Eco-friendly Fashion Brands You Need To Know About

Thursday, November 05, 2020

I have done a lot about sustainable and eco-friendly across my blog. I've spoken to some amazing businesses, many of which focus on being sustainable. I thought it would be helpful to know where to look for everyday clothing items. It is important to be kinder to the planet, so here is a round-up of all the eco-friendly fashion brands you need to know.

Whether you're making small swaps or cutting out fast fashion completely, clothing is an important change to make. With fashion being the second most polluting industry, these brands are the key to making a positive change! I love sustainable fashion and have found the pieces are longer lasting and better quality. If you'd like more advice on how to create a sustainable wardrobe, I have a whole blog post on how to do that! 

Can Fashion Be Truly Eco-Conscious? 

When it comes to clothing, there are lots of different steps to make a garment. There are many places that items may lack an eco-friendly edge, including when the garment gets shipped. The garment could use sustainable materials, but the packaging could be plastic. There is a difference between the ethical and sustainable fashion. Ethical fashion usually means that the brand pays the workers a fair wage. Sustainable fashion is where the materials are sourced sustainably, either by being mindful of the source or reusing/recycling old garments. It usually uses sustainable packing and ethical practices too. I'd love to hear your opinion on if you think fashion can be eco-conscious and fully sustainable! I think it can be, but there needs to be a lot of work done to get there. 

Cotton & Push

Underwear is one of the hardest things to buy sustainably, but Cotton & Push are changing that by offering a range of quality undergarments. Each piece is 100% cotton, vegan and plastic-free. Cotton & Push are always making changes to their business to give you the most sustainable experience possible. If you'd like to read more about Cotton & Push, I was lucky enough to interview the owner, Alina, herself. We spoke about why you need to be wearing 100% organic cotton garments and how she's managed to grow her eco-friendly business over the years!


I love loungewear and pyjamas, especially while I am working from home. Noctu makes some of the softest lounge clothing, all made with organic cotton. There are lots of cosy, comfy styles to choose from, and a range of gorgeous colours to try out. On top of that, Noctu donates money to the World Land Trust in hopes of protecting and saving endangered wildlife and the environment. If you're looking for nightwear, Noctu is one of my favourite eco-friendly brands for the job. Also, their customer service is amazing if you ever need a chat with them. 

Goose Studios

I love Goose Studios and how open they are about their practices. Goose Studios creates essential pieces such as hoodies, t-shirts and tote bags that will go with any outfit. With each piece, they mention what's good about how the garment was produced and what could be better. The level of transparency that they have with their customers is amazing. I really admire that. I love the quality of their clothes and was even lucky enough to review a few pieces. I highly recommend Goose Studios for quality essential garments. They're a staple in my wardrobe!

We Are Thought

We Are Thought is an amazing brand which creates capsule pieces with natural fabrics. They sell multiple ranges of clothing, including loungewear, underwear and essentials. Thought also sell homeware and accessories. I thought they were quite affordable for the range and quality of their products. They all look so comfy and of high quality, so you know you're getting your money's worth. I love how big their ranges are and how many colours they offer. They offer bigger sizes too, something that not all sustainable brands do. UK delivery is also free! 

Bam Clothing

Bam Clothing creates activewear that's made from sustainably sourced bamboo. The pieces are comfy and move well to suit your active lifestyle, without losing elasticity or feeling loose. The pieces are designed for men and women who like an adventure. I thought I'd include Bam because sometimes it seems hard to find sustainable clothing other than casual wear. Whether you're running or climbing, Bam will have appropriate clothing for you which also won't break the bank. A pair of running leggings will cost you £39, which is actually cheaper than most branded pairs of sports leggings. Who says sustainable had to be expensive?

SOS Activewear

SOS Activewear is similar to Bam but offers activewear directed at women. Whether you're looking for sports bras or leggings, SOS Activewear has a collection for you. Although it's a little more expensive, you are helping the planet in so many ways. Did you know, each garment is made recycled fishing nets, plastic bottles, sustainably sourced bamboo and other discarded waste! On top of that, they have carbon-neutral shipping, plastic-free packaging and have a zero-waste manufacturing approach. If that's not enough, they also plant a tree for every purchase you make. To me, that makes the price tag worth it!

People Tree

For fairtrade and sustainable fashion, People Tree is one of the UK's most well-known brands. No matter what you're looking for, People Tree will have it online. It's a bit like ASOS, but ethical! They even have an essentials range which features a collection of t-shirts, trousers and jumpsuits that you NEED to have in your wardrobe. The People Tree offer a range of gorgeous garments, but for some, they may be out of budget. If you're swapping to a sustainable lifestyle, you want timeless pieces. You shouldn't be buying often, making the price more justifiable. 

Celtic & Co

Made in Britain, Celtic & Co offer a range of sustainable pieces, including footwear! Unlike the other brands I've mentioned, Celtic & Co pride themselves on offering sustainable footwear for all occasions. They use natural materials for their timeless pieces, although it may not be the brand for some. Celtic & Co use sheepskin for some of their boots and slippers. Despite using sheepskin for footwear, they do product gorgeous pieces of clothing. They also make sustainable homeware, making this brand one to keep an eye of if you're changing up your lifestyle! 

It's important to know where to look when you're creating a sustainable wardrobe. Having a bit of guidance can go a long way! There are so many sustainable fashion brands out there, but these are some of my favourite UK based ones. I will continue to add to the list as I find new and exciting brands! Are you looking to start a sustainable wardrobe? Cutting out fast fashion can be hard, but not impossible! Let me know what amazing, affordable fashion businesses you find on your journey!

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  1. I love this! I find it so hard to find new sustainable clothing brands and always love looking at some more! I think theres a lot of new sustainable active wear brands but not much other clothing styles, so this is perfect!

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