Eco-friendly Swaps To Make Around The House!

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I am a massive advocate for eco-friendly living. It is the way forward and the way to a better, healthier planet. There are so many easy things we can do to reduce our CO2 emissions, things you could do right now!. I'm not saying you need to forage for your food and ditch all of your favourite brands. But beginning to make a change is important for the future of our planet. Change starts within the home, so here are some ways you can make your house a little more eco-friendly!

An Eco-Friendly Conservatory - Replace Your Windows

I've always wanted a beautiful garden, and orangeries are sweet little extensions that you can sit in and enjoy your day off. As the winter approaches, make sure you invest in double glazed windows. Every room of your house needs them, even your conservatory. Conservatories can typically be cold, but double glazed windows prevent this from happening, meaning you don't have to turn on the heating!

You may be wondering how changing your windows reduce carbon emissions. Not only do they keep in the heat better, stopping you from switching on the heating, but double glazed windows also help the ventilation in your help. They are perfect for cutting down on fans and air-conditioning units. You can find out more about how double-glazed windows are good for the environment here! Double-glazing windows are the way forward and would be beneficial for any living area. It keeps just the right temperature for all the seasons so you can enjoy your family room comfortably. 

An Eco-friendly Kitchen - Change Your Eating Habits

Something we all have in common is that we need to eat food to survive. Did you know food has a major impact on the environment from the water it takes to grow crops and feed livestock, to the fuel it burns to import food? It’s important to know where your food has come from, whether pesticides have been used and how eco-friendly the business is. For example, you could have organic. Locally sourced bell peppers, but most of them will come in plastic packaging, which isn’t good for the planet. Here are some quick tips to make your eating habits a little more eco-friendly:

  • Buy products in bulk where possible
  • Opt for “naked” produce or bring your own reusable jars/bags
  • Cut down on your meat consumption - maybe try meat-free Monday
  • Stop wasting food – find new and inventive ways of using scraps
  • Buy from local businesses

An Eco-friendly Bathroom – Sustainable Oral Care

As we move around the house, the bathroom is one of the worst culprits for harming the environment. Not only do we use harsh chemicals which can damage the environment, but even our toothbrushes are causing problems. Swap to a bamboo toothbrush and use eco-friendly toothpaste. I reviewed Georganics’ oral care products to show you that having a sustainable brushing routine is possible. You can also change your harsh chemical cleaning products for more natural ones, or even have a go at making your own! Make sure you aren’t flushing wet wipes and avoiding them where possible. As for sanitary items, there are lots of eco-friendly alternatives such as a moon cup and sustainable cotton pads. If you’re taking a bath or shower, use cubed shampoo rather than liquid as it cuts out the plastic packaging. Did you not catch all of that? Here’s a little checklist for you!

  • Use a bamboo toothbrush with eco-friendly toothpaste
  • Swap plastic harp floss for sustainable, plastic-free alternatives
  • Cut out harsh chemical products and use eco-friendly or homemade alternatives
  • Ditch the wet wipes
  • Buy sustainable sanitary items
  • Try cubes shampoo rather than a shampoo that comes in a plastic bottle
  • Use plastic-free roll-on deodorant instead of a spray
  • Avoid cotton buds and use “the last swab” instead
  • Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth

An Eco-Friendly Bedroom - Changing Your Fashion Habits

As we head upstairs to our eco-friendly house, we dive into the heaps of clothing we have of the back of our desk chair. Clothing is something that everyone has in common. It is also the second most polluting industry in the world. If you want to make your wardrobe more sustainable, there are a few things you can do:

  • Source sustainable clothing
  • Buy/sell second-hand clothing
  •  Upcycle old clothing

I have done lots of blog posts about sustainable fashion. We must start cutting out fast fashion. It's bad for the planet as well as the people within it. Changing the brands you shop is the easiest way to change your fashion habits, especially if you're a shopaholic. If you want to know how to start a sustainable wardrobe, I have a whole blog post about it!

An Eco-Friendly Home Office - Sustainable Stationary

The last, possibly most currently relevant room in the house is the home office. While you may not have a dedicated room, most of us have a dedicated work-space for our homeworking ventures. There are a few things you can do to make your home office eco-friendlier, most of which are changes you can make right now. Cutting out Sellotape and switching to brown paper tape is one of the easiest swaps to make. Brown paper tape looks rustic and cute, and you can even buy the patterned tape. It's perfect for wrapping Christmas presents too!

Recycling packages and paperwork as well as swapping to online filing can save a tonne of trees. My office uses a lot of paper, and it makes me cringe when things are printed out unnecessarily. Think about your bad office habits, and try to cut it out where you can. If you need your daily fix of coffee, don't use coffee pods. Unless they are compostable, coffee pods will be sent to the landfill. These pods end up as microparticles which damage our soil and get into the food chain. Using coffee beans or even cutting out coffee is better for the planet! You also should wrap up when it's cold, rather than putting on the heating.

A gorgeous, double-glazed conservatory from Three Counties
There are so many changes that you can make in every room of the house. Let me know if I've missed a room and I'll add some swaps that you can make! Whichever room you're in, make sure you've got double-glazed windows. Eco-friendly swaps don't have to be big, you just need to pick a few and stick to them. It feels amazing when you know you're helping the planet, just by ditching the coffee pods or changing your toothbrush. What eco-friendly swaps can you think of? I'd love to know what you're doing to help the planet and your home

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  1. Love these tips! Also, very happy to see that I'm already doing a lot of these :) Especially in terms of kitchen and bedroom/wardrobe! I just left the grocery store shocked by the size of my food bill, but then realized that I don't need to shop for food for couple weeks. Shopping smart is both sustainable and economical ;) My bathroom is still waiting for the eco-swaps, but hopefully soon.

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  2. Great sustainable living tips in here! I try to shop smart so that I don't have to throw anything away. I also take good care of my clothes so they last longer and shop my closet for new looks. Few years back we isolated the house walls with this new technology and it's saving a lot of heating costs.

  3. So many great, easy swaps in this post! It just shows you how easy and quick it can be to make a real difference!


  4. This is such a great post. I didn’t even know of some of these things to make my living for eco-friendly except for purchasing naked fruits and veggies and buying in bulk. I will be implementing some of these in my home. Thanks again!

  5. I loved reading this post, there are so many ways to be sustainable so there's no excuse for anyone to change one thing or two in their house to become more sustainable! x

    Lucy |

  6. Thanks for sharing, these are great tips for living eco friendly :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  7. ohh this was so helpful!! never thought of this all, thank you !! <3