The Ultimate Gift Guide For Bloggers!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

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Finding a perfect gift for the blogger in your life without any help is a pretty tough job. Bloggers are unpredictable creatures with unusually nocturnal habits, and it can be difficult to pinpoint what they'd like as a gift. I decided to compile the ultimate gift guide for bloggers in 2020! Some of these gifts are more practical, and others are just fantastic treats for the writers in your life. Whether your blogger is a newbie or a veteran in this business, they will be sure to love whatever you get them from this list!

New Apple MacBook Air

The latest MacBook Air is ideal for a blogger on the go! This digital Nomad's best friend comes with up to 18 hours of battery life, a silent fan and the fastest CPU that Apple has ever made. The Macbook Air is also equipped with professional-quality editing capabilities. This means your blogger can upload stunning graphics and videos to their blog or social media channels!

PMD Clean Pro Jade

Every blogger deserves a little bit of self-care. I was kindly gifted the PMD clean, but it's one of my favourite self-care and beauty tools! I chose the jade edition as it has balancing and calming properties. Jade can also improve skin elasticity and reduce irritation. The PMD Clean Pro Jade has warming and vibrating features, so it gives the feeling of being at a spa from the comfort of your own home. I also love how it cleans dirt and breaks down any imperfections in your skin. If your blogger deserves to treat themselves or loves beauty gifts, this is the perfect thing to get them this Christmas. It's on the pricier side, but some cheaper options come without the jade. You can also get gold or silver infused options! 

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

Almost every blogger I know has a penchant for coffee. It really keeps us going during those long writing/marketing sessions, and is part of the reason why blogging in cafés is so popular! Your blogger will love you forever if you get them a café-quality coffee maker that lets them brew their favourite hot drinks in mere minutes. Bonus: They won't even have to leave the house for a good, strong cup o' joe, so you're giving them the gift of convenience, too!

RoC Retinol Correxion Anti-Aging Eye Cream

A good, strong under-eye cream is an absolute lifesaver to the blogger who’s been up all night writing. Make their morning routine just that little bit easier with this retinol-based eye cream, designed to reduce fine lines and puffiness without causing irritation. This would be a great gift idea paired with a few other goodies from this list! Who knows, maybe your gift will even be featured in a blog post!

Celestial Dot Matrix Notebook, A5 size

Writing lists or thoughts in a stunning notebook can be really therapeutic and relaxing. I love the intricacies of this celestial notebook. It looks like something out of a fairytale or fantasy novel! This hardcover notebook is the perfect gift idea for people who love to quickly jot down notes or plan out post ideas! Pair this gift with a gorgeous pen and some stationery, and you've got the perfect gift idea! 

Top of the Mornin Coffee

Founded and endorsed by Sean McLoughlin (JackSepticEye on Youtube), Top of the Mornin Coffee is sure to put a spring in their step and prepare them for a busy day ahead! This small-batch coffee is perfect for bloggers who type all night and need a good coffee fix. This midnight oil blend is perfect for all-nighters and finishing off just one more sponsored post! 

Convertkit subscription

Convertkit is the undisputed champion of email marketing tools, perfect for sending a welcome message, newsletters and more to your email subscribers! It also allows subscribers to be tagged according to their interests, so you know what to email them. Using Convertkit can help your blogger to build up their following and connect with their audience in an efficient, hassle-free way. If you're looking for things to write about in your newsletter, read this post of over 100 ideas

Big Pin Energy: The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest

Big Pin Energy, also known as the Ultimate Guide To Pinterest, is a brilliant investment for bloggers trying to drive more traffic to their blogs. The author, Emily Dyson, wrote this guide after making $30 000 using her Pinterest strategies. Pinterest is currently the top referrer of traffic to blogs. The guide teaches the reader how to create eye-catching pins, optimize their Pinterest profiles for maximum impact and drive both traffic and sales to blogs and more!

Stock Photo subscription

A good stock photo subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. You’ll be providing your blogger with material for blog/social media graphics, marketing aids and more! Haute Stock is one of the best styled-stock subscriptions available, especially if you choose their annual plan. It comes with access to over 25,000 beautiful images that can be used for everything from blog posts to Pinterest pins! I can also recommend these stunning styled stock photography companies:

  • Kate Max Stock
  • Girl Boss Stock
  • Her Creative Studio
  • Social Squares
  • Pixi Stock
  • SC Stockshop
  • Ivory Mix

Pitching To Brands and Creating Lasting Brand Relationships

I recently invested in Kayleigh Zara’s informative pitching guide. It’s one of the best blog investments I’ve made so far! Featuring sections on where to find brand collaboration and sponsored post opportunities, when to decline collaborations and how to write a good pitch, this guide contains all the answers. Bloggers looking to take on sponsored work would be thrilled to receive it as a gift! If you're looking for other guides, here are some I highly recommend!
Blogging is a hell of a lot more fun when your blog looks gorgeous. A premium blog theme will help to set your blogger apart from the rest and make their site a pleasure to behold! I purchased my blog theme from Blog Pixie, and I absolutely adore it. You can also find plenty of gorgeous themes from 17th Avenue, Hello Yay and Creative Market! Themes can range in price too, so you can find them whatever your gift may be.

A New Phone/Camera

Taking high-quality photos is crucial to successful blogging. Gifting the latest smartphone is sure to help them level up their content and keep their audience engaged! The iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20 are all renowned for their exceptional camera quality. A new professional-quality camera like the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II is also a great option! Cameras have lots of potential for accessories, so you'll already have next years gift idea sorted!

Tripod Stand & Ring Light 

Using a tripod stand is the best way to make your videos look more professional when using your smartphone. For fashion bloggers, in particular, using a tripod stand can help to capture your entire outfit to perfection for sharing on your blog or social media. If it comes with a ring light, you'll win bonus points with your blogger. The additional lighting can make a huge difference to photos!

Flatlay Props

Props are also amazing gifts for bloggers! A copy of Vogue, fresh flowers, cute notebooks, accessories/jewellery and stationery are popular flat lay props right now. There are lots of little bits you can pick up at Poundland, supermarkets and online, all for £5 or less. Props don't need to be expensive, so this would be great if you're doing secret Santa or have a tight budget!

A Box Subscription

It’s often difficult to juggle blogging with working, studying or whatever else your blogger may have on their plate right now. A gifted box subscription is a thoughtful way to treat them to something they love that shows up at their door every month, with no effort on their part! Whether it’s a Beauty Box, Foodie Box or Nature Box, it’s sure to make an impression. There are lots of personalised subscription boxes, so you'll be sure to find something your blogger will love. 

Lightroom Presets

Love it or hate it, brands and PR companies pay close attention to bloggers' Instagram accounts when it comes to sponsored/gifted work. Using striking Lightroom Presets is a brilliant hack for improving the colour, clarity and aesthetic of your photos. They're also great for those who aren't used to using photoshop or other more technical editing software. 

Free Time or A Trip Out

As a blogger (or anyone who studies, works or parents), free time can be hard to come by, especially when you have a million items on your to-do list. The gift of free time will always be appreciated, whether it's for taking a hot bath, going for a stroll or some extra studying! You could make them coupons for chores, or just help them with their tasks so they can finish the day quicker. Even taking them out for a few hours is a great gift idea as they get some much needed fresh air and space. 

Support & Someone to Listen

A whole lot of effort goes into running a blog, and not everyone understands that. Above all, the greatest gift your blogger could ever receive is your support. Whether you're sharing their posts or buying their products, your loved one will greatly appreciate your support. Making money online or blogging isn't something that everyone recognises as a real job or hobby. Showing you care will make their Christmas a whole lot better!

Bloggers can be easy people to buy for when you know what you're looking for! Guides, blogging tools and cosy PJs are all great gifts ideas. As I find more exciting gift ideas, I will update this list further so you'll never run out of gift ideas! There are gifts for every budget on this list, so you'll be sure to find something to treat your busy bee! What ideas could you add to this list? I'd love to hear what you're gifting a blogger this year!  

Bianca Monro is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She likes getting caught in the rain, but doesn't like piña coladas as much as she thought she would. When she's not blogging, she can be found reading the classics, spending time with her fiancé and son, or listening to 2 Chainz on repeat.


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