Terrible Experiences I Have Had Selling On eBay

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Being an avid eBay seller, I have had my fair share of terrible, annoying people. Many don't intend to be difficult, and sometimes the issues can be my fault. It can be hard to determine genuine complaints from people who just want money off. From lying about deliveries to faulty complaints, here is a list of my WORST eBay experiences. 

This post is a little bit of a rant. It is also to make you aware that, even though you're selling stuff second hand, you will have to deal with complaints. It is something to be prepared for if you decide to sell on eBay. Some can be a simple fix, while others require more attention! Don't be scared of putting your foot down if people give you a low-ball offer or if the complaint doesn't seem right. Make sure you can prove everything!

A Bear-y Annoying Person

My first ever issue was when I sent out a floral build-a-bear plush. The bear was sent in an extra secure packing bag, and the bear was wrapped in clear plastic, the same type I have been using for the last 2 years. The buyer wasn't home, so the Hermes man put it inside of the recycling bin. This apparently caused the bag to rip, and a blue stain went all over the bear. Or at least this is what the woman said... She said it was my fault for packaging it wrong as it must have rained and the bear's colour ran. There were many issues with this.

  1. The bear was white with pink and orange flowers...not blue
  2. The bear was washed before shipping, so I knew the colour didn't run
  3. I tested what happens when the mailing bag gets wet at home, and the grey colour didn't stain anything I put inside. They're waterproof, and I've used them for years with no issue.

She said she couldn't return the item due to mobility issues, but she wanted her money back. I felt bad for her and said it could be collected. Boy did this woman argue! At this point, I gave in and just gave her a partial refund. 

A Pen Problem

I emphasise the fact that you should always test your products before selling. This case is why. I had a pack of thin felt-tipped calligraphy pens which I hadn't ever used. I tested each one out and showed the swatch paper and tips in the images, stating this was their only ever use. The bid winner received them and claimed that the tips were split on the pens and many of them didn't work. After a week of hi complaining how bad they were, he threatened to open a case. I showed him my proof that this was the condition they were sent in. Suddenly, I heard nothing back from him, and no case was ever opened. 

Communication Issues

I listed a range of dresses on eBay, and a woman, let's call her Mrs Bloggs, bought one of the blue ones. The address was to an office, and it got signed for by Mrs Bloggs (I post with signature on arrival) A week later, Paypal messages me saying I have been paid by an account that didn't authorise the purchase. Turns out the name of this Paypal account was Mr Bloggs! This case wasn't opened through eBay, so it was a money issue. Paypal wanted me to show proof of purchases, explain my side etc. What I deduced is Mrs Bloggs used hubby's account without telling him, and as the dress was sent to the office, he never knew about it! I ended up winning the case without paying a penny, and so it should be!

Check The Batteries

I sold a novelty flying clock only to have the buyer message me complaining about leaking batteries inside the clock... The only problem was that I never put batteries inside the clock. Sadly, he opened a case, and eBay usually sides with the buyer. I had to pay for his return. If that isn't bad enough, the condition he returned it in was appalling! The box was returned in a carrier bag all battered. The guy left the batteries in, so there was the foamy stuff everywhere and a piece missing! Typically, you have the choice to partially refund the item if it isn't returned in the right condition. I didn't get the choice so now I'm out of postage, my payment and the clock :(

I understand that if the product isn't up to scratch, people are entitled to their money back. It can be frustrating, though. I do enjoy selling on eBay, and sometimes the complaints make it that bit more interesting. Seeing what people come up with is always different. People are getting creative!

Those are just some of the many annoying eBay experiences I have had. If you liked this, let me know so I can make a part 2! I am enjoying this eBay and money series, plus I think it can be helpful to see that you aren't on your own! Do you sell on eBay? Have you had any bad experiences? Let me know what bad experiences you have faced!

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  1. Oh my god! Sometimes people are the worst! They will literally do anything to save themselves a bit of money.

    I hope the good outweigh the bad though for you.

    Claire x

  2. I'm so sorry that happened to you! I've only had one neutral comment left because the cushion I sold was smaller than the photo appeared (I hadn't put any measurements and they never asked what size it was!)
    I've only had one bad experience buying as well, I bought a book and the seller said it was in nearly new condition, but it arrived with loads of the pages bent, the back was faded because it had been on a windowsill facing the sun and the spine and front cover were all creased up!!Luckily I got my money back but I felt so bad asking for a refund! xx

    Holly | www.gollymissholly.uk

  3. Oh dear! I love selling on eBay but you can definitely have a few mishaps can't you? A few of my recent packages didn't arrive to the buyer and I have no idea why!


  4. Oh my gosh!!

    I’ve had a couple of issues but on depop rather than eBay, it makes you not want to sell anything else doesn’t it! Xx

  5. Oh no! I am sorry this has happened to you!

  6. Interesting (but I'm sorry) stories of sales gone awry! Thanks for sharing - good lessons here

  7. I had some terrible experiences selling on ebay and now I only buy from the site (very occasionally). There are always horrible people out there trying to get something for nothing. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us xxx

  8. As a buyer, I feel like ebay is hit or miss 😂 I just ordered hair product last month and never got a tracking number, seller ignored my messages, etc. and really sounded like spam. I requested a refund through ebay's support and they settled it. But I just received the package in the mail yesterday!!

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience selling on ebay. I've thought about selling on ebay myself, and I'm glad I now know to expect some difficult people (ugh, there are always difficult people). Sorry you had to deal with these duds. Fingers crossed that every sale from now on goes smoothly!

  10. Wow people can be really mean. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    Luna | proudhufflepuffbooks.wordpress.com

  11. Why can't people just be normal! Really annoys me.

  12. I had a problem to, it was partial my fault I did not see the box was damaged, so went a head with the sell, then the person asked for a return and it never came back to me, so I will never sell again

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  13. I've definitely had a couple of bad experiences but it's never amounted to a return thankfully! I do need to make more use of eBay.

    MB | http://www.megbeth.travel.blog

  14. Oh no, some of these stories are so bad. People can be so shady online !

    But I hope you’ve had quadruple more positive experiences !

    - cherbelleblog.wordpress.com

  15. Oh my goodness. I hope you had some good experiences at Ebay too! I haven't had any problems with them so far thank goodness.

  16. This was so insightful! Thank-you for sharing this and for advice about the pitfalls of selling on eBay. Thankfully I haven't yet had a negative experience, but you never know!

    Emily from https://emilyunderworld.co.uk x