My Isolation Routine!

Monday, April 20, 2020

I am finding it hard to cope without having a routine, so I have come up with one to stick to during this isolation period. I think it is important to have a routine as it brings a sense of normality. Here is what I get up to in a typical day! 

7 am - I always aim to get up around 7 am as this means I am up and can get the most out of my day. I like to make a coffee and have breakfast. I usually have porridge with fruit and yoghurt as this set me up for the day and keeps me full.

8 am - After breakfast, I workout for half an hour. I use an app for inspiration or fitness Instagram accounts. I like to work out in the morning as it gets it out of the way and keeps me active. I will then have a shower and get dressed.

9 am - I sit down at my desk and write a blog post. I like to do this in the morning when my mind is fresh. I will write posts throughout the day, but, this way I make sure I have a post for every day.

10 am - I will publish my post around 10 am and then spend an hour promoting, answering comments and engaging with people. I think it is important to connect with your audience!

11 am - I keep this hour free to do whatever I like. It is a reward for getting things done. I usually spend it blogging or doing little tasks around the house.

Noon - I will cook and eat lunch around noon. I usually have chicken, veggies and rice as it is quick, tasty and you can use so many different flavourings!

1 pm - I call my boyfriend as this is when he is on his lunch break. He works from home, but we don't live together, so we spend this hour talking. I think it is nice to keep in contact with loved ones.

2 pm - From 2 pm until dinner time I will do any work. I still get classwork to complete, so I do it around this time. My classwork is flexible as long as you get it finished by the end of the week. If I finish it, I will write another blog post or list some things on eBay. I try to keep productive in these 3 hours.

5 pm - I will cook and have my dinner. I like to have an early dinner as it means I have time to let it digest before I go to bed. I don't like going to bed full.

6 pm - At 6 pm, I like to relax and do something slow. I like to read a book or watch a few episodes of a series. I will do this until my boyfriend calls me which is usually around 7 pm.

7 pm -  I will call my boyfriend, and we will talk until bedtime. In this time we will play games, talk, blog with each other etc. This is quality time.

10 pm - I will do my night routine and head off to bed, ready to start another day in isolation!

Not everyone keeps to a routine and sometimes I like to have a lazy day! It is good to relax, otherwise, you may burn out. What is your isolation routine? Let me know what you get up to during the day!

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  1. I love having a routine. I was supposed to be back at college today so, I’m back in that routine and I feel great!
    Al x

  2. I'm back to my college routine now and on my weekends I try to make sure I'm doing something like blogging or reading so I'm not just wasting my time! Your routine sounds really good! - Sophie Lou x

  3. I love a routine and it’s how I’ve been able to maximise my productivity in lockdown... there are always day where you just need an aimless/pj/brownie eating day and that’s okay too, we’re all human aren’t we! Loved this... x

  4. I love a routine and fortunately have settled into one for home schooling my eldest. The morning coffee is my time to reflect. A fab post!

  5. I've also found that sticking to a routine helps me stay focused and motivated. My day looks very similar to yours with morning workouts and working on blog posts. I also enjoy relaxing in the evening with a few episodes on Netflix, it is such a good way to wind down. Thank you for sharing your routine and hope you have a lovely week <3 xx

    Bexa |

  6. You are so organized; I love too how you built in selfcare/free time for yourself as a reward!

  7. I love your routine, I might have to adopt it myself. You seem to be able to manage your time so well so that you get everything done.

  8. I've been working on loosening up and being more adaptable, so my rule is to do something in each category - blog, work, reading, learning, cleaning, and fun. I've also been letting myself work and sleep when it feels natural, and it's completely flipped my schedule around - as I write this at two in the morning, while promoting my blogs, posting some work, and working on an upcoming blog post - but submitting to late night creativity has made me write faster and better, so I'm going with it. Even though it drives my Type A side insane.