rather than travelling to one shop to come away with nothing. 
There are lots of online prom dress shops like Prom Dress Finder which help you to compare prices, browse dresses and get matching accessories, all in one place. It also has a page filled with prom car hire ideas, so you can arrive in style. I've seen dresses range from £7 all the way to £450, so you can be sure to find something within your budget, size and colour. 

Know What You're After

Although it's fun to browse and be swept off your feet by something unexpected, knowing what you're after will make prom dress shopping a lot easier. Make sure you keep your expectations are realistic. While I love browsing Pinterest, those dresses cost a lot more and are for the purpose of website clicks. If you can, create a mood board with colours, styles, accents and shapes. Mood boards are unique and creative ways to express your style and look cute on your wall. You can use magazine cuttings, printed photos, scraps of fabric and even beads to help you decide what you're after. 
If you know what sort of dress you're looking for, it can help you look. You can spend more time looking in the right categories, rather than just all over the place. Make sure you select your size if you're online shopping. You don't want to be disappointed if your dream dress is 3 sizes too big!

Be Willing To Make Compromises

With everything in life, you need to know how to compromise. I love my prom dress, but I gave in when it came to accessories. I didn't want to wear heels, but my dress was a little too long to not. I also didn't want my hair to be full of hairspray, but I wanted a specific hairstyle so let it slide. When you're looking for the perfect dress, it's good to know what you want, but you may not always get the right options. While the colour and sit may be right, it could be a different dress type. You need to be willing to compromise, especially if you're working on a tight budget. Here are some tips that helped me when I was learning to make compromises:

  •   Remember your dress is only for one night - Little things can just be let go
  • Your perfect dress may not be the dress you had in mind
  • You're going to look amazing, no matter what the dress is
  • If you give other things a try, you might fall in love more
  • As long as you're happy and comfortable, it doesn't matter what other people think of your dress
  • Make sure you're buying the dress for you, not because you think it's the latest trend or will make you look better than your classmates

Ask For A Second Opinion

Sometimes you can be clouded by your expectations and excitement. What you think looks good, doesn't always, so asking for a trusted friend or family member to shop with you can help you find your perfect dress. I went dress shopping with my mum because she is completely honest and doesn't shy away from telling me things how they are. When you dress shop, whether you're doing it online or in-store, make sure you have people with you. They can give you their opinions and even suggest new styles that would suit you. Two sets of eyes are better than one when it comes to browsing. They can also split your workload, so you don't have as many pages to scroll through or rails to scour. 

Prom is such a special night for teenagers, and finding your dream dress can make the night even better. I found my dress on the sale rail at a clothing store, so you can find things anywhere - you just need to know where to look! Finding a budget prom dress isn't hard, you just need time and patients. I highly recommend Prom Dress Finder as they have every price, size and colour you could need! What are your top tips for finding the perfect prom dress? I'd love to know where you found yours and if you managed to shop on a budget!

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