Making Your Etsy Shop Stand Out From Other Sellers

Sunday, September 25, 2022

This post is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimers page for more information!

Etsy has hundreds of listings, and it can be hard to stand out against the crowd. You want to make sure your shop stands out and is something that keeps bringing customers back. There are so many things to consider, from listings to packaging. It can be hard to stand out, but I have tips from myself and other Etsy sellers who have had success! Here's how to make your Esty shop stand out and convert watchers into buyers! 

Create Beautiful Listings

Etsy is full of gorgeous photographs, but you need to find a way to make your listing stand out. Once you have your item, you'll need to photograph it. I recommend a high-quality camera and good lighting to capture your craft in perfection! Make sure your imagery is consistent, and if you're using a filter in the listing, apply it to all photos across your store. I recommend using a filter for your images as it can add extra flare. There are some affordable preset filters on Etsy that work in Adobe Lightroom. It should look the same when you're browsing. It creates a brand look, so buyers know they're your products and are still with your store. You might want to refresh your images now and again, especially if you can add a holiday twist or it's an old listing. If an item isn't selling well, you should switch up the photo to see if it can attract different people! 

Attend Craft Fairs

When selling on Etsy, you can sell services, digital products or physical products. As more craft fairs and events are taking place, it's worth selling your physical products at an event! You get to meet customers, talk to other sellers and see the thought process of purchases. It's interesting to see what draws in people and how they discover other treasures from one item! Attending craft fairs gives you a chance to display your products differently in a virtual store. You can try different pop display ideas to see what attracts more customers and what showcases your best selling items. POP displays stand for point of purchase displays and is how your item is displayed for customers to see. You might want to consider signage, testers and banners in your stall to encourage buyers to look at your stand. Selling in person can help your Etsy store stand out as you might be reaching a new audience. If you design and hand out business cards, it may also encourage repeat buyers!

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Use Cohesive Branding

When you're browsing a store, you want to see cohesive branding. It's where everything is similar, including the colour scheme, font and design. Your images, logo and banner should match your brand. And if I looked at your business's social media, it should follow similar branding. I should also easily be able to find your social media and other related pages from your branding. Cohesive branding can help your Etsy shop stand out as it makes it cosy and feels put together. I am more inclined to purchase multiple things if I can tell they're all from one shop. Here are some tips to follow when creating cohesive branding: 

  • Try to design a logo that represents your brand
  • If you use filtered images, use that on all social media
  • Create a seller profile to show customers who you are
  • Be yourself and write how you would speak
  • Set up a related blog that could help more people find your store
  • Make sure your listing formats are similar in the titles/descriptions etc.

Use SEO In Your Listings

When searching for something on Etsy, 100 similar items will also show up. You want to make sure that your listing comes up first. You can improve your listing by using keywords and focusing on SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it's making your listings friendly for those searching for similar things. If you are selling candles, you'll want to make sure there are accurate keywords to describe your products. Instead of a white jar candle, you could write 'Handmade White Eco-Friendly Soy Caramel Latte Scented Candle In Reusable Jar / Cosy Gift / Wedding Gift For Her. You want to make sure your keywords are targeting the audience you want. It also should inspire those who are just browsing for inspiration.

When creating your listing, you can also add tags, descriptions and materials. Make sure you're filling in as much as you can about your products. The more you write, the better it will come up in a search! SEO can help your store stand out as using the right keywords can bring you your ideal customer. It can help those who don't know what to purchase and bring in those who know just what they want. 

Offer Great Customer Service

Personally, customer service needs to stand out for me to love a brand. If you don't respond to messages, it could affect your perfect feedback score. It can also deter potential customers as they might be asking genuine questions to help them make a purchase. You don't have to always be on your phone answering messages, but keeping on top of emails and DMs can help your shop. If I don't get a response, it can put me off shopping. Customer service is also related to how you deal with issues. With anything, you'll find issues, and there will be someone who complains. Make sure you take the time to deal with these situations as to how you respond can affect feedback and future sales. It's also worth taking on board any feedback you have and changing a product if there is a common issue. 

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Get Them Talking About Packaging

I am obsessed with watching Esty packing videos, but unboxings are also popular. Your Esty shop can stand out if you spend time on your packaging. You don't need to spend lots of money making cute packaging, but having something nice to open get's people talking. They might give you free marketing by posting unboxing videos if your parcel is exciting. Remember, you don't have to do everything and should focus on the ones that appeal to you and your small business. Here are some fun and affordable ways to package your items:

  • Include a personal thank you note
  • Add in some cute stickers/freebies
  • Decorate your box with stickers/branding
  • Add in the confetti so that you can grow flowers
  • Create collectable thank you cards
  • Use tissue paper to make it look pretty
  • Consider a special discount code
  • Follow up with customers after purchase
  • Offer a loyalty card for returning customers

Utilise Social Media

Your Etsy shop will stand out if you have good marketing, and social media is a great way to market for free! If you have active social media, you can gain a brand following to help your shop stand out. There aren't many brands that don't have social media. If you don't use it as a free resource, you could be missing out on sales. It's also a good way to make your store stand out. Not everyone uses Etsy, but lots of people use Instagram and Tiktok. If they see your products, they might sign up for an account to purchase from you! Here are some post ideas that can help boost your social media and gain more followers. 

  • Behind the scenes content
  • Packing orders
  • Q&A live stream
  • Share your achievements and growth
  • Create small business reels
  • Work with other brands or influencers
  • New product launches
  • Reshare happy customer photos
  • Run a giveaway
  • Create a blog to attract readers in similar niches
  • Share your 5-star reviews
  • Do a press/blog interview & share the highlights

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. It can be hard to grasp at first. Content creation, promoting and building a following takes time. The good news is that once you get the hang of it your social media marketing will be on autopilot! Everything is content, so you can grow your business quickly by filming your daily routine. Videos on packing orders are satisfying to watch and I love seeing how many orders people get! Social media is hard to build up at first, but you can grow a community and Etsy following from it. 

While there are many sellers out there, I think there is a place for everyone to do what they love. Make sure you don't copy what other people are doing and stay true to yourself. There are many other ways to make your shop stand out, such as unique products and fixing a common problem. You need to find what works well for you! What do you use to help you to make your shop stand out? I'd love to hear what has worked for you and what didn't do so well when it came to branding!

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