Manifesting Your Financial Goals + Money Affirmations

Saturday, August 28, 2021

 Money makes the world go round. No matter what you do, it will probably cost money along the line. Whether you spend or save, you probably have some financial goals in mind. I'd love to buy a house and travel the world, but my funds are limited. Affirmations have been helping me to believe that one day I will reach my goals. You have the power to afford the life you dream of with a little bit of know-how. If you have money goals you'd like to achieve, here's how to manifest them! 

What Is Manifestation?

 Manifestation is the way you attract your wishes and desires and bring them into reality. It's also a process of setting a goal or vision and working towards achieving it. For some people, it can be believing in something so hard that it becomes true. Since embracing manifestation techniques, I have been more productive and successful. There are some spiritual and faithful aspects to manifestation, but it also requires a lot of hard work. 

To me, manifestation is like art. It's where you embrace positivity, productivity and faith to achieve your goals. I have been a lot happier since I started believing I could do bigger, better things. Manifesting ideas and affirmations go hand in hand. For those who aren't aware, affirmations are like positive sayings that help you manifest your goals. Money affirmations are there to help you believe that you can achieve anything your heart wants. 

Set Reachable Targets

When you manifest something, it can be easy to wish for the world. I know that I won’t be a millionaire overnight and that I won’t be able to buy a house straight away. There are lots of non-financial factors that come into play too. If you set unrealistic goals, you can be left feeling disappointed and deflated. People give up on goal setting and manifestation because it hasn't worked in the way they wanted. Manifesting doesn’t happen overnight, it won’t make all of your dreams come true, and it won’t work in the way you want. The universe works in strange ways, so embrace whatever happens and be open to new things.

Whenever you set goals, they need to be realistic. There is nothing wrong with wanting bigger things, but you need to work towards smaller targets first. Keep the big goals in the back of your mind. It’ll be easier to manifest something when you know it’s likely to come true. If I told you your income would double, you wouldn’t believe me. If I told you that you could make an extra £100-200 a month from side hustles, you would be more interested. Be reasonable, but don’t forget to set those bigger goals for the future. One day you’ll reach them!  

Appreciate What You Have

You can’t grow unless you appreciate and are grateful for what you do have. When you’re manifesting your financial goals, you need to appreciate the goals you’ve already smashed and the journey you have taken. When you show gratitude for all of the money opportunities you’ve had, you’re reflecting, which can help you grow as a person. How will you know what to strive for if you aren’t sure about what you have already achieved? Reflecting on your journey also shows you what didn’t go well and what you need to do next time to improve. It will give you a clearer idea of what to work towards and what to manifest. 

One of my favourite ways to reflect and show gratitude is by going over the goals I had set previously. I highlight the ones I didn’t meet and tick the ones I have. Next to them, I write what went well and what I’d do differently to meet the target this month. Your manifestation journey won’t be linear, so don’t expect to reach all of your goals straight away. Manifesting is a process, and it’s good to start small. Once I have reflected and appreciated the goals I did meet and the opportunities I have had, I can set more accurate targets! 

Change Your Mindset Towards Money

Money isn’t a bad thing, and neither is wanting more. To manifest your financial goals, you need to change your mindset towards money. When you manifest ideas, you believe that they will come true and are willing to work towards the end goal. You need to tell the universe that you want something and are ready to do what it takes. Money isn’t going to fall into your lap, and the end goal isn’t just to be rich. You need to be realising but ambitious when manifesting your financial goals.  

When you change your mindset towards money, a lot of opportunities open up. I like to believe that there are plenty of opportunities to go round. It’s down to you to grasp them and use them to your advantage. Stop believing that wanting more is bad. Stop believing that you can’t make more money, or you’ll never get that dream car. You’re manifesting negative thoughts, so it's harder to reach your goals. Keep an open mind and be willing to embrace new opportunities as they arrive. Who knows, maybe it’ll be just the thing you need!

Understand What Your Motive Is

When it comes to money, there can be a lot of influencing factors. Sometimes we want to achieve money goals for the wrong reasons. You need to understand what motivates you to set the goals you have. I want to live independently with my partner, so I'm saving up for a house. I am also saving for a new car. My current one works well, but I'd like a newer one to feel safer in. Some people may want a new flashy car to show off to people or for status, but I think those reasons aren’t always the best. It’s similar to the idea of remembering why you started something.

While you can make your millions and enjoy them, I think your motives behind money goals are something to consider. If you don’t fully believe in your motive, you may not feel empowered to manifest and make a change. If you believe in your reasons for saving or making money, then you’ll work harder towards your goals. It’s easier to manifest something that you believe in and want to achieve! 

Create A Detailed Plan

One of my favourite ways to manifest financial goals is to plan ahead. When you can see a clear path to your goals, you’re more likely to strive for them. When you’re manifesting your financial goals, make sure you know how you want to achieve them. For example, you may want to save by a specific date or know some of the ways you’ll make money on the side to reach your goal.

For some, creating a plan isn’t part of manifesting, but I disagree. I think that it is easier to embrace and believe that you’ll reach your goals when you know how you’ll get there, Write down all of the goals you wish to achieve. Next to it, you can consider some ideas of how you’ll achieve them and a deadline. Your deadline can be broad, but it’ll motivate you to keep going when you have a week or month to work towards. Some of the ways you can achieve your goals are by revisiting your budget, making more money and changing your view on money. Planning may not be for everyone, but it will help your finances and goals.

Move Away From Bad Habits & Negativity

When did debt become fashionable? Buy now pay later schemes can be a blessing, but it's now even easier to put yourself in debt. Where possible, move away from money habits like spending as before you put money into savings or using BNPL schemes. While some debt isn't bad, you should avoid bad habits and debt where possible. It may be that you need a payday loan, but make sure you have the funds coming in to pay it off asap! 

I also find that there can be some negativity about wanting to make money or save. I know I am good at what I do, but I don't like when people turn their noses because of it. If someone doesn't like what you do, how you save or how much money you're making, you should cut that out of your life. Money is a very personal thing, and it's not for someone else to determine! If someone is making you feel bad for your goals, then don't surround yourself with them. There are plenty of supportive people out there!

Financial Goals You Should Set

When it comes to finances, there can be an endless amount of goal setting. Some people want to make money, some would like to save, and others want to spend on luxury items. Whatever you want to do, there are some important financial goals you should consider setting first. Make sure your goals are personal to your financial situation. Everyone is different and wants different things out of life. Don’t feel ashamed for setting goals that will help you to improve your financial position. Here are some financial goals that you could set and work towards!

  • Aim to set up an emergency fund account to cover 2-3 months worth of bills and expenses. 
  • Set up different accounts such as a savings account, emergency funds, bill payments.
  • Work hard to pay off all of your bills and debt.
  • Start putting money aside each month for bigger payments such as insurance.
  • Stop using a credit card where possible and try to have the funds available before making a purchase.
  • Phone around and try to cut your monthly bills down.
  • Start saving £100 a month for your child’s first car, house, college etc.
  • Try a no-spend week or month, and see how much you can save!
  • Learn to cut down on unnecessary expenses such as clothes shopping.
  • Start budgeting for the month by planning all of your income and expenses.
  • Consider a purchase 30 days before you buy it, especially clothing and other expensive wants.
  • Put aside 5% of your monthly wages and save up for something nice to reward yourself!

Money Affirmations To Live By

Now that you know how to manifest your financial goals, you should repeat affirmations to help you when things get tough. Reaching money targets isn't as easy as putting money into a savings account or cutting down on spending. Here are some of my favourite affirmations to put on your wall or lock screen!

  • I attract money in an abundance
  • My hard work and effort will pay off
  • One day, I'll become a millionaire
  • My goals are achievable 
  • I can overcome any issue I may face
  • Money doesn't control my happiness
  • My investments will pay off & generate more money
  • I am the master of my own wealth
  • Making money expands my knowledge
  • I am wealthy, happy and healthy
  • Money flows in me
  • One day, I will be living my dream life
  • I can build from scratch
  • My money doesn't define me
  • I will invest now for a better future
  • I am open to new sources of income
  • My actions will bring me a life that I love
  • I am thriving in this economy
  • I have the potential to earn whatever I like
  • Making money is in my bones
  • I can make the best out of a bad situation
  • The universe has wealth and happiness in mind for me
  • Effortlessly, money is attracted to me
  • I am the only limit to my goals. Nothing can hold me back!

Everyone manifests goals differently. Everyone has different opinions of money and wants different things. Whatever you choose to do with your finances, make sure you keep track of them. Manifesting can lead to so many opportunities, and I have found that I’ve been more successful recently. I am also happier and more confident with my money. What financial goals have you set for yourself? I’d love to hear what some of your favourite affirmations are! 

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  17. Hi Em.

    Wise words - far too few people give their finances the consideration that they deserve.

    I think one of the points that you made 'Appreciate what you have' is a huge problem for some people - because they measure their appreciation by reference to what other people have. Don't do that! Appreciate what you have.

    In terms of financial goals, there are 2 that we have found to be key to our financial happiness:
    1. No matter your age, be serious about your pension provision. Assume that there will be no state pension when you retire (there might not be!) and no other hand-outs - how financially comfortable you are in retirement, and when that retirement begins, is entirely down to you and the actions you take. The compounding effect of starting your pension at an early age is HUGE - don't delay.
    2. Overpay on your mortgage. We started pretty small - overpaying £25/month - but as the capital decreased we had less interest to pay, freeing up more money to increase the amount of the over-payments, and so on and so on. And once our mortgage was paid off? We put the money that used to go against the mortgage into our pensions!