How to Relieve Anxiety and Stress Levels

Thursday, April 09, 2020

During times of uncertainty, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast amounts of news and changes that are occurring. The global pandemic has caused stress levels to rise, especially for those out of work. Here are some top tips to reduce your stress levels and help you to become less anxious. 

Limit the Amount of Social Media Time you Have

Social media, including news sites, are constantly updating us on what is going on in the world. While it is good to be knowledgeable about the situation, bombarding yourself with, what seems to be negative information, for the most part, can cause more stress than is needed. Limiting how long you spend scrolling through apps can help your anxiety levels. You could do this by turning off your phone/logging out of your app's account or installing an app which limits your daily app usage. Having a social media detox can reduce your stress levels and allows you to work on other things! It's beneficial for reducing anxiety 

Keep Active 

Being active reduces stress levels as it can distract you and can release hormones that make you happy. Whether you are doing a home workout or even doing housework, keeping your body moving can help reduce stress levels. Keeping active can reduce stress at it reduces the number of stress hormones in your body. Exercise also produces endorphins, which are mood elevators and make you happy! Another good way you could keep active is by doing yoga as it is calming and is proven to reduce stress levels. Yoga is a popular way of keeping yourself calm, and there are lots of YouTube videos instructing you on what to do!

Have a Routine 

Having a few days relaxing, doing nothing is important but, don't let it become a bad habit. Establishing a routine can reduce stress levels as it gives your day structure and predictability. The night before, I like to write myself a post-it note of all the things I want to and need to do so I can tick them off as I go. Once completed, I get time to myself where I can relax. Having a routine can also help you stay healthy and ensures you are productive but don't feel bad for the days you do nothing! If you're looking for helpful habits that keep you organised, I have a whole post talking about it!

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Bullet Journaling

Keeping a routine is helpful, but bullet journaling allows you to find the cause of your anxieties! I think bullet journaling is a great way to reduce stress. Not only are you using your creativity as a distraction, but you can get yourself organised, and create plans. These plans can be used to control where you're going. You need flexibility, but there is nothing wrong with organisation. There is no wrong way to use a bullet journal. It's a great form of self-care and will help you to manage your stress. 

Practise Self Care

When you're stressed, it can cause headaches, neck and even shoulder pain. To combat this, you need to look after your mind and body. Self-care is a great way to relax and take a minute to breathe. Self-care can be as long as you like. I'd take at least 15 minutes to treat yourself and make sure you're feeling okay. There are lots of things you can do from reading a book to going for a run. Find something you enjoy, find relaxing and keeps you calm. You don't want to be stressed or anxious while practising self-care.

Keep in Contact with Your Loved Ones

Keep in contact with your loved ones when you're feeling stressed or alone. I find it comforting to know that my family are safe, happy and I enjoy finding out what they got up to in the day. Calling family members, even once a week, can reduce stress because not only do you know how they are doing but, it can also make you feel less lonely. If you can, meeting up with people can also help reduce stress. It will take your mind off of things for a while, and allow you to take a break from work! It's amazing what a little bit of contact and a human touch can do for the mind!

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Even without a pandemic, everyone will get stressed at some point. It can be difficult to control, but if you find the source, you'll feel a lot better. I hope these methods help you to feel less anxious and help you to reduce your stress levels. Stress is temporary, and there is always a way around it. You just need to look after your mind. What is your favourite method of stress relief? I find that bullet journaling and writing things down help a lot. Let me know what your favourite ways are, and what stresses you out the most! 

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  1. Love this !! The routine is so right, I’ve had a much better time having some form of structure during all this.
    Stay safe, Love StoriesofShe x

  2. Aw thank you, structure is so important. It is like the only touch of reality I have right now! Stay safe too! x

  3. You covered this issue beautifully... And your suggestions will helpout every reader... Keepit up��