Delicious Halloween Recipe Ideas You NEED To Try!

Friday, October 16, 2020

 Halloween is a time for spooky scares and horror films. If you're like me, you aren't a fan of either of those! Instead, I'd rather turn the holiday into an edible treat that everyone can enjoy! From sweet to savoury here are my favourite scary Halloween treats that you can make with the things in your cupboard! These snacks are great for parties & are created by some amazing bloggers who REALLY know how to make Halloween delicious. Who says spooky can't be tasty?

Pumpkin Chilli Con Carne | Watercress

If you're planning a Halloween themed dinner party, finding the right spooky meal can be difficult. Watercress has made a delicious chilli con Carne with the addition of pumpkin and butternut squash! Not everyone has a sweet tooth, so this is the perfect balance between sweet, spooky and savoury! You could pretend the Chilli Con Carne is mushy brains if you're sticking with the theme of Halloween. Watercress has lots of other delicious recipes to try out, so have a browse if you're looking for tasty meal ideas!

Cobweb Brownie Treats

If you're looking for a quick way to spooky up your brownies, this is the dessert for you! You will need pre-made brownies to make this dessert. You can also make them yourself or use a packet mix. Once they're cooked, melt some white marshmallows in the microwave. Take a spook and dribble the runny, sticky marshmallows over the top of the brownie. The marshmallows are really stringy, so create the perfect cobweb effect!

Mini Halloween Bundt Cakes | Food, Wine, Sunshine

Halloween isn't complete without a carved pumpkin. Food, Wine, Sunshine shares this adorable pumpkin Bundt cake recipe topped with a little chocolate stalk. These Bundt cakes are weight watcher approved so you don't need to feel guilty for tucking into one of these treats. They are also very cute, so would appeal to kids and adults alike. Angel food cake is delicious, so if you want to bake this Halloween, make sure you add these to your to-do list!

Pumpkin Cookies | The Grumpy Olive

If you're looking for a spooky sugar cookie to make, why not try these Pumpkin Cookie from The Grumpy Olive? Step by step, you can learn how to make some tasty sugar cookies. I love how simple this recipe is, and how good these cookies look when you're finished. They really do look like pumpkins, and you don't need any fancy baking tools to recreate them. They really do look like These pumpkin cookies will definitely impress at the family Halloween party!

Oreo Monster Pops

If you have 15 minutes to spare, these monster pops will impress any little guests you have! Take an Oreo and insert a lollipop stick or dowel into the centre of the stuff. Melt white chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds and stir. Continue until the chocolate has melted. Add green or purple food colouring to the chocolate and dip the Oreo in. One one side, push candy eyes in, to make a face. Lay on a parchment paper-covered baking tray to harden. 

Vegan Caramel Apples | The Hidden Veggies

Halloween can't be complete without indulging in a caramel apple! Why not have a go at making your own this year? The Hidden Veggies has created this delicious vegan caramel apple recipe, so you don't need to feel guilty for enjoying this treat. I love how inclusive this recipe is. The caramel sauce also won't break your teeth so is something for the whole family. Monica has a lot of other fun fall recipes for you to try while you're there, so make sure you have a look around her blog.

Halloween Gingerbread House | House of Nash Eats

I love gingerbread, especially at Christmas, when I can snuggle up and watch Christmas films. But who says gingerbread houses have to be solely for Christmas? House of Nash Eats has baked this awesome Halloween horror house, all out of gingerbread! I love this creation and this it would impress any of your Halloween guests this year. If you make this treat, I'd love to see how you choose to decorate your Halloween house!

Mummy Banana Lollipops

If you don't want to give your sweets to your children, you can make a healthy alternative for them to enjoy! Cut a large banana in half, inserting a lollipop stick into each end of the chopped banana. Melt white chocolate and using a spoon, dribble the chocolate over the banana. It should look like bandages covering the "mummy" banana. To finish, add candy eyes or M&Ms to the top of the banana to finish your mummy lollipop!

Skeleton Pretzel Cupcakes | Oma Darling

Cake is one of my favourite desserts so I had to include Oma Darling's skeleton cupcakes on this list. These little chocolate cupcakes look fantastic and I love how the skeletons turned out. This recipe is really simple, so you can get the kids involved too! You can create the different skeleton facial expressions too, so your skeletons can be customised to your preferences! Who doesn't like chocolate cake!?

Mummy Brownies | Love, Em

I had a go at making my own Halloween treats this year! I made scrummy mummy brownies for you to enjoy. I thought this recipe was easy to make but looks amazing. Everyone loves brownies, so these will be a hit at your dessert table. If you don't like mummies, you could always switch up the Halloween character. You will have most of the ingredients lying around for this spooky treat, so you don't need to go out and buy much! I loved how the brownie mummies turned out, and I am excited to see what you think!

Body Part Kebab Sticks

This spooky treat will scare any kid this Halloween! It's also really easy to make! In most supermarkets, you can purchase gummy fangs and body parts. You can also get them online. Thread your gummies onto a skewer, ready for eating. If you can't get gummy eyes, fangs or body parts, you can use other Halloween gummies. Stick a Halloween shaped marshmallow on the top for a scary gummy kebab! 

Mummy Meatballs | What The Redhead Said

If you're not looking for a sweet treat, why not make a spooky meal instead? What The Redhead Said shares this awesome meatball recipe, decorated to look like mummies. It's a simple recipe that will make your Halloween dinner party a hit, especially with the kids. I loved how these turned out, especially with the edition of edible eyes. Who'd of thought meatballs would be so spooky! It's a fun way to get them to eat meatballs, pasta and tomatoes! 

Halloween Barmbrack | The Baking Nutritionist

When you're baking Halloween treats, it doesn't have to be spooky. The Baking Nutritionist shares this delicious, autumnal tea bread which is full of spices and fruit. I love the look of this bread. I am a massive fan of fruit bread, and this would be the perfect tea-time treat. It's an easy recipe with only a few steps, so you can make this treat in no time! There is a subtle contrast between savoury bread and the sweet fruit. You can also adapt this recipe as Christmas approaches!

Ghost Meringues | Drugstore Divas

We've covered mummies, skeletons and spiders, so now it's time for a ghost recipe! Drugstore Divas has baked these cute little ghost meringues, the perfect light dessert for Halloween. This recipe looks easy to do and the ghosts come out very cute - perfect for those who don't like to be scared at Halloween! If you love chewy meringues, this is a recipe you NEED to try. 

Healthy Pumpkin Cookies | Coffee, Fit, Kitchen

With all of this sugar, I thought we should end with something a little bit healthier. These delicious pumpkin cookies, shared by the lovely Coffee, Fit, Kitchen, are healthy, easy to bake and are pumpkin flavoured! It's the perfect blend of Halloween, fall and healthy. There are still chocolate chips in this recipe so you can still get your kick of chocolate. Alyssa also shares some alternatives for those looking for gluten-free, nut-free and sugar-free alternatives!

Halloween is the perfect time for baking, especially if you tend to mess up, as Halloween isn't meant to be perfect. If you break a cake, cover it up with green icing, so it looks mouldy! If you spill red dye somewhere, pretend it is blood. Your Halloween bakes don't need to look perfect, but they will thoroughly be enjoyed! What Halloween bakes will you be trying this year? Most of the snacks on this list are easy to do, but look fantastic! Let me know your spooky recipes, and how your creations turned out!

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  1. I loooove pumpkin in food so that first recipe sounds AMAZING. I also love the Mummy Meatballs and THAT GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!!! :D Such a great list!

  2. OMG so many recipes in here are amazing! I am going to do lots of sweet treats this year but it's sad that I wont be able to share them because of the virus!


  3. I want to try all of these recipes! I love how we're able to get so creative in the kitchen when it comes to halloween xx

  4. Love the ideas, they look so natural. The house is just perfect..

  5. Everyone of these recipe ideas sound amazing, I especially love Mummy Brownies and the Bundt Cakes!

  6. I've just emailed this post to my Bridesmaids to see who wants to make what for my hen do!! Lol, I can't bake, I am rubbish but these sound great x x

  7. The vegan caramel apples honestly sound incredible! I love the look of everything on this post x

  8. I am in love with EVERYTHING about this! With the lack of Halloween parties going on this year, I think I am going to work my way through baking a bunch of spooky goodies so that my husband and I can enjoy a Halloween-themed movie night. Making the best of things!

  9. Thanks for sharing, these all look lovely treats to make for Halloween :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

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