Affordable Ways To Invest In Yourself For Personal Growth

Monday, September 19, 2022

This post is a collaborative post, but all opinions are my own

Personal growth is a big factor in building a life you love. Recently, I've been in a slump and have struggled to find motivation. That partnered with getting Covid, I have found myself needing more. I've found that not investing in myself has held me back and stopped me from getting to where I want. Here are some of the best ways to invest in yourself to build a happier life and a better future. I've tried to be inclusive and add in some affordable options too. Investing in yourself doesn't have to cost the earth!

Invest in yourself

Why We Should Be Investing In Ourselves

We are all worthy of some love and attention. It's easy to shovel money into a savings account to afford things later, but how about investing that to benefit your current situation? I'm saving for a house, but it doesn't mean I don't need to treat myself or invest in other things. You can't grow if you don't invest in yourself. There are some things worth the time and money, and you are one of those things! You are important and deserve investment. It's time to give yourself the best future and invest in something you want to do!

Create A Calm & Productive Workspace

Many of us have been working from home for a while now. Personally, I hope I never go back to the office full time! Working on my side hustles also means that a productive workspace is a priority. Something you should invest in this year is your workspace. Even if you blog once a week as a side hustle, you should create an environment separate from your relaxing spaces. Not everyone can have an office. But if you can keep your desk away from your bed, it can help you sleep better and improve productivity. Look into office desking solutions where you can have a productive space that is comfy, meets your working needs and looks cute! Here are some workspace essentials that you should look to invest in to maximise your comfort and productivity.

  • A comfy chair that has the correct support
  • Cosy and cute lighting - it looks good and can help your eyes
  • A mouse that doesn't cause your wrist to ache
  • A plant to encourage growth, health and productivity 
  • Water bottle to ensure you're drinking enough
  • Cute storage that will help you to keep your space tidy
  • A weekly planner pad or dairy for ideas
  • A laptop or PC that meets all of your needs
  • A printer/copier that can help you with paperwork

Create A Bucket List

I love writing bucket lists. I have one for travel, my whole life and a personal one. When you write down the things you want to achieve, you can see where investment is needed. Investing doesn't have to be money-related. It can be time too. For example, if you want to master a skill, putting the time in to learn that skill can be more beneficial than paying for a quick class. Invest in your dreams as well as things that will help you progress! You may find that you find your lifelong passion along the way.

Write down a bucket list of all the things you'd like to complete this year. You could create a five or ten-year bucket list, but doing one per year can help make your goals more obtainable. Some of the things I like to look at are travel, business goals and personal growth achievements. Once I have created a long list of things I want to do, I highlight where I need to invest money and time. You may notice that you have similar goals, and you should invest in those. If you are talking about thrill-seeking more, invest in those experiences! If you want to travel lots, start with budget-friendly places and work your way up to the bigger goals. Try and complete as many of your dream goals as you can. 

Travel Or Visit Somewhere New

I think we all could do with travelling more. I am grateful for the adventures that I've had, but I'd like to explore more than just the UK. This year, something I am investing more in is travel. I'd love to become more cultured, try new things and see the world. If more lockdowns are to come in the future, this is one of the top things I'd like to do before it happens. There are so many amazing countries, each with its own experiences. If travelling abroad isn't for you, why not invest in more local adventures. There are many places in the UK to visit, and staycations have become popular recently. You'd be surprised at what deals you can find. Explore the world while you can. I think it's a worthy investment, and there are budget-friendly options if you're tight on cash. 

Create A Home You Love

We have all been spending more time in our homes over the last few years. I know so many people have redecorated in that time to give their homes a much-needed change. If you haven't painted in a while or switched things up, maybe it's time to give your home some TLC. We spend so much time at home that it's worth making it a place you feel happy, productive and cosy. Here are some ways you can invest in your house and make it feel more like a home:

  • Redoing your office space to work for you
  • Creating a cosy and relaxing bedroom to help you sleep
  • Painting some fun colours
  • Investing in beneficial storage or organisation system
  • Add some personal touches
  • Putting in new windows to help with heat
  • Changing the carpets (I recently did this, and it's made me so happy)

Purchase An Outfit You Feel Good In

I am forever scrolling through Pinterest, looking for inspiration for my next outfit. Treating yourself to a shopping spree can be costly. But feeling good about what you wear is a good investment to consider. I am not into fashion, but my confidence explodes when I feel good in an outfit. Treat yourself to something you feel your best wearing. It could be a dress for special occasions or a cute cardigan that will enhance your outfit. I prefer to invest in quality and sustainable clothing where possible. It may be more expensive to start with, but they last longer and feel nicer to wear. Wearing a cute outfit can be life-changing and boosts confidence when you most need it. 

Prioritise Your Health

Whether you're investing in a gym membership or cutting back on sugar, investing in your health can lead you to a better future. I know that I don't have the best diet, but I enjoy what I eat. Building a healthy relationship with food and finding a balance with movement should be something you want to invest in for yourself. You don't need to take a nutrition course, but researching healthy swaps and moving more each day can help you feel better.

You should also be investing in your mental health. Take some time for self-care. Listen to your body and nurture it. Health isn't just physical, and sometimes you need to listen to your heart. Some of my favourite ways to look after my mental health are to go for a walk or craft. I have been getting into hobbies that don't benefit me in any way than to improve my mental health. Doing yoga every few days has also allowed me to connect more with my body and listen to it. 

Take A Self-Care Weekend Away

Everyone deserves a little self-care in their life. One of my favourite ways to invest is by giving myself time. Pick a weekend and book something for you. You don't have to bring anyone, and you might find taking a solo trip is what you've been missing. There are so many weekends away you could try. Whether you book a fancy hotel room to write, dance and eat pizza or go for a city break abroad, take some time for yourself. You'd be surprised how beneficial this investment can be. It gives you time to get away from everything, focus on what you want and relax!

I find self-care weekends beneficial. You don't even need to spend a lot on a trip away. If you have a free house for the weekend, you could try an at-home self-care session. The main point is to invest in self-care and personal time. It's so important to give yourself space and time to grow. You can't do that if others are around you all the time. 

Read A Personal Development Book

I am terrible at sitting down with books. It's something I am working on. I find it hard to relax and read when I could be doing something I consider more productive. But, I am getting better through reading personal development books! There are many affordable personal development books covering a range of development areas. I've seen books about career, mental health, mindset, female empowerment and even dieting. If there is something you want to work on, try reading a motivational book. I like the workbook style development books as I prefer interacting with things and looking back at progress. Take 10 minutes a day to read something new. It's an affordable investment to help you progress and get where you want to be. I've also seen many books offered in the Audible free trial if you're more into audiobooks. 

Start A Side Hustle

I love side hustling. It's been something that has helped me through tough times, and I don't know what I'd do without it. Even an extra £10 can help. So, invest in a side hustle that you enjoy. There are many hustles you can start for free, but you'll need to invest more time into those. For example, filling in surveys or starting a blog can be free, but it takes time to build them up. You could invest in a different hustle like reselling or starting a small business on the side. These can bring in more money quicker, but you'll need money to invest in them. I like to have a combination of these things. Diversifying your income can help in tough times and if one hustle fails. Want to start a side hustle? Here are some helpful guides! 

Other Ways You Can Invest In Yourself

There are many ways you can invest in yourself, but you need to make sure it's beneficial to you and your goals. Writing down your top 10 goals can help you determine what you need to give yourself. Take 5 minutes to decide on your goals. If travel is a priority, invest in a good suitcase and see the work. If you want to climb the career ladder, invest in networking or your skills. Here are some other things you might consider for yourself! 

  • Put into a savings fund
  • Take an online course
  • Invest in a good skincare routine
  • Purchase a water bottle that will help you drink more
  • Get certified in something interesting
  • Invest in time with your friends and family
  • Purchase some unique artwork
  • Learn another language
  • Travel more
  • Volunteer somewhere meaningful to you
  • Take an internship in your dream job 
  • Attend a networking event
  • Invest in tech that will help you do what you need
  • Purchase a journal, diary or planner
  • Adopt a pet for love and companionship
  • Learn how to invest your money
  • Join a club or take a class
  • Start a retirement fund
  • Invest in a good diet
  • Go to the open university or night school to get a degree you'd like

You don't need to spend a lot to give yourself the best chances. But investing in something can change the way things go. I don't like to spend money on myself, especially when there isn't an instant reward. However, I've learnt that I can't grow unless I nourish myself and my skills. How are you investing in yourself? I'd love to hear what you're giving yourself to grow and reach your goals. Let me know what things you didn't think about and what you'll be trying soon! 

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