The Ultimate Rose Gold Gift Guide!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

 Ad - This post contains gifted items & affiliate links, but all of the opinions are my own

I am one of those who loves the rose gold trend. Where I can, I will get rose gold coloured stationery, home décor and more. If you like, I am obsessed. If you know someone like me, then I have decided to make a rose gold gift guide so you can treat the ones you love. Whether it's for Christmas or a birthday, here are some of my favourites rose gold finds, and where you can buy them!

This watch goes at the top of my list for many reasons. Although it's not fully rose gold, it's gorgeous, and Votch has other, pinker options for those who want a fully rose gold gift. Votch makes cruelty free vegan leather watches with aspects of recycled and sustainable with the parts they choose. They've also started to use Pinatex which is an alternative leather from pineapple leaves! Whoever you're gifting a watch to this year, I'd highly recommend Votch. The watches are high quality, durable and are affordable too! I love my rose gold & grey watch as it's classy, goes with lots of my outfits and has the perfect hint of rose gold. Whether you're treating the man or woman in your life, I'm sure they would appreciate such a responsibly sourced gift!

Ted Baker Rose Gold Tumbler With Straw

I love to preach about eco-friendly, reusable water bottles for everyday life. While there are some amazing options out there like a rose gold Chilly's chrome coffee cup, tumblers are cute and perfect for the summer. I liked this Ted Baker tumbler as it's reusable, double-walled and has a gorgeous chrome finish. I wasn't keen on the fact that the straw is plastic, but you could always pair this gift with some metal straws. To make this gift go further, you could add some of the following to really impress your loved one! 

  • Fill it with some little nail polishes and a face mask
  • Add some coffee or iced coffee sachets
  • Top the tumbler with their favourite chocolates
  • Add some pastel highlighters or other little stationary bits
  • Fill with hot chocolate sachets, marshmallows etc. for a cold night

Rose Gold Desk Organisers

I love organising spaces, and my desk space is something I play with regularly. There are lots of rose gold wire desk trays and pencil/make-up brush holders which would make for a perfect décor gift idea. You could buy a magazine rack and fill it with their favourite reads. Or you could pick a set of wire organisers. I have found that Amazon has a range of jewellery racks, desk trays and more. Etsy and Not On The High-street also have some smaller pieces which are worth looking into!
If you're adding budget-friendly gift ideas to your wish list, or don't want to spend a fortune, this little necklace is perfect! I've even added it to my Christmas list this year as it's cute, personalised and would look great with whatever outfit you plan on wearing this Christmas. At only £21, you're supporting a small business and would be getting something gorgeous out of it. I'd highly recommend a rose gold necklace similar to this for you or your loved ones this Christmas. 

Vanity Mirror In Rose Gold With Lights

If you know a beauty queen, then they probably already have a ring light. I found this adorable rose gold mirror online, which would be great for those who don't have a ring light or who want another shiny piece for their room. The rose gold mirror folds out, so you can travel with it easily. It also lights up for those darker days. It's quite affordable at around £25. I thought this was a little different, and you can always pair it with a make-up pallet, hairdryer or another cosmetic themed gift. If you haven't guessed already, I love to theme my gifts and bundle things together. I don't have massive budgets for my loved ones, but using the sales can help you save a lot of money, especially on electronics. 

Rose Gold Jewellery Box

I received a rose gold jewellery box for my birthday, and it's gorgeous. It's such a useful gift, and there are so many ways to personalise it. Jewellery boxes come it different sized, so you'll want to decide on whether you're going for a medium, large or travel-sized box. The box I have cost around £20 from Amazon, but there are other more high-quality ones available from independent sellers. Etsy has some gorgeous, clear and customisable options to choose from just £10 more! You can always fill it with a pair of handmade earrings, some pamper treats and some chocolates. You'd make any girl's day with this gift idea! 

Snuggly Rose Gold Throw

Blankets are always a popular choice around Christmas. A rose gold throw is on my personal wish list this year, so I thought I'd include it in this list. There are lots of cute options to choose from, but my personal favourite has a fleece lining on one side. You can get faux fur blankets, fleece-lined or Sherpa throws, many of which are reversible! Blankets are such a cute option, and can be paired with fluffy socks, a movie or a chocolate box! I think that blankets are a safe option and are also perfect for secret Santa and stocking stuffers. They're affordable too, ranging from around £10 upwards depending on the brand, material and quality. 

3rd Gen Echo Dot In Plum (Rose Gold)

Technology lovers fear not, I have a gift idea for you too! Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular, especially as Amazon has a big sale on them at the moment. While it's not called "rose gold", the plum Echo Dot looks strikingly similar to our gorgeous pink. It's currently £25 while on sale, so make sure you snap it up soon! A smart home device can be handy around the house and is something my partner could talk about for hours. Echo's are an affordable tech gift idea and would be appreciated along with some smart bulbs! I think this is a great gift idea and something I'd happily accept! We purchased one for my grandma who lives alone, and she really appreciated having something to talk to over lockdown. Thoughtful and practical! 

Rose Gold Wall Prints

I'm am in the process of saving up to re-do my bedroom. I've been trying to find gorgeous prints for my room and other places around the house. I have found a wide range of wall art that anyone would appreciate this year. I can't list them all as there were too many that I fell in love with, but Etsy came out on top for wall decor. From canvas to quotes, there are so many to choose from that you could be scrolling for hours! When you're buying prints, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the size of the print your purchasing. My boyfriend has 2 posters for his room but is struggling to find a decent, affordable frame. Make sure you select the framed option or have a frame at hand. Secondly, you should watch out for digital prints. I was nearly caught out by a print that was only digitally available. While it's fine to purchase those, I don't have a high-quality paper or printer, so it's better to pay a little extra for a physical copy. 

Rose Gold Jewellery Display

Some people like to look at their jewellery, while I like to tuck mine away in a little box. If your loved one like to show off their jewels, a display could be a thoughtful gift idea. There are lots of different types to choose from, including wire stands, tiers and trees. My favourite choice was a three-tier pyramid display from Amazon. I wanted to find something from a small business to share, and there was a copper stand from Notonthehighstreet and a few options from Etsy. You could put a few friendship bracelets or rings on the stand as part of your gift as the stands aren't very expensive.

Rose gold is so beautiful and works well with white, grey and marble colour schemes. I am a little obsessed, but it makes me happy to look at. There are so many things I keep finding, so I will continue to update the list as I go. I adore the watch that Votch sent me, and highly recommend it as a bigger gift idea for your loved ones. There were lots of other eco-friendly gifts ideas to choose from on Votch, so make sure you browse as so many lovely things pop up! Do you have a rosy gift idea that you think I should include on the list? I'd love to hear what pretty things you've found or gifted this year!

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  1. I love rose gold too - it's such a pretty colour! The watch is so stylish!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing your rose gold favorites! I also really loved rose gold at a time, but it seems now the trend has died down a lot which is interesting.