10 Gifts to Send a Loved One While in Quarantine

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While the world is in isolation, it can be very hard to cope. Show a loved one you're thinking about them or help them celebrate their birthday by sending them one of these postal gifts! From food to flowers, there are so many things that can be sent out to brighten someone's day. Here are my top 10 favourite ideas!

Pink present with a golden bow. There are fairy lights and baubles around the gifts

Postal Flowers

There are several different postal flower companies, such as Bunches and Bloom and Wildwhich offer some beautiful bouquets at a range of different prices. These flowers are posted in letterbox sized boxes, so the door doesn't even need to be opened! I love Bloom and Wild. They're a go-to in my household! Their delivery is fast, and we haven't had an issue with their flowers, even in lockdown! Flowers are a great wat to cheer up a person you love. 

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Personalised Chocolates 

Everyone loves chocolate, and there is so many UK business that creates personalised chocolate gifts. Cocoapod offers a gorgeous selection of chocolates which can be customised to the recipient. There are a few other chocolate companies that I have really enjoyed shopping with, but try and stick to independent sellers. They're the ones that could really do with the help! If your loved one isn't a fan of chocolate, there are also pick 'n' mix boxes that you can purchase! Some are even offered as a subscription! 

Cake in a Card

Is a birthday coming up or you just know a cake lover? Cake cards are a perfect way to keep spirits high! There are a few UK based cake businesses such as Sponge or Postcake who make delicious letterbox cakes! Letterbox cakes are a great way to surprise a friend or treat yourself. There are lots of flavours and types available, including vegan and gluten-free options. There's no excuse to eat cake, especially when it tastes so good and is delivered straight to your door!

Pampering Gifts

If you're loved one likes to treat themselves or practise self-care, then the would love a pamper parcel! The best gift boxes I found were on Not On The Highstreet or Amazon! There are lots of different types of pampering boxes that you could purchase. Some are eco-friendly and vegan, while others have natural healing ingredients in! It makes it easier to tailor your box to the recipient! Some of my favourites are:

Alcoholic Gifts

Treat an older friend or family member with an alcoholic gift through the post. Unfortunately, I haven't found many small businesses who offer services like this. There are lots of miniature tasting sets on Amazon and M&S. Taste Cocktails offers a monthly alcohol subscription box, which is a great treat for any alcohol lover. They also make one-off boxes where you can taste their drinks, treat yourself to a full bottle of gin and even buy other goodies! There are regular competitions too if you and your friends want to win some gin!

Tea, Coffee and more! 

If your loved one isn't a fan of alcohol, you could send them a letterbox gift containing a selection of teas and coffee! Pukka teas offer a 45 piece tea selection box if your loved one is passionate about tea. If they fancy something sweeter, Whittard Chelsea offers a whole selection of hot chocolate-related gifts! There are lots of options on their website, including hampers and flavoured hot chocolate! Warm drinks are a great gift idea as it can be comforting to have. There are lots of these gift boxes around, just make sure you know what type of tea the recipient likes!

Anxiety Relief

Life can be stressful, and we all deal with things differently. For those who are anxious, a box that relieves stress and anxiety may be beneficial. There are lots of boxes that contain "healing" tools like stones, while some may include comforting treats like chocolate and facemasks. Caremail offers a self-care gardening box, which is great for a green thumb or getting people outdoors. Self-care is a personal thing, so you could always put together a special box with all the things your family member loves.

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Pizza Party

If you're missing your friends and fancy a pizza party, you can order them their favourite pizza! Hop on FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or any other video chatting site to have a long-distance dinner party. This idea works for any sort of takeaway or dinner that you may cook at home. It isn't the same as having dinner with your loved ones, but it is the next best thing! Having dinner together is a great way to keep in touch, have a laugh and spend time with people! The best thing is, you don't all have to order the same food, so it's unique to your tastes!

Personalised Photo Gift

There are so many businesses who offer personalised photo gifts which make a great present for anyone. You could be buying a photo card from Moonpig and writing a heartfelt message inside or buying a photo book from Snapfish or Photobox! There are so many different personalised gifts you can get to brighten someone's day! On Groupon, there are lots of deals for photo-related gifts which is great as I know a lot of people may be limited to work at the moment. Photo gifts are a great way to share memories, especially for those who have lost holidays and trips out. You can even purchase a card for a lockdown birthday!

Sending a Bear Hug

My last idea for keeping up spirits is to send your family a BearHug. These are adorable little boxes which each have their own themes. There is a range of different boxes including ones for new parents, ones containing stationary, and even one with a cupcake in! I love the idea of this as not only do you support small business, but you also support people with chronic illnesses! BearHug have lots of amazing boxes to choose from, each unique and in adorable packaging! Any family member would appreciate a BearHug!

A bouquet of pink and white flowers in a vase. This would make a great gift idea, especially for women!

Treating others doesn't have to cost a lot, but the thought will make their day. Lots of people are struggling, and acts of kindness can make it a whole lot better. Even just a text message can make a lot of difference. What is your favourite gift idea? I'd love to hear how you're treating your loved ones and looking after them! Don't forget to support local businesses where you can!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. It won't cost you anything extra to click a link, but I will earn a small amount of commission to help run my blog!

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  1. Thanks for sharing ideas for gifts at this time to cheer people up :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  2. Thanks Emily. This is a lovely post with beautiful gift ideas. And a reminder to lift the spirits of others. I am liking the idea of giving self care gifts like oils, creams and soaps alot lately.

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