How To Sell Clothing On eBay For A Profit

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Whether you’re selling clothes to make some extra cash or reselling as a part-time job, there are some handy tips that I have learnt while selling clothes on eBay. There are thousands of brands that people will pay a premium for, you just need to know what sells! Here is my guide to selling clothes on eBay & why you should sell your old clothes rather than binning them!

Why You Should Sell Clothes On eBay

Every year, millions of clothing garments get thrown away, contributing to landfill. In the UK alone, we throw away £30 million worth on new, unused clothing. Think how much money you could be making on eBay if you sold that instead. I wrote a blog post about how to get rid of clothing in a more eco-friendly way. Selling your clothes helps the environment as it gives your garment another chance. It keeps the item out of the landfill for longer, which isn't the best, but it's better than being thrown straight away. 

Selling your clothes can also earn you a pretty penny. I once sold my aunties old dresses and made around £1000 from just a binbag full. Clothing on eBay is a big market, especially when you're selling the right brands. There are lots of other benefits too:

  • Can earn you money, possibly even a second income
  • It keeps clothing out of landfill for longer
  • It's really easy to sell things
  • You can clear your wardrobe quickly
  • It can make for a fun hobby
  • Clothing is one of the easiest things to sell and package

Take Quality Photos With Multiple Angles

When you're selling clothes, the best way to get clicks on your listing is to have a high-quality image. Using a white background is one of the best ways to make the clothing colours pop. It's also better to model the clothing yourself or to use a mannequin as you show off the fit of the clothing. When you take your photos, make sure you show any holes or blemishes. You must describe the issues to the buyer. You should also photograph multiple angles of the clothing. I recommend showing the front, back and sides when on a model. Then, I will show any embellishments or details and the sleeve length as it gives the buyer more details of what the garment looks like. Finally, I will take pictures of any issues, just to show the buyer what they will be getting. 

Include Your Measurements

If you're selling clothing, make sure you include the measurements and washing instructions in your description. It will help the buyer to understand the garment care, and make sure they know the fit. Offering measurements will mean that you'll have fewer messages to answer, as most buyers will message you regarding the fit. It means that buyers can read the description and make an informed bid, rather than waiting for you to reply, possibly changing their minds if you take too long. Some garments will already include the measurements on the label, but it doesn't take long to measure if not. 

Consider Offering A Return Policy

If you're a business seller or selling clothes regularly, you may want to consider adding a generous return policy. Not every garment will fit the buyer perfectly. They will either throw it away or make up an excuse of why they need to return it. I've even had cases where they've ruined the item on purpose to get a refund. If you offer a return policy, you avoid the risk of people trashing items. It will also appeal to your buyers over other listings, especially if they don't offer returns. Offering a returns policy can be annoying, especially if you're not consistently making sales. You may find that you're getting more items back then when you didn't offer one. Make sure it's clear that the buyer would have to pay the return shipping, otherwise, you could be out of pocket. 

What Brands & Clothing Sell Well

While different brands fluctuate in popularity over the months, there are a few brands that I have found really well. Most of these have sold the first time for me, and are worth picking up. I find that a lot of these brands are also clothing you'll find in your wardrobe, so you don't have to go out and buy it. These brands and items have sold well for me, but may not always and might not for you. It's all about trial and error, and lucky eBay is a great place to try things out.

Clothing Items:

  • Plus size women’s clothing
  • Trainers e.g. Nike, Vans and Adidas
  • Ladies dresses
  • Ladies Workwear
  • Vintage clothing
  • Boy’s clothing bundles
  • Baby’s clothing bundles


  • Joe Browns
  • M&S
  • North Face
  • Anthropologie
  • Per Una (an M&S brand)
  • Bonmarche
  • H&M
  • Eileen Fisher
  • Lululemon
  • Nike Clothing, especially coats
  • J Crew
  • Gap Clothing
  • Victoria's Secret + Victoria's Secret Pink

Tips For Selling Clothing

Know What Your Clothes Are Worth - It’s easy to put a £5.99 price tag on a dress, but make sure you know it’s worth that. If you look in “Sold Listings”, you’ll be able to find what your item has sold for previously. Check the listing & it’s condition. If your item is in better condition and in demand, you may be able to sell it for more!

Sell In Bundles – If you have a collection of boys clothing or Primark tops that you can’t shift, try bundling them together. Although you won’t get as much money for it, you’ll be able to get rid of your stock. Shifting your items is important

Donate What You Don’t Sell – There is a point where your clothes just won’t sell. If you’ve relisted them for months on end and they still haven’t sold, donate them. Some clothes, such as Primark clothes, may not have a buyer. Primark clothing sells better in a bundle. It’s better to give them to a clothing bank rather than keeping clutter

Ironing Items Doesn’t Hurt – Although I was given perfect feedback, one of my first buyers said they had to spend time ironing a shirt I had sent out. That has stuck with me, and I now iron my clothing or make sure it’s in decent shape. If may take extra time, but if your item is high value, it’s a nice idea

Selling clothing on eBay is fun and rewarding. I've made lots of profit from selling my old clothes, clothes given to me by family and even reselling charity shop items. Clothing is a big market on eBay. Not every item you sell will make a profit, but if you keep up with the seasons, you'll find your items will sell better. Have you ever tried selling your old clothes on eBay? Let me know if you're cleaning out your wardrobe or have a side hustle in reselling! I'd love to hear your success stories and brands that sell well for you!

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  1. I really found this post helpful!! I've never tried selling on ebay, I used to put mine on facebook but I havent for a while now. Maybe I will give ebay a try some time. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing, I have never sold clothes on Ebay as a charity earns the money from shops :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes