A Guide To eBay - How I make £1000 A Month!

Friday, May 15, 2020

I started eBay a few years ago when I had to quit my job. I was suffering from an eating disorder and wasn't able to work. I turned to eBay to earn some money and 2 years on, am still doing well with it. Here is my guide to eBay! 

I am by no means a professional, but I can easily £1000 in a month which is wonderful to have in the bank. This guide is what I live by, and it works for me. It may not work for everyone, but the ideas remain the same. eBay is a great way to get a second life out of your old items. You'd be surprised to see what people are buying! 


The first stage of selling is listing. Make sure you're aware of what you can and can't sell. On eBay, there are many prohibited items. Prohibited items include chance listings, firearms & weapons, offensive material and illegal services. You can check their prohibited list here

There are a few things you need to do to ensure that your listing attracts the most amount of people possible. I have split this up into the following categories: 

  • Sourcing/Research
  • Photographing
  • Listing


Sourcing is where you choose what to sell. This could be done either by selling your old things or reselling things you pick up cheaply from a charity shop, for example. If you decide to sell your old things, you must make sure it works, and it is in good condition. When I sell my things I use the rule of "If I haven't used it for a year, sell it" so that I don't keep clutter. 

Sometimes, I will find a bargain in a charity shop or a toy massively on sale and know I can make a profit from this. This is where research comes in. If you search an item on eBay, you can find currently listed items. On the left-hand side, you can see sold items, what they sold for and when. This is handy to determine if you'll get a good return or not!


This step is very important when it comes to listing. The Photo is what is seen first, so make sure it is high quality and shows the main item. For clothing, model it or make sure it isn't creased. I usually use a coathanger. Make sure you take pictures from all angles and show any damages the item may have.

Listing Your Item

When listing your item, there is a lot to think about. Make sure the title is very clear. You can use abbreviations like "BNIB" (Brand New In Box) or "BNWOT" (Brand New Without Tags), so you can make the most of your characters. Fill in as many of the specifics as possible as this will help people find your items better. Ensure that everything in your description and title is spelt correctly. If not, buyers may not find your item as easily.

Don't forget to make sure the images are the right orientation! The description should be detailed, noting any issues with the product clearly. I'd recommend setting the duration to 7 days and listing on a Sunday evening, if possible. Later in the day (7-8pm) is a good time to list as lots of people are active at this time, so you're more likely to get last-minute snipers! Make sure you set the right starting price and shipping costs!

When deciding a starting bid price, there are a few ways you could go. If it is an item that is valued at around £10-20, you may want to start the bid lower. I have seen keyboards listed at 99p that have sold for over £100. Starting the bid lower attracts more people but be aware you may not get the price you want. You could also start the bid at a price you're happy with as it means you'll get the amount you want.


When posting an item, you first have to decide what sender you'll use. I typically use Hermes as tracking is included for free, and it is cheaper than Royal Mail. Make sure you pick the right option and charge the right shipping fee, otherwise you'll be out of pocket! I have mischarged a few times, and it sucks. 

Package the item securely. Use bubble wrap and fragile tape where needed. I keep all boxes I receive when I order things from Amazon so that I don't need to buy boxes myself. I have also purchased mailing bags for clothing items and tissue paper to wrap clothing up in. 


Once the item has been sent, make sure you leave feedback for the buyer. This way they'll be more inclined to give you feedback for your service. Feedback is important as it gives people the confidence to shop with you. 

I also like to message the buyer saying I hope you like the product and the service. If you feel happy with it, feedback would be appreciated. 

Deal with any issues the customer may have. Sometimes, things happen, which aren't your fault. This must be dealt with, otherwise, it can affect you later on. If a buyer hasn't paid within 48 hours, open a case. This will allow you to cancel the order later on and ensures that they can't complain if they don't receive the item. If a customer opens a case, sort it out calmly or if in doubt, phone eBay to help. 

Things You MUST Remember

  • Is your item in good condition? People want items that will work. They won't but a CD if it is scratched or a shirt with missing buttons. It is your job to check it functions before it is sent out. 
  • If not, state this in detail - If you want to still sell a faulty item, DETAIL IT. In the description, clearly state it is faulty. Some people actually buy faulty computers for parts or puzzles with missing pieces!
  • eBay Fees - eBay and Paypal take a commission for listing the item and dealing with the payment. Don't forget this before taking money out your Paypal account!
  • You're responsible for EVERYTHINGIf you sell a damaged product without checking it over, it is your responsibility to then sort it out with the buyer. It is misleading to sell a working item if it doesn't. You're also responsible for the product arriving and on time. Think of yourself as Amazon. It is your job to refund and sort issues (albeit out of your control) as you're the seller. 
  • People can be annoying There will always be the person who offers you £1 when you list the item for £30. There will always be people who ask silly questions you've answered, or ones who complain about an item you know is in perfect condition. You need to learn to deal with these customers kindly, and in the right way.
  • Never send without payment Don't EVER send a product if you haven't had payment. Even if the person "claims" to have sent it. The could be scamming you. 
  • Reply to messages/offersIsn't it annoying when customer services ignore your complaint? Well, now you're customer services and it is your job to answer the questions. Don't ignore them as they could be buyers or the message could be serious, like a complaint. Respond to offers as well, even if you decline them, as people like to know. Don't leave them waiting.

I hope this simple guide to eBay has helped you. eBay is a great platform and gives me something to do. I also love giving my old things a second life. Do you sell on eBay or are you getting started? I'd love to know your top tips for selling on eBay!

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  1. Wow this was so interesting to read - if I'm honest I've only ever sold a few things on eBay. The fact you make such a great profit is incredible. Thanks for sharing! Xx

    1. Thank you! I never knew how much I could make. I sold a Christmas puzzle the other day and the bidding went up to £30!? It is wonderful for clearing out the house right now and making some money!

  2. This is so useful and good to learn something new. I have not tried using eBay at all but will give it a try once the lockdown ends. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! It is very useful plus I have found my sales are booming atm as everyone is home buying things!

  3. Definitely been caught out on shipping fees before, but I wasn't aware Sunday evening is the best time to list!

    MB | http://www.megbeth.travel.blog

    1. I try and list throughout the week but Sunday has by far been the best for me! Shipping fees suck :( x

  4. This was SO helpful. I have tried so many times to sell things on Ebay and I'm never successful. I'll definitely be applying these techniques!


  5. Thanks for the tips. I've been tempted to sell on ebay but haven't taken that first step...yet! Maybe I'll give it a go with some non-breakables.


  6. wow! Its incredible how you have made this much money just from ebay! I use ebay occasionally it is a great make to make a little extra!

  7. This was such a great post! I’ve been thinking of selling a few items of clothing and not really known where to start. Thanks to you I now know! Thank you for sharing x

  8. Wow, this was so interesting! I've never sold anything on eBay and I knew there was money to be made but I've never thought of buying stuff to resell it there. Glad you're making regular income from it x


    1. Thank you! It has been great. It is crazy that one week, an item gets no views and the next week it takes off and you've made £30! It has been very nice to have right now! x

  9. Thanks for sharing your tips, I had no idea Ebay could be so profitable!

  10. My hubby and I have been thinking of selling a few items on eBay. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Wow girl! This is so awesome! I can't believe you make $1,000 a month on Ebay! Thats so great! Congratulations!

    1. Aw thank you! It has been great to sell clothes and board games and get some decent money out of it. I'd didn't really take that long either!

  12. I always thought eBay would be a pain in the butt... I use PoshMark religiously, but I am going to have to try eBay now! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you! Is PoshMark good? I have heard of it before but thought it was only in the US?

  13. I haven't actually sold anything on ebay before but I think I will definitely try to now! Its so impressive that you make so my profit! Thank you for sharing :)

  14. I am about to launch my Etsy and this is GOLD! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and for providing the opportunity for us new entrepreneurs. I hope your weekend is going great and business is growing.

    Natalia | Lindifique

  15. I had always wondered how one would go about selling things on ebay.
    I have so many nice items taking up space that I never use or even look at,
    but the process of trying to sell any of it has always seemed overwhelming.
    If I ever get motivated enough this post is an excellent how-to guide!

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    my YouTube
    my Twitter

  16. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to sell on, I just need to get round to it. I do have an eBay account, but I’ve never actually sold anything.

  17. This was such a great post and so detailed! I'd never really thought about selling my stuff on ebay before but this made me realise how much stuff I have that I don't actually need. Thank you! xx

  18. This is such a great guide - I used to sell on eBay but I definitely got caught out with shipping charges a few times - it's an easy mistake to make if you're new to selling! I've just moved house and I'm looking at having another sort out so this has really come in useful. Thank you for sharing! :) x

    Amy | sassycatlady.com