How To Capture The Best Wedding Photos

Sunday, October 18, 2020

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Is your big day coming up? Or maybe you've decided to postpone it but are still wedding planning? Whatever you're doing, you want your wedding to be perfect, something to look back on forever. Photos are a lovely way to capture the memories and share them with your family. They last forever and can help you to relive those happy moments. I'm not photogenic, nor do I have the creative eye for photography, but I still want to have all those photos. Here's how you can snap the perfect wedding photos and find the ones you want to keep forever!

Do Your Photographer Research

If you want the best photos, hiring a good, accredited wedding photographer is the key to getting high-quality wedding pictures. It may take a chunk of your budget, but you won't regret investing in a better photographer. There are so many photographers out there, each with their own styles. Make sure you research different prices and look at their portfolio to decide if their style is right with you. Don't be afraid to negotiate and talk to them about what you want. If you want off-guard photos, make sure your photograph has a keen eye for special moments. If you want photos of everything, let them know before the big day. Just remember, you only really get one wedding. Putting a little more time, money and research into your photographer will pay off in the long run.

Start Your Photos Early

If you want the best wedding pictures, make sure you have photos that start from the start. If you're really into your wedding, you could take photos of the wedding preparation, dress fitting and cake testing. All these memories make for unique photo opportunities. If you're don't want photos before the big day, make sure you still start early. Photos of the bride getting ready, hen nights and the wedding decorations are all pictures you need to add to your photo list. The earlier you start taking your wedding photos, the more photo opportunities that will arise. They also are special moments and show the build-up to the big ceremony, so won't be things you want to miss out on.

Supply Guests With Disposable Cameras

Although most of your guests will have phones, people will likely pose for the perfect photos. Sometimes the best wedding photos are the unplanned ones. Give your guests or each family a disposable camera to capture the things they see. You should encourage them to use up all the film, that way you can collect as many photos as possible. Disposable cameras are cute favour ideas, and you're left with a ton of pictures to pick from. It's a fun way to involve your guests, and they'll be sure to remember this favour idea. I went to a wedding with disposable cameras, and it was enjoyable to capture memories and print out the photos.

Encourage Your Guests To Capture The Moment

While you may have a photographer at hand, encouraging your guests to take pictures can help you find your perfect wedding photos. The photographer has eyes for artistic shots and capturing what you want. Your guests will take photos of things they find interesting. You'll find that you have unique photos and ideas you may not have even thought of. If you encourage your guests to take photos, you'll get images of different angles as well as unique shots that lead to beautiful photos. Even if all your guests take the same photo of the bride and the groom's first dance, they will all be taken from different positions, capturing slightly different things. Including your guests on your big day will also make them feel happy and welcomed!

Plan A Wedding Photo Swap

There is nothing worse than having to individually message your friends and family to get them to send over photos. While group chats are great, they usually don't include everyone. Wedding photo swap is a great way to pool together all of your wedding photos on just one app. It's interesting to see the number of pictures people take, and how great some of them actually are! You can even try the packages for free to make sure this is the photo-sharing app you need. The packages start at only £19.99, a reasonable price for a lifetime of gorgeous photos.

If you're having a wedding, make sure you share the app invite with your guests. That way, you'll be sure to have the best wedding photos ever. What's more, is they will be personal as your closest friends and family have taken them! Wedding photo swap is such a great app, so make sure you have it downloaded before the big day! 

Take Photos Of The Little Things

While having a bucket list of big photo opportunities seems like a great idea, don't neglect the little things. Pictures of the flower girl, guests hugging each other and minor decorations help you to relive the memories more vividly. It's important to capture everything if you're trying for the best wedding photos. Sometimes the smallest of things can become the best pictures and even frame-worthy! Some small things you should forget to snap are:

  • The table decorations
  • Wedding favours
  • Flowers; either on the tables or the bouquet
  • The hall of the reception
  • Name place cards
  • Any cute decorations or table spreads

Photo Ideas You NEED To Have

Once you've got your photographer, prepped your guests and are ready for the big day, there are a few bucket list photos you need to make sure you capture. These photos you will be able to look back on forever and remember your happy day! How many of these ideas are you going to tick off on your wedding day?

  • The bride getting ready, possibly with her mother helping
  • The bride walking down the aisle
  • The groom seeing the bridge for the first time
  • Reactions of guests as they see the bride walking
  • The "I Do" moment 
  • Exchanging of the rings
  • The wedding cake before and during the cutting
  • The first dance
  • The bride throwing the bouquet
  • Toasts and speeches
  • Funny photos of the family dancing

Weddings are beautiful, and I'd highly recommend taking as many pictures as you can. There are so many ways to capture the perfect photo, you just need to find what works for you and your partner. Whether you're relying on your family or hiring a photographer, the Wedding Photo Swap app is a must for your big day. The app is great for sharing photos and reminiscing. Can you put a price on all those gorgeous photos? What tips do you have for getting the best wedding photos? I'd love to know what you're doing photo-wise for your wedding!

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