100+ Instagram Content Ideas For When You're Lacking Inspiration!

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Social media is constantly changing. It can be hard to come up with fresh, original ideas all of the time. Each season is different, and trends change regularly. It can be hard to know what is best to post and how often you need new content. I love coming up with ideas that fit the seasons. If you want to grow your Instagram or update your feed, you'll need some content ideas to get you started. Here are over 100 unique content ideas that you can use on your social media!

What Are Social Media Prompts?

Sometimes we pull a blank when it comes to new content ideas. It can be hard to figure out 52 weeks' worth of content, not considering multiple weekly posts. These prompts are helpful hints for when you're lacking inspiration. They can come in handy when strapped for time or don't know what people want to see. I have created a long list of content ideas for each month to help grow your social media channels! Most of these ideas as for Instagram, although you can adapt them to fit you and your brand.

If you're struggling with blog post content, I have different posts that you could read for ideas! I have been helping with a few Instagram accounts with my VA services and have even started a new account for myself! If you're looking for blogging or social media help, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to help and there is a package for everyone! I am always adding ideas to these lists and uploading more holiday ideas, so make sure you check back for ideas regularly! If you're looking for more ways to improve your blog and social media, I have lots of helpful blog posts to level up your game. Here are some of my favourites!

Types Of Posts You Can Share

On Instagram, there are photo posts, stories and reels. Use a mix of them to get the best reach. You then need to decide on the type of content you want to share for those options. I've picked out some of my favourite types and the ones I see the most on my feeds. Here are some popular ideas that you could use if it fits in with your brand and blog

  • Reels of cleaning or organising
  • Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas 
  • Fashion look books
  • Recipe posts and reels
  • A tutorial for a DIY or similar 
  • Do an "ask me anything" post on your story
  • Share freebies for your subscribers
  • Do a day in the life reel
  • Try a behind the scenes post
  • Create stories to add to your highlights
  • Review your favourite products
  • Memes that are related to your niche
  • Inspirational quotes or guides to help others
  • Run a series for a whole month
  • Pictures that have captions explaining a story

January Content Prompts

January is about new beginnings and goal setting. I love the fresh start and seeing everyone decide to make a small change in their lives. I'm not talking about setting 50 goals and trying to smash them, but we all have little things we want to achieve or try. Here are some content ideas for January! 

  1. Your bullet journal spread
  2. A reel on your morning routine
  3. A photo of you at the gym with tips/workout routine as the caption
  4. A flatlay of your Christmas gifts
  5. Your goals for the new year
  6. Chinese New Year themed posts
  7. A flatlay or picture of you with your gym clothes
  8. A motivational quote that you're following
  9. Affirmations to follow in the new year
  10. A healthy recipe inspired by a sugary treat
  11. Superbowl recipe ideas 
  12. Your Superbowl party ideas
  13. A reel of you organising your closet
  14. Tips on how to reorganise your kitchen
  15. The best eco-friendly cleaning products to use

February Content Prompts

For some people, February is about love and relationships. But I think it's also about loving yourself. February is a great month to focus on love, self-care and embracing your true self. There are lots of pink and love themed posts you can share this month! 

  1. A cute bouquet of flowers 
  2. A picture outside a cute florist 
  3. Black History Month
  4. A photo of you and your partner
  5. An image with a caption about love & your thoughts
  6. DIY Valentine's day gift ideas
  7. A post focusing on self-care
  8. Show off your pancake day art
  9. Take yourself a date and share what you did
  10. Show some cute artwork
  11. Share a post of your body and say why you love it
  12. How to model and pair pink clothing in the best way
  13. Your Valentine's journal layout 
  14. Do a photoshoot at a museum and share all the pictures

March Content Prompts

I find that March is a strange month. I like to book a mini getaway as I miss the time off and need a break. In 2022, we welcomed the start of Spring, so seeing holiday-related content and pastels had me excited for the upcoming months! 

  1. Your organisation tips and tricks
  2. Share your Spring garden
  3. St Patrick's Day drink ideas
  4. World Book Day costumes
  5. New tax year tips & investment ideas
  6. Share your favourite books/book inspo (National Reading Month)
  7. DIY St Patrick's Day decorations and treats
  8. Share a motivational organisation quote
  9. Create pastel coloured desserts
  10. Take a picture of your brunch 
  11. Share something for International Women's Day
  12. Do a cute spring fashion look book

April Content Prompts

Easter is the perfect theme for April. There are so many cute things you can cover. My favourite things to read about include pastels, Easter spreads and cleaning tips! There are many ways to include Easter in your feed while still keeping it cute and on-brand. 

  1. Your Easter table spread
  2. Do a prank on a friend or family member
  3. Share your proposal 
  4. Do something for Earth day
  5. Share a picture of some pretty flowers
  6. DIY Easter gift ideas
  7. Share your best grilled cheese recipe for Grilled Cheese Day (yes, that's a thing!)
  8. DIY Easter treats or decorations
  9. Your favourite Easter recipe ideas
  10. Your Spring cleaning tips and tricks
  11. Something yellow or green 
  12. Share your Easter egg decorating tips and designs

May Content Prompts

May is the start of good weather & wedding season! I like to start planning for the summer and spending time with my family. There are a few special holidays and celebrations in May which can lead to engaging content for your readers! 

  1. Visit Start Wars land at Disney for Star Wars Day & share a picture!
  2. Do a reel of your favourite Cinco de Mayo recipes
  3. Do a mother's day appreciation post
  4. Share a picture of your favourite flowers or mother's day gift
  5. For teacher appreciation day, show a cute teacher DIY
  6. Run a discount for small business week
  7. Share your memorial day outfit
  8. Wedding season posts
  9. Wear a matching workout set and strike a pose
  10. Post some red, white & blue desserts
  11. Host a neighbourhood BBQ and share your DIYs, recipes etc. 
  12. Show off your grilling skills!

June Content Prompts

Happy Pride month! This month is great for colourful posts, iced coffees and Father's Day. There is something for everyone to enjoy in June, and with the sunny weather, it's time to get outdoors and show the world your summer vibes! 

  1. Pride month 
  2. Share some rainbow outfit ideas
  3. Do a reel with your favourite pride recipes
  4. Share a summer garden post
  5. On holiday? Share where you're visiting!
  6. Father's Day gift baskets
  7. Create a flatlay of your favourite summer treats
  8. Create a doughnut wall for doughnut appreciation day
  9. Share a dad appreciation post
  10. World environment day
  11. Post a summer lookbook
  12. Share a beautiful landscape in your area
  13. Create a cute coffee bar for iced tea day

July Content Prompts

Who doesn't love the summer? You could be a travel blogger influencing luxury holidays or a baker who is enjoying fruity treats. If you're ready for the summer, this is your season to shine.

  1. Share a cute picnic photo
  2. Design a sweet or savoury charcuterie board
  3. Take a road trip and share the pictures 
  4. Share a cocktail on the breach
  5. Give some summer skincare tips and share your favourite tools
  6. Take some creative pool pictures
  7. Have a sunset photoshoot
  8. Share watermelon recipes
  9. Do some DIY summer party decorations
  10. Share a summer BBQ recipe
  11. Show off your outdoor area
  12. Do a summer vacation lookbook

August Content Prompts

As we come to the end of summer, there are still some great posts ideas to share. It's typically the last sunny month of summer, so make use of the weather. It's perfect for lookbook prep, picnics and making time for friends. 

  1. You on a carnival ride
  2. Summer outfit ideas 
  3. Share a photo of your BBQ cookout 
  4. Share some cute flowers
  5. A reel about your tropical holiday
  6. Explore somewhere new
  7. Money-saving holiday tips
  8. Share a romantic couple photo
  9. Visit a small business and share a cute ice cream photo
  10. The classic beach photo
  11. Take a hot air balloon ride and show the view
  12. Share your indoor plants in an aesthetically pleasing way

September Content Prompts

For some, back to school seasons is the worst. However, I love getting new stationery, meeting new people and getting ready for the autumn. Studying is something I quite enjoy, and there is a big market for inspo studying currently!

  1. Back to school outfits
  2. Your bullet journal spreads for the month
  3. Back to school hairstyles 
  4. Meal prep ideas for the school week
  5. Snacks to take to school
  6. A reel on DIY pencil cases
  7. A photo of your kids on their first day
  8. DIY teacher gift ideas
  9. Suicide prevention week 
  10. A post related to your Freshers fair 
  11. Labor day party ideas

October Content Prompts

October is the time to embrace your spooky side. Your feed could have creative costumes and deliciously scary recipes. You can also start sharing fall-inspired outfits and recipes. If you are a fan of pumpkin spice, now is the time to be posting it on your feed!

  1. Pumpkin carving ideas
  2. A photo of your Halloween porch
  3. Cute Halloween costumes
  4. Your animal crossing autumn island
  5. Your pumpkin spiced latte + a caption on why you love fall
  6. Spooky cupcake recipe reel
  7. A cozy gaming photo
  8. Pumpkin inspired porch DIYs
  9. A photo dump of Halloween desserts or snacks
  10. Your Halloween party table spread
  11. A family Halloween costume photo
  12. Your fall nail art or make-up look
  13. A photo with sparklers in the night

November Content Prompts

November holds gorgeous fireworks and Christmas planning. There is also Thanksgiving and Diwali, along with a few other special days. It's the time to be sharing cosy receipts and family-oriented content. I also love looking at fall lookbooks as all the outfits look so stylish and warm! 

  1. Your Christmas shopping haul
  2. A Winter lookbook
  3. A Fall lookbook
  4. The best Black Friday deals
  5. Show off your Black Friday haul
  6. Share your Thanksgiving meal
  7. Show off some fireworks
  8. Looking after pets with fireworks
  9. Share something you're grateful for
  10. Do a reel on Thanksgiving meal prep
  11. Do a reel on a cosy gingerbread cake 
  12. Kick some leaves to make a creative photo
  13. What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers
  14. Safety tips for Fireworks night

December Content Prompts

December is great for Christmas and New year themed content. You could also include decluttering/organisation posts as people want to head into the new year with tidy home inspiration. Here are some content ideas that you can use for Christmas or Blogmas! 

  1. Share your Christmas wrapping ideas - you could also make a reel on cute gift wrapping 
  2. Show off your Christmas tree
  3. The best eggnog recipes
  4. A picture of your family's Christmas jumper outfits 
  5. Christmas lights down your street
  6. Your Christmas dinner feast or table spread 
  7. Share your Starbucks special drink
  8. Share a gift guide for your niche
  9. Holiday dessert recipe reel
  10. DIY Christmas decorations to make 
  11. A photo of your winter getaway
  12. Holiday drinks recipe reel 
  13. A silly picture of your family using a photo booth

Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your followers and show them you're a real person too. Whether you're a blogger, influence or small business, it's important to use a mix of reels, stories and posts on your Instagram. 

  1. Ask for book/food/product recommendations to have your audience engage with you
  2. Share a behind the scenes post running your blog or business
  3. Check out your latest post
  4. Share a "the set up vs the shot" style post
  5. Do a live video interviewing a business owner your love/work with or with someone else in your niche
  6. Do a poll to see what content your readers want
  7. Share other bloggers and business you love (You can create a favourite's highlight too!)
  8. Use the countdown to share an exciting collaboration, launch or post
  9. Host a giveaway 
  10. Share printables that your followers can screenshot and use
  11. Use the swipe up feature for a new blog post or product
  12. Open up a Q&A session to connect with your audience
  13. Share a reel or tiktok that you're proud of
  14. Do a day in the life post
  15. Run a quiz to see how well your followers know you/your product
  16. Show your team and what each of you do

With so many people using social media, it's worth utilising different platforms to grow your brand and blog. There are so many content ideas there that this is just the start! I've heard that reels can help your posts to reach a bigger audience. Don't forget to include a good caption and make your audience relate to you. What are your favourite types of posts to read? I'd love to hear what you do when you're stuck on ideas and how you come up with some new ones!


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