How To Make An Money From Blogging

Sunday, November 01, 2020

AD - This post contains affiliate links

Blogging is a great hobby, especially when you have a lot of things you want to share. It can even be a full-time job for some. There are lots of ways that you can make money off of your blog, some a lot more manageable than others. Here are some of my favourite ways to make money from blogging, so you can monetise your content too! All of these ways are legit ways to earn from your blog!

Sell A Product

There are lots of products you can sell from your blog or on sites like Gumroad. It is a great way to work with other bloggers, share your skills and make some money off of things you enjoy creating. Ebooks are also a great thing to offer other bloggers to sell for a commission as it will broaden your reach! Some of the most common products I have seen bloggers sell are:

  • Planner pages
  • Spreadsheets or similar tools
  • Online magazines
  • Workbooks
  • Printable planner pages
  • Pinterest templates
  • eBooks


There are lots of 3rd party sites like Adsense, Mediavine and Medianet that will pay you to have adverts on your website. The payout varies per website, but you can make around £100 extra a month! Each one has its own requirements based off of page views, most of which start at around 25,000 monthly views. Don't let this put you off, as you can always create your own advertisement! Every month, I offer 5 bloggers an affordable advertising package which includes the promotion of their blog and social media accounts. This is a good way to make money on your blog as you can choose what you're willing to offer, and it allows you to meet some amazing bloggers too!

Teach A Course

If you have a unique skill or niche, you could create a course for other bloggers to learn! There are lots of courses that you can teach, including Pinterest, affiliate marketing and making sales. Some of my favourite courses are:

Mastering Sales With Ell - If you want to make blogging a full-time job, this course teaches you how! Ell makes over $40,000 a year from blogging, so will teach you the ropes!

Pinterest With Ell - If you're looking to improve your Pinterest game and increase the traffic to your blog, this is the course for you. The course can be taken at your own pace, and goes through things step by step!

Some bloggers choose to run their courses one-on-one, but you could do a weekly group session or have pre-recorded videos that users can work through at their own pace. If you're looking to teach a course, you need to make sure you know what you're doing & how you want to teach it. There are lots of courses out there, so you want to make yours stand out from the crowd! There are lots of bloggers creating courses and eBooks that don't have breakthrough information in. Make sure you aren't copying and that you offer something new. The better your content, the more sales you'll make!

Affiliate Links

One of the easiest ways to make money off of your blog is by using affiliate links! All you have to do is insert a link into your blog, and for every sale you make, you will get a commission! Make sure you're not spamming your website with affiliate links as it can look unprofessional and deter readers. Only promote links you would use yourself, and products that you stand by. Your readers trust your judgement, and you don't want to mislead them!

Amazon Affiliates is a great site for beginners, especially when you have a niche such as lifestyle, beauty or technology. If you're creating gift guides or recommending products, see if you can insert a link! You may find that businesses you purchase from already have an affiliates scheme! To check, they might have a "refer a friend" scheme or "affiliates" tab at the bottom of their website. You can find all of my affiliate links on the my courses & resources page!

Sponsored Posts

A lot of bloggers will use sponsored posts as a source of income. Businesses will pay bloggers to write a post and promote their business within it. Sponsored posts can make you a lot of money as they typically range from £20 up to £350! It varies depending on the size of your following and the brand you're working with. Make sure you're not underselling yourself, or you'll be out of pocket for your time. Sponsored posts should relate to your niche, don't accept them if they don't fit your blog or beliefs. Make sure you include "AD - Sponsored" at the top of your post. That is really important - and illegal if not!

If you're looking to work with brands, I have a few helpful posts for you!

Offer Valuable Services

If you're good at something specific, you can create a service as opposed to a course or eBook. The service could be content creation, consultations or creating useful things like media kits. There are lots of services you can offer other bloggers and charge a premium for it, especially if you have built up your brand. I have seen people offering to make resumes, coaching social media and do blog audits! There are lots of different services you can offer. Use your personal skills to your advantage and offer something different from other bloggers. Make sure you have the knowledge and experience to back your service. There's no point creating something for the sake of it. 

I offer a few services! I make media kits, have a small business package and create content for bloggers and businesses. If you'd like to find out more, please contact me!

Product Reviews

When you're reviewing a gifted product, it may not be worth your time. Some brands will give you payment to test out products, and it is worth asking if they will. You may not receive a lot extra when you're being gifted products, but it is something extra for a post you were already writing. Don't push a brand to pay you as some brands can only work on a gifted basis due to budget. This is a good way of making some money for your blog, especially when the item isn't worth your time otherwise. It can be hard to come by collaborations like this, but there is no harm in asking!

There is nothing wrong with accepting gifted only collaborations. For bloggers, gifted posts are a great way to start. It also allows you to try out new things for free. It's a win-win, especially if you were looking to buy that product anyway! Make sure you're getting your worth when it comes to collaborations!

Those are some of the most common ways you can monetise your blog without doing too much work. Success takes time, so don't be disheartened if you don't make money instantly. Make sure you charge fairly for whatever you're selling. It can be easy to undercharge, especially for a sponsored post or service, so know your worth! What are your favourite ways to earn money from blogging? Let me know how you monetise your blog in the comments!

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  1. Great ideas for starters! It can all feel a little overwhelming in the beginning, but these tips will definitely get you started!

  2. Thank you for sharing this post! These are some great ways to monetise your blog. I have just started affiliate marketing and I am yet to make a sale but I hope too soon 😊 I finally took the plunge after reading an ebook about affiliate marketing from another blogger! Great read xx

  3. Thank you for sharing more information about making money with blogging, Em!

    I've been blogging for just under 2 months and have made some money with affiliate marketing already, and have just started using ads.

    Finding new ways to add value to your audience is a fantastic idea! Your post has inspired me to add a few of my other skills to my services offered list - thanks so much! 😊

    Bianca xx |

  4. Thank you for sharing more information about making money with blogging, Em!

    I've been blogging for just under 2 months and have made some money with affiliate marketing already, and have just started using ads.

    Finding new ways to add value to your audience is a fantastic idea! Your post has inspired me to add a few of my other skills to my services offered list - thanks so much! ��

    Bianca xx |

  5. This is a really useful post, thank you so much for sharing! xx

  6. These are some great ways to make money from blogging! This post is so useful to any blogger wanting to earn a little money from their blog x

    Lucy |

  7. Thanks for sharing, these are great ideas to make money from your blog :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  8. These are great suggestions! I think I'm at a point where I need to invest in myself a bit and purchase some e-books - and you've suggested some great ones! Thanks for a great post :)

    Em x

  9. I love this post! I've been taking steps to make money from my blog, and I love these ideas :) I would love to try selling a product in the near future, and this post has given me a push to come up with a few ideas! Thanks for sharing x