How To Choose The Best Stock & Own Images For Your Blog

Monday, December 05, 2022

AD - This post is collaborative, but all opinions are my own

If you are writing multiple blog posts for your blog, you will probably be keen to ensure they are as good as possible. And one element that is just as important as the writing itself is the images you use. Even if you only use one image per blog post, the right images are key to your blog. Here's a guide to photos and choosing the best images for your blog! 

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Find Some Good Stock Sites

One of the simplest ways to source good images for your blog posts is to look out for some stock image sites that you might be able to make use of. The sites can vary, and some are better than others. But the truth is that there are lots of good options out there. Some are free and require you to credit the photographer, and some are paid for, usually of slightly better quality.

Royalty-free images are free to use, and you can use the photos as much as you like. Even so, you should always double-check the license. You don't want to have any legal issues. I recommend going through stock sites and creating a library of images you like. That way, when writing a blog post, you can pick out images you already approve of.

Be Patient & Be Ready To Scroll

To find the best images, you’ll often have to look beyond those that appear straight away. These would have become popular for a reason. It might well be that they are attractive and well-made images. However, for that reason, they will very quickly become overused, and ones you want to avoid if possible. The way around this is to make sure that you are patient and ready to scroll through lots of photos before choosing one.

You should look at some of the images on the second, third and fourth pages because that is where you will find many really amazing ones. You will find that having some patience really does pay off hugely in the long run when it comes to your blog posts.

Keep It On-Theme

One of the things you are probably looking out for when you scroll through those pages is images that are suitable for the theme of your blog and the post you are writing. It can help to have some images on the go while writing. That way you can make sure your writing matches the photos. If you do it that way, you’re more likely to end up with a blog post that works well. If you are unsure about a theme, you can opt for some generic images, but be careful not to do this too often or include too many of that type.

Get The Numbers Right

How many images should you include in a blog post? There are many ways to approach this, but most agree that you are looking for balance. Ideally, you don’t want too many because that can easily overshadow the text, but too few are not good either.

Photos can enhance your blog posts and make them more exciting. The right image can ensure you get clicks. People are visual. Whether you use stock images or take the photos yourself, make sure they fit in with your post and look great. What are your favourite stock image websites? I'd love to hear how you go about using stock images and what tips you can share! 

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