Self-Improvement: How To Start Working On Yourself!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

As humans, we are always looking for ways we can improve and work on ourselves. We should all think about self-improvement and prioritise creating the best lives for ourselves. There is so much to achieve and do in this world. It can be hard to know where to start. We all want to feel good and be happy with where we are at, so figuring out where to start is the key. Everyone is beautiful, and hopefully, this uplifting post will encourage you all to feel positive about yourself! Here are some easy ways you can work towards improving your personal wellbeing!

Maintain A Weekly Exercise Routine

The first way to work on self-improvement is through making an active effort to look after your health. This could be through cleaner eating or exercise. Exercise can be easy to incorporate into your daily routine when you stay committed. Try to exercise at the same time each day or every other day. It will help you to form a better routine and fit it around your daily life. Exercise does not mean you have to go to the gym every single day. It can be light exercises such as a walk or a bike ride. Just focus on doing something each day to stay active-it will make you feel amazing in yourself. You should move each day, especially if you're sat down for work. I like to do a bit of cleaning and yoga to help fit it around my life. They don't take too long, and cleaning means I tick 2 things off my list at once.

Write A Letter To Your Future Self

Another way you can improve your outlook is through writing letters to your future self. Write down your aims for the future, what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve your goals. Date the letter for when you want to achieve your goals. Leave the note in a safe place, and do not open it until after your set date. This will motivate you towards achieving your goals. It will also be a confidence boost for your future self in showing how far you have developed as a person. Writing letters will actively encourage you to self-improve. It will give you the motivation to work on what you want in life. I love reading back on my journey and seeing where my mindset was. It's uplifting to see change, plus you can decorate the letters!

Even if you didn't want to set goals for yourself, you could still write a letter to your future self. I like to take a cute writing pack and give myself tips, quotes and an update of where I am in my life. It's also nice to put down some recent memories. When you open the letter, you can look back and reflect on some times that made you smile.

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Relax And Unwind

A simple way to work on self-improvement is through feeling happy and positive in yourself. This comes through giving your body the adequate rest and downtime it needs. Having a designated night to relax each week will train your body and mind to wind down. I personally love to relax in the bath. Baths give you time to gather your thoughts and clear your head. You could add some bath salts to relax your muscles and use some scented wax melts to really relax your mind and body. Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles sell a range of scented wax melts for different occasions. There are so many different scents to choose from, and they will make your home smell amazing!

Have A Digital Detox

The next time you find yourself with nothing to do, try to step away from your phone for a couple of hours. Why not try going for a walk instead and connecting with your thoughts? We live in a very digital age, and it can often be very overwhelming. Social media can also be a toxic and negative place, so it's nice to leave it for a while. A short break from your phone can help you unwind and focus on real-life things that can bring you joy. You could try a few hours or a day or even take a week away from technology. It gives you a chance to spend time with family or work on things you need to do.

Once you have decided on when you'd like to take a break, make sure you lock up your devices. It can be tempting to check notifications, so put your phone on silent and give it to a trusted person to look after. You could also use an app that locks your phone until the time is up. I personally love using tree apps that grow a tree when you're not on your device! See how big you can get your garden to grow while you're busy doing other things.

Quit A Bad Habit & Start A Better One

Firstly, what is a habit? A habit is a regular tendency that can be hard to give up. We all have both bad habits and good habits. If you are looking to work on yourself, focus on trying to quit your bad habits. Replace the bad habits with new ones. For example, one of my bad habits is watching too much TV. Therefore, I have been limiting my time watching TV and ensuring I take the time to do all my jobs when I first wake up. It means that I am not rushing around in the evening, and I avoid procrastination!

Write down three bad habits that you want to change and think about ways or distractions you could use to break them. It will make you feel so much more positive. You could also try to incorporate good habits into your day, such as drinking enough water or doing something nice for others. Habits don't just form and break overnight, so it will be hard to break bad habits and build better ones. However, making a start is better than leaving it.

Ask For Feedback

This may seem like a strange one as you're trying to improve and make things better for yourself, not for other people. However, when we think about things we want to change, we often think about how we look. It can be hard to think of actual points to improve on without being too harsh on ourselves. For example, I want to look better, be more productive and take on more courses to further my education. However, I know that I can only do so much with those broad targets. I know I can't change how I look or force myself to be more productive when I'm not feeling it.

Getting feedback from someone else can help your self goals and work out what you REALLY need to be working on. I've been told I need to focus on one thing at once and stop putting things off. This helps me define my productivity goal, so I can actually start working on it. I now know that I should get up a bit earlier and have a power hour to get things done. Whether it be a job or a new hobby, always ask for feedback. Take on any feedback you receive, both positive and negative and focus on how you can use this feedback to improve your life or wellbeing. Feedback is impartial and doesn't consider your insecurities, so you can get to the point and figure out what needs to be changed.

Starting A Gratitude Journal

I have recently started a gratitude journal. It has changed my outlook on life and allows me to focus on my personal improvement areas. Try to take a couple of minutes each day to write down things you are thankful for. This could be anything. Just three positive things that make you happy or which have stood out. Practising gratitude can help your mindset and mental health as you're reflecting on your day. You're also accepting that good things happen, and you're making room for more positive things to occur. It's also nice to say thank you to those who have made your day.

If you're struggling to start a journal, I have tips on bullet journalling and gratitude journals! You don't need to create anything fancy, but a cute notebook motivates me to write more. It can be hard to look for the good things when times are tough, so writing down what you're grateful for, is helpful when you are having a down day.

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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you are someone that rarely ventures out of your comfort zone, why not take the time to try something new? Experience new things and gain confidence in yourself and your own abilities. This does not have to mean going skydiving or doing something crazy. It can be as simple as talking to someone new or trying out a new hobby. Finding new and exciting things you love and enjoy will allow you to naturally develop as a person. You can learn new skills and meet people that have had different experiences. Personally, I like to try something new each month. When you stay in your comfort zone, you limit your growth. Even if you’re just trying new food, think about how many ways you can now incorporate it into meals or have something different at a restaurant!

Meditate Regularly

Meditation can be an elite form of self-care and self-improvement. Meditation gives your brain time to wind down and allows you some much needed thinking time. It can have an amazing effect on your mental health and will benefit your general outlook on life. Try to get into a routine of meditating every day for around ten minutes. Even if you’re just taking the time to stretch or reflect on your day, give yourself time to meditate. I love doing yoga and meditation in the morning and just before I go to bed. It’s soothing and slows my body down. I find it helpful for relaxing and getting a better night’s sleep! There are lots of tutorials and yoga videos online if you aren't sure what you're doing. They are easy to follow and can guide you to a peaceful mindset.

Take A Break

We are all guilty of not taking the time to slow down and have a break. Life can be busy and fast-paced at times, but it is so important to always put yourself first. Give your mind and body a rest when it needs it. Overworking can lead to heightened stress levels. Try to take breaks throughout your working day and schedule in your time when you need it. This will make you feel more positive and allow you to keep a much clearer mind. For every hour of work you do, take a 5-minute break to stretch and walk around. Take some time to practise self-care and relax in the evenings. You are allowed time to slow down and take a break when things get tough.

Hopefully, this post has helped you find ways to work on yourself and promote self-improvement in your daily life! Even incorporating just one of these tips will help you in feeling more optimistic about your life. Please remember, you don’t have to change for anyone but yourself. Change is good when it’s something you want and will improve your life. What is your favourite way to start working on yourself? I’d love to hear about some of the ways you’re working on yourself and building a better life.

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  1. Love this !! The routine is so right, I’ve had a much better time having some form of structure during all this.
    Stay safe, Love StoriesofShe x

  2. Aw thank you, structure is so important. It is like the only touch of reality I have right now! Stay safe too! x

  3. You covered this issue beautifully... And your suggestions will helpout every reader... Keepit up��

  4. It's amazing what a digital detox can do! I've had a few over the last year and they've helped me so much :)

    Katy |

  5. Taking a break and doing regular digital detoxes are an absolute emotional energy saver that help ease my anxiety. I haven't tried meditation in any concrete way so what you've shared here has me rethinking that as it sounds really beneficial. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like this, and how they all feed in to each other - just giving yourself a break and taking time to let yourself think can make a massive difference.
    I try to take a little bit of time every day just for me, and I sit and read for half an hour after work.
    Cora |

  7. Lovely suggestions! I've been meaning to get into more of a regular excercise routine, and I wrote a letter to my future self a couple of years ago and now I'm thinking I should do another one. I also really love the idea of getting out of your comfort zone. Thanks for sharing x

  8. I've finally got into a good workout routine. But I definitely have to work on the rest. I'm trying to find balance at the moment. It often feels like I spend so much time doing, I don't have much time to enjoy. And the things I used to enjoy start feeling like more things on my to-do list because I'm rushing to do them.

  9. Great tips! Definitely feeling happy is a good way and relaxed. I usually take up to 30 minutes relaxing and do nothing but manifest or doing meditation.