200+ Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

It can be hard to come up with new, exciting and unique blog post ideas. I have struggled many times when thinking of something to write! If you're struggling with ideas, I have managed to come up with over 100 ideas for every blog niche! Whether you blog about fashion, lifestyle or parenting, I have a blog post idea for you!

Home Décor 

  1. DIY home décor ideas
  2. How to make the most of your small spaces
  3. Kitchen organisation ideas
  4. How to save money on home décor
  5. Wall art ideas for every room
  6. Room hacks to make your life easier
  7. How to style a room for under ££
  8. Cleaning routine 
  9. How to spring clean your house properly 
  10. The best home décor websites
  11. How to declutter your home 
  12. 20 eco-friendly household products you need to use
  13. How to make your home brighter
  14. How to make your home appear bigger
  15. Christmas decoration ideas
  16. 10 ways to make your rented house a home
  17. DIY laundry products
  18. Minimalistic room ideas 
  19. 10 ways to revamp an old piece of furniture 
  20. Favourite home décor finds


  1. Night/morning skincare routine
  2. Monthly empties
  3. Favourite products this month/all time
  4. Your current daily make-up look
  5. Make-up look book for an event/season
  6. Product review 
  7. DIY product recipe
  8. Best affordable make-up brands
  9. Best affordable skin care brands
  10. Best dupes for popular products
  11. Guide to colouring hair at home (and aftercare)
  12. Is product X really as ethical as it claims? 
  13. New/upcoming products you need to try
  14. Guide to finding the right foundation
  15. How to clear skin and acne
  16. Share your cosmetic procedure experience (good or bad!)
  17. 5 essentials I never leave home with
  18. 30 prom hairstyle ideas
  19. Prom make-up ideas that are simple and easy to do
  20. DIY make-up storage ideas

Mental Health

  1. How meditation and yoga can help your mental health
  2. Mental health challenges you've faced
  3. How to control your anxiety
  4. Self-care routine 
  5. Healthy habits to get into
  6. How your mental health issue has bought positives and negatives to your life
  7. 10 things you wish people knew about mental health issues
  8. A day in the life with "X"
  9. Ways to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic
  10. Books you must read for personal growth
  11. Things to do when you're feeling down 
  12. What to do if you're having a mental health crisis
  13. 5 TED talks that will inspire you
  14. Favourite motivational quotes you swear by
  15. How to stop self-sabotaging
  16. How to practice self care at home
  17. Positive affirmations to get you through the day
  18. Law of attraction & how it helped you


  1. OOTD post
  2. Try-on haul for your favourite clothing brands
  3. Look book for a season/holiday
  4. Outfits for a summer holiday
  5. Airport/travelling outfit idea
  6. Sustainable clothing brands you need to know
  7. How to create a sustainable wardrobe
  8. What is fast fashion & how to avoid it
  9. 5 ways to style a simple tee 
  10. Best budget clothing brands
  11. Favourite accessories to style with anything
  12. Everyday outfit ideas
  13. How to look good while at work in the office
  14. Favourite summer/winter trends
  15. How to find the perfect trainer/heals for you
  16. What's in my beach bag/handbag
  17. Favourite patterns/prints
  18. Your opinion on fast fashion and what needs to be done
  19. Clothing staples you need to have in your wardrobe
  20. DIY clothing/accessories 
  21. How to look good in anything
  22. 7 things to do with your old clothes (that doesn't include throwing them away!)

Guide to Selling Your Old Things On eBay!


  1. Tips for new mums 
  2. How to buy affordable baby clothes
  3. Kids bedroom ideas 
  4. Healthy snack ideas for kids
  5. Breastfeeding tips for new mums 
  6. How to raise children on a tight budget 
  7. How to deal with postpartum depression
  8. How to celebrate your child's birthday in lockdown 
  9. Homeschooling your children - tips for lockdown
  10. How to keep your children safe online
  11. How to create a healthy routine with your kids 
  12. What's in my changing bag
  13. Tips on disciplining your children without shouting
  14. 15 activities to do with young children
  15. Tips on getting a picky eater to eat more vegetables
  16. Your experience with breastfeeding, giving birth etc.
  17. How to deal with kids and breakdowns
  18. Losing a child & how to cope
  19. How to help your child learn
  20. Day out ideas for the kids to enjoy
  21. What to do with old kids clothes


  1. 20 things you have learnt while blogging 
  2. 50 productive things to do when you're bored 
  3. Favourite blogs to read 
  4. Productivity apps you couldn't live without
  5. Your self-care routine
  6. Things you're grateful for this month
  7. A life experience you had 
  8. A day in the life post
  9. How you're managing to work from home
  10. A Q&A post with your readers
  11. Things you have learnt from blogging
  12. Where you see yourself in 5 years
  13. Things you are grateful for at the moment 
  14. Amazing lifehacks you need to know
  15. Tips on passing a certain exam (e.g theory test, a levels etc.) 
  16. How to make money from home
  17. How to lead a more healthy/ethical/vegan etc. lifestyle
  18. Ways to master a certain skill in a few weeks
  19. 10 ways to look after your mind
  20. 21 lessons you have learnt in 21 years of life 
  21. Your opinion on a sensitive topic
  22. Your bucket list ideas before 50
  23. An interview post with a blogger, business or colleague


  1. Book storage ideas 
  2. Things that are on your reading list
  3. Best books to read on holiday
  4. What to do with all your old books
  5. Book review of a new book that has just come out
  6. A book that you will never get bored of
  7. Your favourite series of books
  8. DIY/recipe inspired by something in the book 
  9. How reading can help your mental health
  10. What reading means to you
  11. 10 inspiring books you need to read
  12. Authors that have amazing backstories 
  13. Books that you didn't finish/disappointed you
  14. Motivational books you swear by
  15. Reasons that you should start reading
  16. Benefits of reading books
  17. How to make time for reading
  18. How to write a novel 
  19. Tips to make time for reading
  20. Books you can read within a day
  21. Kindle Vs physical books
  22. Why you stopped reading books
  23. How you got your book published
  24. Host a book tour
  25. How to have a successful book tour/signing
  26. What writing a book has taught you
  27. How to create a successful eBook


  1.  Current working from home set up
  2. 5 pieces of tech you can't live without
  3. A review of a new piece of technology
  4. How technology impacts your daily life
  5. How to live without technology for 24 hours 
  6. What to do if a certain product breaks/guide to fixing things
  7. Blog maintenance guide
  8. How to manage your blog's SEO & DA score
  9. 8 pieces of tech everyone needs to have
  10. Video games that you need to try/review of the game
  11. Favourite video chat apps that help you connect in isolation
  12. 10 apps you couldn't live without 
  13. What to do with old technology you don't use anymore
  14. How to go self-hosted easily
  15. Blogging resources every blogger needs 
  16. Budget vs branded products
  17. How you can use technology to get the best deals
  18. 5 bits of technology you HATE
  19. Evolution of technology
  20. How technology can make your life easier
  21. Why you don't like using technology
  22. How to code MailChimp forms
  23. Basics to CSS

12 Virtual Experiences You Need To Try!


  1. The benefits of yoga/running etc.
  2. The best work-out clothes (that aren't see through!)
  3. Your work-out routine
  4. How to warm up and cool down properly 
  5. A race/event/competition experience you have had
  6. Different types of squats, push-ups etc.
  7. Gift ideas for health-conscious people
  8. The best protein powders out there
  9. Recipes to make with protein powder 
  10. Healthy meal prep ideas to last you all week
  11. 10 reasons to start exercising right now
  12. The best workout apps to use at home or the gym
  13. 5 ways to lose weight
  14. Work-out myths that need to be busted
  15. How working out can help you in the bedroom
  16. Mistakes people make at the gym
  17. How to eat healthily on a budget 
  18. 30-day fitness challenges 
  19. Work-out routines for busy people
  20. How to stay committed to your workout
  21. How exercise can help your mental health
  22. 10 exercises you hate - with alternatives!
  23. How to work out at home
  24. How to save money on a healthy diet or gym membership


  1. Recipe for something you love to bake
  2. Review of a new snack that has come out 
  3. A taste test of branded vs unbranded things
  4. Healthy snack ideas
  5. Healthy meals to make for the family
  6. Easy meal prep for the week
  7. Gift guide for a food lover
  8. Cultural food across the world 
  9. Fakeaway menu
  10. How different countries do fast food
  11. Review of a restaurant 
  12. Hacks to make your food last longer/stretch further
  13. Things to do with leftovers
  14. Different diets and how effective they are
  15. How to take the perfect photo of food
  16. Kitchen essential appliances you can't live without
  17. Piping techniques/ways to frost cupcakes
  18. Current food trends (e.g. mini pancakes, frothy coffee etc.)
  19. The best vegan recipes you know 
  20. How to transition to vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free etc.
  21. How to survive when you're intolerant to something
  22. Interview a food business that you love
  23. How to bake with missing ingredients
  24. What to do with failed recipes
  25. Different baking & cookies techniques you should know
  26. 101 flavours of frosting


  1. How to protect your garden from pests
  2. Eco-friendly products to use on plants
  3. Your current garden 
  4. How to start growing your own vegetables 
  5. Gardening activities to do with the kids
  6. How to grow the best vegetables 
  7. Tips for caring for your lawn
  8. DIY terrarium 
  9. How to ensure your garden blooms every year
  10. The best plants to grow and keep indoors
  11. 10 ways to clean up your garden for summer
  12. How to choose the right decking for you
  13. My perfect/dream garden 
  14. How to have a beautiful outdoor space 
  15. Benefits of having your own garden


  1. Travel essentials 
  2. What is in my hand luggage/suitcase
  3. Holiday hacks you need to know
  4. 20 things you must do when you visit X
  5. Bucket list of places to go
  6. 20 activities for thrill-seekers
  7. How to make the most out of your holiday 
  8. The best time to travel to a certain country
  9. How to learn a new language in 3 weeks
  10. The best travelling apps to have
  11. Your best/worst holiday experience
  12. How the coronavirus could affect your travel blog/work
  13. Virtual tours of places you want to go
  14. Gift ideas for travel lovers
  15. 10 tips if you're going to be using fast passes 
  16. 25 Places to visit in your home town/country
  17. Weekend getaway ideas
  18. Best rides at Disney world!
  19. How to meet your favourite characters at Disney
  20. The best cultural festivals around the world
  21. Road trip essentials/ideas
  22. How to plan the perfect holiday 
  23. How to holiday with young children
  24. The best destinations to go as a first time traveller
  25. How to bag back around the world
  26. Volunteering on your travels
  27. The best cruises to go on
  28. How to pack a suitcase
  29. Secret locations you need to visit!
  30. How to visit places on a budget
  31. The best day trip ideas in the UK
  32. How to plan the perfect staycation

  1. How to start a successful online business
  2. Tips on selling stuff on eBay
  3. Reasons why social media is key to a successful business
  4. Ways to make money from home
  5. How the coronavirus is impacting businesses  
  6. How to become a successful entrepreneur 
  7. Ways to grow your small business
  8. Interview with a small business owner
  9. How to support small businesses in a time of need
  10. Habits of a successful entrepreneur 
  11. 20 ways to grow your email list 
  12. Benefits of working from home
  13. How to work from home & be productive
  14. Things you have learnt from starting your own business
  15. 5 things to consider before starting a business
  16. Side hustles you need to start today
  17. How to ensure that your business won't fail in the first year
  18. Why quitting your 9-5 was the best thing ever
  19. How to ship items securely and safely
  20. 5 steps to help a failing business 
  21. How to successfully sell at markets and event stalls
  22. How to make your business more eco-friendly
  23. Tips for writing an amazing CV
  24. How to become a freelancer and get job opportunities 
  25. How to nail your job interview

Stationary/bullet journaling

  1. Journal prompt ideas
  2. 20 pages to include in your bullet journal 
  3. The best sustainable stationary 
  4. Why you should start a bullet journal
  5. Productivity planners, you need to own
  6. Page ideas for your journal
  7. Basic supplies you need to start journaling
  8. How bullet journals can help you to be more productive
  9. Favourite stationery to use when journaling 
  10. School stationery must-haves 
  11. Back to school stationery ideas 
  12. How your handwriting can determine a lot about you
  13. How bullet journaling helps you as a blogger
  14. Your favourite bullet journal bloggers
  15. How to deal with a page you've ruined
  16. 10 ways to design a mood tracker
  17. How a bullet journal helps your mental health

Meet The Business: Naturally Wrapt
Well, that was a lot of typing! I hope these ideas help you when thinking of your next amazing blog post. Blog ideas can come to you in any place. If you think hard about them, you'll never come up with ideas. If you see something, write it down! Ideas will come from all sorts of places. If you have any more ideas, share them in the comments below! What was your favourite idea? 

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  1. Love the travel ones! Also would love to read the bullet journal ideas :)

    MB | http://www.megbeth.travel.blog

  2. Great ideas. I wrote a similar post myself this week!

    Lauren | https://www.laurenyloves.co.uk/

  3. Love the decor, lifestyle and food lists, Imay have to tap into some of these! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love these travel ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I'm always looking for blog ideas, thank you for sharing and giving me some inspiration!

  6. Nicely curated ideas for blog posts!
    Thank you :)

  7. Great list! I think there are some excellent ones that apply across niches as well and could work quite well for engaging people who might not be my usual audience! Thanks for the ideas!

  8. This was very helpful for me as I am a new blogger!

  9. These are all such great ideas to blog about. I especially love all the home decor ideas since my blog is all about home decor and styling. Thanks so much for sharing!
    -Charity https://morningsonmacedonia.com

  10. Thanks for this! Very helpful when writers block kicks in.

  11. Lovely ideas you have shared, hopefully this will be useful :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  12. Brilliant lists. I am always looking for inspiration for blog posts. It is especially helpful when you have time to write like I do currently but no ideas!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Claire x

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm going through a patch where I'm struggling to come up with content ideas so this has been a huge help :)

    Amy | sassycatlady.com

  14. great suggestions, although some of them I've used myself, but there is always room to reuse and expand on many of them.

  15. All great ideas. I needed some ideas to get me motivated.