Winter Date Ideas You Need To Try This Christmas

Sunday, December 13, 2020

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 Christmas is such a beautiful time of year, and it brings so many opportunities for romantic date nights. This could be your first Christmas together, or you could be going a few years strong. Here are some date ideas to keep the spark alive! I've included some social-distancing ideas too. Fear not if you are in lockdown or aren't ready to get close to your date. Either way, these dates are fun and perfect for the winter!

Dating At Christmas

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. There is so much to do, people to see and presents to wrap. Dating at this time can be magical, but coming up with a date idea can be hard. It's also filled with high expectations, expenses and meeting family members. It can be hard to find a good balance, especially if this is your first Christmas as a couple. Dating at Christmas can also be amazing when you work through it, coming out stronger in the new year.

Skate Around An Ice-Rink

If you're doing a bit of Gloucestershire dating, there are some amazing ice rinks for you to try. There are ice rinks scattered across the UK, each with their own quirks. In my home city of Cambridge, there is both an indoor and outdoor rink to explore. Ice skating can be tricky, but it can be hilarious to watch your date hobble across the rink, gripping onto the wall. It's perfect for active couples or those who are on a budget! Ice-skating can be accompanied by a cake and hot chocolate afterwards to warm up. Make sure you snuggle up and help each other out. Ice skating can be very romantic!

Build A Gingerbread House Together

Battle your other half to make the best, most sickly gingerbread house this year! You can even do this over a video call, so don't worry about lockdown restrictions. There are plenty of affordable kits out there, all you need to do is add sprinkles, chocolate and a ton of candy! This is a sweet date idea and can bring so much laugher, especially if you try to sabotage each other. See who can make the biggest house, or who can overload it with the most sticky bits! There is lots of potential with this date idea, so put on an apron and some music and get crafting!

Buy Some Treats At A Christmas Market

When you use a dating site like Gloucestershire Singles, you'll be finding matches in that area. Finding a local market is easier as you match is closer to you than if you were to use a nationwide site. Christmas markets are lovely places to pick up trinkets, support small businesses and try some amazing food. Some markets even have fair rides, so you can relive your favourite childhood moments in the meantime! Christmas markets are perfect for capturing your first photos, forming lasting memories and picking up special little items. There are perfect for a first date and can be done with distancing measures. 

Wrap Presents While Watching A Christmas Film

While it's easy to want everything to be big and bold at Christmas, don't neglect the fun, little things that make Christmas perfect. I love wrapping presents, and every year I do it while watching a Christmas film. A fun date idea for winter could be wrapping presents together after a shopping spree. Talking, drinking, wrapping and watching a Christmas film is a great way to spend the evening. It's a sentimental and intimate date idea, and a perfect one for cold and wet days. Plus, it gives you a chance to collate presents and see what you both still need to buy!

Sledge Down The Slope

Sledging down hills is a cute date idea and can be done with children. Grab a sledge, and off you go! Okay, so maybe it never snows where you are. I know where I live, we get a drop of snow and then we don't see it for another year. If that's the case, there are lots of indoor ski slopes scattered around the UK that you could try. My local slope has sledging and skiing available to try. There's also a wind tunnel for indoor skydiving! Sledging is exhilarating and can make for an active, unique date idea this year!

Visit Santa Claus

When you're dating, you can choose the person, but you can't choose their past. Everyone has a story to tell, and some will bring children with them. Visiting Father Christmas is a sweet way to spend time with your date's children, or introduce yours to your other half. It's important to integrate kids at some point, especially if you plan on making your date a long-term partner. It can be hard for kids to get used to it, but meeting a familiar face can ease the tension and help to create new, lasting memories. Plus, who doesn't want a gift from Santa personally!?

Visit The Pantomime Together

Every year my family and I visit a Pantomime. While this year we are breaking the tradition, we have all intention to continue once the pandemic settles down. Doing family things with your partner allows you to break the ice, so perfect for your first Christmas as a couple. Even if you don't go with the rest of your family, Pantomimes bring a little bit of joy and laughter to your life. They let you scream, shout and be merry for a few hours, allowing you to let go for a little bit. If you haven't supported your local theatre in a while, now's the perfect time to visit! Every year, the Pantomimes will shop a different, classic story, so you'll be sure to find a showing of a fairy tale that both you and your partner can enjoy.

Have An At-Home Spa Day

After this year, everyone deserves unlimited hot cocoa, spa days and little treats. Why not treat yourself by having a spa day with your partner. Face masks, bath bombs and your favourite skincare products are all you need for this day. You can even bake some cookies or do a puzzle. There are lots of self-care ideas to incorporate in your spa-day. It can also be really intimate if you give each other massages or share a bath! Your spa day allows you to run around in a dressing gown, wine in hand and no care in the world. Just magical, cosy moments with your special person! If you want to go a step further, you could visit a spa for the weekend. There are lots of wonderful spa packages that you can book for you and your date. It allows you to get intimate with them, perfect for if you're looking to get to know them quickly!

Take A Christmas Light Tour

If you're social distancing and on a budget, Christmas light shows are the perfect date idea for you! Whether you're watching a dedicated light show or walking around your neighbourhood, this date idea can be very intimate. Hold hands as you wanted around the houses. I'd recommend wrapping up warm and bringing a hot chocolate! You could have deep conversations on your walk too, bringing you and your date closer than ever. This is a lovely idea for both new and old couples as you're getting some much needed together time! This year, my boyfriend and I are visiting the lights at Wimpole. It's a gorgeous walk-around light show in a forest. There are other lights shows you could go to on National Trust sites like Anglesey Abbey or Gibside. If you don't want to walk, you could do the Lap of Lights at Silverstone. 

The Truth About Christmas Dating

I thought I'd also give a few truths about Christmas dating that you may not have thought about yet. There are also a few things you and your partner should talk about before the big day!

  • Which parents will you see and on which days
  • If you're doing Christmas gifts this year, and the budget
  • It's not going to be as perfect and magical as the movies
  • Christmas dates can lead to some amazing memories
  • Gifting isn't a competition - don't try to outdo each other
  • Gift ideas don't always come easier the longer you've been dating

Dating is exciting and fun, even if it's with the same person. Finding ideas can be hard the longer you've been together, and everyone likes different things. I hope this list ticks a range of boxes for both you and your date, so you can make some beautiful memories this Christmas. What date ideas do you save for the winter and which ones will you be trying this year? I'd love to hear what fun things you get up to during the festive period to spice up your dating life! 

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