Christmas & Blogmas Post Ideas For Every Niche!

Saturday, November 14, 2020

With Blogmas fast approaching, you should start planning and writing your Christmas content now! Planning ahead of time is a great way to keep organised with your content. Blogmas is a big challenge, so don't feel pressured to participate. If you are participating in Blogmas, or just want some Christmassy content, here are some blog post ideas for every niche! With over 120 ideas in this list, there are ideas for everyone to use!

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Lifestyle

  1. Your favourite things about Christmas
  2. What you want for Christmas 
  3. A gift guide for each family member
  4. A gift guide for pet lovers
  5. What to get your Secret Santa/gift ideas under £5
  6. How to get into the Christmas spirit
  7. Your Christmas bucket-list
  8. Your new year's resolutions or why you're not making any
  9. How to have a sustainable Christmas 
  10. The best Christmas trends
  11. Your goals for the new year
  12. How to use the Christmas break productively
  13. Bullet journal spreads for Christmas
  14. The Christmas playlist you need to have
  15. How to host a holiday party
  16. Christmas card swap with other bloggers
  17. DIY advent calendars for different people 

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Food & Drink

  1. Your favourite Pinterest recipes for Christmas
  2. How to cook the best Christmas dinner
  3. Gift ideas for a food lover
  4. DIY gift baskets for foodies or bakers
  5. How to eat healthily over the holiday season
  6. What to do with leftover Christmas dinner
  7. Christmas desserts you need to have this year
  8. How to do the Christmas food shop on a budget
  9. The best Christmas cocktails to have
  10. Comfort foods to have on the colder days
  11. Must-have bakeware/cookware (Christmas cupcake cases, the best Pyrex dish etc.)
  12. Baked gifts to give this year
  13. The best mulled wine recipe
  14. A round-up of all your favourite Christmas recipes 
  15. How to make the perfect gingerbread house
  16. Your favourite Chocolate advent calendar
  17. Other foodie alternatives for advent calendars
  18. The best Christmas food & drink trends (eggnog, gingerbread etc.)
  19. How to not overeat this Christmas 

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Blogging

  1. Your blogging goals for the new year
  2. How to plan your Blogmas content 
  3. Create a list of Blogmas ideas like this one!
  4. How to schedule content so you can spend time with your family
  5. How to blog while the kids are on their Christmas holidays
  6. List of blog maintenance task you should do in the New Year
  7. Blogging eBooks & courses to read next year
  8. Why you're not participating in Blogmas
  9. What you've learnt from blogging this year 
  10. How to increase your blog traffic at Christmas
  11. Winter blog post ideas that anyone can use
  12. Do a blogger gift or card swap
  13. Gift guide for bloggers 
  14. What your blogging goals are for next year

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Parenting

  1. What to get the children this Christmas
  2. How to decide what to get your kids
  3. How to keep the kids entertained in the holidays
  4. The best place to meet Santa
  5. Ways to make their Christmas more special (meet Santa, use fake snow footprints etc.)
  6. The best advent calendars for kids
  7. How to tell your kids about Santa & the big secret
  8. The best kid friendly activities for Christmas
  9. Christmas films to watch this holiday season
  10. What to do with old toys at Christmas
  11. How to get your kids to write thank-you letters for their gifts
  12. What to do when the kids get sick over the holidays
  13. DIYs to try with kids over Christmas
  14. Christmas/birthday party ideas in case your child has a December birthday
  15. How to get kids to sleep with all the Christmas excitement 

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Home & Décor

  1. Must have Christmas decorations
  2. How to make your rooms cosier and warmer
  3. The best décor to have around the home
  4. Candle scents you need this season
  5. Christmas tree decorations ideas
  6. DIY Christmas tree decorations to make
  7. DIY Christmas decorations to make this year
  8. How you're decorating the outside of your house
  9. How to make your own wreath
  10. The cute wall art you need this Christmas 
  11. Why you're not decorating your house this year
  12. How to save money on Christmas decorations
  13. How to store Christmas decorations and lights
  14. Gift wrapping ideas you need to try this year

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Beauty

  1. Your winter skincare routine
  2. Christmas day make-up tutorial
  3. Gift ideas for beauty lovers
  4. How to practise self-care over Christmas
  5. The best Christmas nails art
  6. Your favourite winter eyeshadow colours
  7. How to make your own beauty gifts
  8. The best beauty advent calendars
  9. Why you should go make-up free this Christmas
  10. How to donate your make-up and beauty products to people in need

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Money & Finance

  1. How to budget for Christmas
  2. How to have a budget-friendly Christmas 
  3. Your winter blog income report
  4. How to make money this Christmas by selling your old toys
  5. How to make the most of boxing day sales
  6. Your best money-saving tips for the new year
  7. How to save money by having a DIY Christmas
  8. Money habits to start in the New Year
  9. What to do if you're having to dig into savings
  10. How to organise your finances next year

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Fashion

  1. Work party outfit ideas
  2. Where to find the best Christmas jumpers
  3. Your collection of Christmas jumpers
  4. How to accessorise this festive season
  5. Gift ideas for fashion lovers
  6. What to wear to work on colder days
  7. How to stay warm while still looking fashionable
  8. The best winter shoes for women
  9. How to look after knitwear
  10. How to create a sustainable Christmas wardrobe
  11. How to shop for a Christmas wardrobe on a budget
  12. Basic pieces ever winter look needs to include
  13. How to look after your winter boots
  14. What to do with old clothes in the new year
  15. Your favourite winter Pinterest looks

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Health & Fitness

  1. How to stay warm on a run
  2. How to ensure you won't overeat at Christmas
  3. The best workouts for a cold day
  4. Christmas workout playlist
  5. Working out after sickness or flu
  6. The best winter workout gear
  7. How to stick to your New Year fitness goals
  8. Why you're not worrying about your weight this Christmas
  9. Winter healthy meal-prep ideas
  10. How to keep your workout routine over Christmas
  11. How to create a fitness plan for the New Year
  12. Why you're not dieting in the New Year
  13. Rest day ideas for Christmas
  14. The best running shoes for icy trails
  15. Workouts you've been loving lately

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ DIY & Craft

  1. DIY wreath tutorial
  2. How to make your own Christmas costume
  3. DIY gift ideas on a budget
  4. The best craft Pinterest tutorials 
  5. Christmas Pinterest DIY fails
  6. How to decorate your house using DIY only
  7. How to crochet/knit your own blanket to keep you warm
  8. How to organise your wrapping paper & supplies
  9. Colouring sheets to use this winter
  10. How to make your own Christmas wall prints/cards etc.

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Travel

  1. The best places to visit at Christmas
  2. Your favourite Christmas markets to visit
  3. Local Christmas fayres & events that are happening
  4. How to pack for a winter break
  5. The best winter weekend getaways
  6. How to travel for cheap at Christmas
  7. Why you are/aren't travelling this year
  8. How to capture the best pictures while travelling
  9. What to do when you're caught in a blizzard/flights get cancelled
  10. Christmas traditions around the world

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Business

  1. Interview a business on how they're coping with Christmas
  2. How to support small businesses this Christmas
  3. How to cope with working during the Christmas rush
  4. Christmas side hustles that will make you extra cash!
  5. How to stay productive while working from home/over Christmas
  6. How black Friday & boxing day sales impacted your business
  7. How to make the most of the Christmas trend for your business
  8. Why your business isn't having boxing day sales
  9. How to increase your sales this Christmas 
  10. What to do when workers are calling in sick 

Christmas Blog Post Ideas ~ Gardening

  1. Gift ideas for gardeners
  2. How to look after your plants in the winter
  3. Your winter garden & what's growing
  4. How to decorate your garden for Christmas
  5. Growing your own Christmas tree
  6. The best fire pits to cosy up next to 
  7. Flowers that continue to grow during the winter
  8. Winter gardening mistakes you've made
  9. How to use your herbs & vegetables in your Christmas cooking
  10. What you're going to grow next year

Blogmas is a fun way to share Christmas content and challenge your writing and planning abilities. It's not for everyone, but hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to produce some Christmas content. There are so many niches and blog post ideas, it's hard to list them all. I will keep adding to this list as I think of more ideas. If I've missed out your niche, pop me a message, and I will change that! Are you participating in Blogmas? I'd love to read your Blogmas content, so make sure you share it with me!

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  1. I love this list! Although I'm not doing a blogmas this year, I do enjoy writing Christmas content, so a lot will come up soon!

  2. I love these ideas Em, I’m spending the weekend working on content for the next few months.

    I need all the ideas I can get!

  3. I love this post Em, thank you for sharing these ideas :) I'm always at a bit of a loss when planning Christmas content, so I'll have to consult this list x

  4. This list is amazing, thank you for sharing it. I always love writing Christmas blog posts so might refer back to this list if I get stuck for ideas x

    Steph |

  5. Thanks for sharing your post ideas plenty there :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  6. Wow, what an incredible list! There's something here for everyone xx

  7. Thanks for sharing these Em! Posts like these are super helpful during blogmas! I sometimes lose interest because I’m not spicing it up with better content! Again, thank you!