120+ Spooky Halloween Blog Post Ideas

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Looking to write some Halloween content, but don't know where to start? With so many niches and blog post ideas out there, it can be hard to know what generates traffic. Here's a long list of Halloween related blog post ideas for every niche! These ideas are popular and have proven to be great sources of traffic for many bloggers! If you're stuck for Halloween inspired posts, this list is for you!

Seasonal content is great for boosting your blog traffic. You will get lots of people searching for similar content at once. Your traffic should hopefully double if you're ensuring good SEO and promoting the post! When writing your content, make sure you publish a few months before the holiday, not a few days before! I'd recommend posting your Halloween content at the end of August onwards so that potential readers have the chance to find your content before the big day. I have been focusing more on my seasonal content lately, and I have noticed a big difference.

If you're looking to share some Halloween blog posts, here is a long list of ideas you can try. These are popular Halloween posts, so make sure yours stand out. It's also a good idea to vary your content slightly to maximise how much traffic you'll get. I have tried to share ideas for as many blog niches as possible so you won't run out of ideas!

Halloween Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas 

  1. Halloween printables for your readers
  2. Unique ways to celebrate Halloween
  3. The best Halloween clubs/events to visit
  4. Why you like/don't like Halloween
  5. Create a round-up post of your favourite Halloween content
  6. Share your Halloween costumes over the years
  7. Your best/worst Halloween experiences
  8. What to do if your kids are frightened 
  9. Do a Halloween Q&A
  10. Share your favourite Halloween movies
  11. What Halloween traditions do you have?
  12. Halloween date night ideas for couples
  13. Halloween trends you're loving
  14. How you're decorating your home for Halloween
  15. Decoration ideas for your home

Halloween Food & Drink Blog Post Ideas 

  1. What to do with leftover Halloween candy
  2. Halloween cupcake decorations
  3. Halloween punch bowl recipe
  4. Halloween inspired meal ideas (brains & worms = spaghetti & meatballs) 
  5. Try different Halloween candy & rate them
  6. How to make a delicious Autumn pie
  7. Vegan or allergen-friendly sweets to give out
  8. What to do with leftover candy
  9. Your Halloween tablescape
  10. The best Halloween cocktails 
  11. How to host a Halloween party
  12. The best Halloween bakeware (cupcake cases, sprinkles, moulds etc)
  13. No-bake Halloween recipes 
  14. Healthy recipe alternatives 
  15. Halloween candy to avoid picking up
  16. Eye-ball themed dessert ideas
  17. How to create a spooky centrepiece 
  18. Autumn/fall recipes to try
  19. The best Halloween party spread ideas
  20. A round-up of your favourite Halloween bakes

Halloween Blogging Blog Post Ideas

  1. Make a list of Halloween content ideas
  2. Host a Halloween giveaway
  3. Run a competition for the best Halloween costume
  4. Share your Halloween income report
  5. Share your blogging goals for the rest of the year
  6. The best Halloween hashtags to use
  7. How to increase your blog views/ followers around Halloween
  8. Free printables that your readers will love
  9. A post on why you should do Blogtober
  10. Spooky Pinterest pins that will increase your traffic

Halloween Parenting Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to throw a kids Halloween party
  2. Costume ideas that children will love
  3. How to deal with kids who are scared around Halloween
  4. When to let your kids start watching horror films
  5. Halloween films that are appropriate for kids
  6. How to ensure your kids don't have a sugar rush this Halloween
  7. How to stay safe while Trick or Treating
  8. Why your family doesn't do Halloween
  9. The best sweets to give children
  10. Family group costumes you need to try
  11. How to do Halloween on a budget
  12. The best Halloween films to watch this year
  13. Easy Halloween recipes to bake with kids
  14. Printable Halloween colouring pages for kids
  15. DIY Halloween projects that children can try
  16. Fun things to do on Halloween other than Trick-or-Treating
  17. At-home Halloween ideas for those who aren't going out
  18. Fun Halloween games to play with kids 

Halloween Home & Décor Ideas

  1. How to decorate the front of your House
  2. Indoor home décor ideas
  3. The best Halloween candle scents
  4. Movie-inspired décor 
  5. DIY décor to make with the kids
  6. Eco-friendly décor ideas
  7. How to have a sustainable Halloween
  8. How to repurpose old decorations
  9. A round-up of Pinterest inspired décor 
  10. How to upcycle rubbish to make home décor
  11. The best places to purchase home décor items from

Halloween Beauty Ideas 

  1. Create a Halloween face paint tutorial
  2. Show off your Halloween nail art
  3. Share your favourite skin-friendly face paint
  4. What to do if you're allergic to face paint
  5. Share your non-scary Halloween make-up look
  6. Your favourite Halloween make-up essentials 
  7. Tips of getting Halloween make-up off
  8. How to get Halloween make-up out of clothes or fabric
  9. Budget friendly make-up you can use on Halloween
  10. How to save money on your Halloween outfit and make-up
  11. How to create a Halloween look on a budget
  12. Halloween make-up fails
  13. How to use the X palette to create a spooky look
  14. Halloween skincare routine
  15. Spooky make-up looks that even beginners can try

Halloween Money & Finance Blog Posts

  1. How to save money on Halloween decorations
  2. How to save money on Halloween costumes
  3. Halloween costume ideas under £5 
  4. Saving tips, so you're not scared by your finances this October
  5. How sales are affected by Halloween
  6. How to use Halloween to improve your sales
  7. The best places to look for Halloween discounts
  8. How to save money when throwing a Halloween party
  9. Spooky discounts at your favourite retailers 
  10. How to get the best on-sale Halloween decor/cosutmes
  11. Side hustles to run over Halloween
  12. Free local Halloween events that you should attend this year
  13. How to plan a Halloween party under £50
  14. How to thrift a Halloween costume
  15. The best Halloween candy to give out on a budget
  16. Money saving DIYs for Halloween
  17. What to do with left-over decorations for the fall/Christmas

Halloween Fashion Ideas

  1. Lazy Halloween costume ideas
  2. Kids costume ideas on a budget
  3. How to make childish costumes look scary
  4. Best Halloween costumes for couples to try
  5. Where to find the best Halloween costumes
  6. DIY costume ideas with things around the house
  7. Gothic fashion essentials you need to try
  8. Outfit ideas which aren't scary, but still look good
  9. The best accessories to pair with your outfits
  10. Group Halloween costumes to try with your family
  11. Casual Halloween party outfit ideas
  12. Last minute costume ideas you need to try
  13. How to use everyday accessories to make an outfit scary
  14. Halloween hairstyles to experiment with this year!
  15. Household items you can use in your Halloween outfits 

Halloween Health & Fitness Ideas

  1. Dance routines inspired by horror films
  2. How to avoid overeating Halloween candy
  3. Sugar-free alternatives to sweets
  4. Healthy dessert recipes to try
  5. Your favourite workouts for the Halloween period
  6. Round-up of healthy Halloween recipes
  7. Working out in Halloween costumes
  8. How to burn off the Halloween sweets
  9. Workouts inspired by horror film characters
  10. Fitness mistakes to avoid at Halloween

Halloween DIY & Craft Ideas 

  1. Paper mache pumpkins 
  2. DIY Halloween decorations
  3. How to use trash to make Halloween decorations
  4. DIY Halloween costumes
  5. DIY tote bag using Halloween print fabric
  6. Round-up of your favourite Halloween crafts
  7. Pinterest craft fails
  8. Different pumpkin carving ideas
  9. Homemade Halloween candy
  10. DIY out of an old Halloween costume 

Halloween Travel Ideas

  1. The best places to celebrate Halloween
  2. How different countries celebrate Halloween
  3. The best Halloween horror houses to visit
  4. Local Halloween Fayres & Movies showings
  5. Halloween date night ideas (scary crazy golf, haunted houses etc.)
  6. Your thoughts on travelling around Halloween 
  7. The best haunted hotels to stay at
  8. Scary stories or unsolved mysteries from around the world
  9. Where you're visiting for Halloween
  10. How to have a spooky staycation

Halloween Business Blog Post Ideas 

  1. How to market your business at Halloween
  2. How to increase your sales at Halloween
  3. Interview with a costume shop
  4. Social media post ideas to boost your sales
  5. The best supermarket marketing campaigns for Halloween
  6. Why Halloween doesn't generate as many sales as Christmas
  7. Side hustles to start at Halloween
  8. How to sell Halloween candy for a profit
  9. Halloween trends that customers will love (different flavours, scents etc.)
  10. Why you should sell X around Halloween time

I am not a massive fan of Halloween, but I know a lot of people who love the scares. Hopefully, you're able to get some ideas from this post! If I've left off a niche, let me know! I will also continue to add to this list, so you'll always have new ideas, no matter what year it is! Are you writing any spooky content this year? If you're creating Halloween post, I'd love to read them! Let me know what Halloween posts you're scheduling for this year.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, these are great ideas for blog posts :)

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  2. I love this! You gave me some great ideas!

  3. This is a fantastic list - thanks for sharing it!

  4. I love horror movies, shows & events but in 2020 I can't enjoy this Halloween bcz of pandemic i was bought Mens Halloween T-shirts for my self but the shirt has wasted. I just hate 2020, Hope 2021 will be good for all of us

  5. Wow! Thanks for the ideas! I will definitely be using a few of them for blogtober next month on my blog crispyconfessions.com