Unique Date Ideas In Jacksonville Florida!

Saturday, December 05, 2020

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I am excited to start travelling next year. If you're like me, Florida is near the top of your list with its vast range theme parks and attractions, perfect for the whole family. For some, Florida is home. Either way, wouldn't it be amazing to have a Disney date or rollercoaster kiss? If you live in Jacksonville or are on holiday in Florida, here are some unique and fun date ideas for you to try. From huge adventures to little nights out, this list covers a range of exciting outings for you to embrace.

Dating During A Pandemic

Sadly, we are still living with the pandemic, so dating has been a lot trickier lately. While it's not impossible to date, finding a match or something to do can be hard, especially if you aren't aware of what's available. Take dating in Jacksonville, for example. There is a whole lot more on offer than just Disney World and Universal Studios. Plus, it's not practical to drive nearly 2 hours for a date every time. Jacksonville has so much to offer, even with the pandemic still around. If you want to date in Jacksonville, here are some tips for you to keep safe on your night out: 

  • Keep a safe distance and follow your local lockdown rules
  • If possible, make sure you both isolate/stay safe before the date
  • Sanitise and wash your hands where possible
  • Try outdoor dates, to begin with
  • Only go to places you feel comfortable with
  • Wear a face covering, especially if you're indoors
  • Avoid kissing and cuddling (Yes, I know how much it sucks!)

Riverside Arts Market

The Riverside Arts Market runs every Saturday, so don't worry if you and you'd date can't make it one weekend. It goes from 10 until 3, so you'll get to spend a lot of time with your date, wandering around gorgeous market stalls and collecting unique pieces of art. The market would make an ideal date, and is a place where you could even pick up your first piece of home décor! There are delicious food stalls for you to try out. I like this date idea as it lasts a while and starts in the morning. You can grab a coffee beforehand, treat each other with artisan gifts and even have lunch together. Who says dates needed to be in the evening?

The Mini Bar Donut Shop

I love baked treats, and could never turn down a good doughnut. If you're dating a foodie, why not visit the Mini Bar? The Mini Bar offers a range of miniature doughnuts in a wide range of unique flavours. Sounds interesting? Here are some of my favourite flavours!

  • Cinnamon Sugar - Classic doughnut covered in cinnamon sugar 
  • Lemon Poppy Seed - Lemon icing topped with poppy seeds
  • Maple Bacon - Maple icing with bacon bits
  • Coffee Cake - Vanilla glaze, streusel and Nutella
  • Espresso Buttercream - Coffee flavoured buttercream topping

Adventure Landing

When you're using a dating site like Jacksonville Personals, some people you meet may have children. If you're visiting Florida, children may already be in the equation. Adventure Landing is a family-friendly adventure zone filled with lots of different things to do. Whether you're going on a date or getting to know your partner's children, Adventure Landing has something for everyone. From waterparks to minigolf, go-karts to a teddy bear factory, this attraction will be a date that nobody forgets! Adventure landing is also quite close to the beach if you feel you'd like to take a calming walk before heading back home. 

Secret Tiki Temple

If you miss travelling and want to have a little taste of Tiki, the Secret Tiki Temple is a unique bar date for you to experience. Themed perfectly for your stereotypical tropical-themed bar, the Tiki Temple serves delicious cocktails and a range of food and Dim Sum. Making an unforgettable night out, the Temple is a lively and unique date night idea. It is also air-conditioned, so if you're feeling the heat, the bar is a great way to cool off and relax. With coronavirus, the bar only takes reservations, so make sure you book your slot quickly to make sure your date runs as smooth as possible!

Flight, Fit N Fun

If you and your date love being active, this Ninja Warrior style course is the perfect date idea for you! With foam pits, trampolines, trapezes and more, this fun-zone is something you shouldn't dismiss when picking your date. Besides, if your date isn't what you expected, you can pelt them with balls in the dodgeball arena! Race each other on the ninja course, and show off your best tricks on the trampolines. Fight is only around $20 per person, which means this date idea is budget-friendly too! Keep an eye out for special events such as flight night to spice up your date night even more!

Just Smash It

If you can't tell by this list, I am a lover of food and adventure. Sometimes dates can be awkward, you've argued prior, or there's some unwanted tension. What's a better way to let go of stress and anger than to smash things up or throw paint at each other? The rage room gives you a safe space to smash unwanted items and let go of your pent up feelings. For those who want to create and not destroy, the paint room allows you to throw paint and make something pretty. I'd recommend wearing white so you can your date can keep the custom painted clothing forever. It's a cute keepsake and a perfect date night in Jacksonville! 

I will continue to add to these date ideas because unique and interesting things are popping up all the time. Florida has so much more to offer than the typical theme parks, and it's a whole lot bigger than just Orlando! Do you live in Jacksonville and are struggling with a date? I'd love to know what date ideas you'd recommend in the local area to help even more people out! Dates can be a struggle, but the first step is deciding on what to do! 

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