How To Keep Customers Coming Back To Your Small Biz

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

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Every small business owner aims to get new customers every day. But the cost of customer acquisition can be steep. Various studies have shown that getting a new customer is 5 to 25 times costlier than keeping an old customer. That's why small businesses should pay much attention to customer retention. Of course, that's not to suggest that you should abandon customer acquisition strategies. However, don't risk losing your current customers in an attempt to find new ones. If you're looking for ways to keep your clients, here are some customer retention strategies your small business can use!

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Advertise New Products To Your Existing Customers

If a customer visits your business or shop to purchase a product, find ways to get them interested in other products or services you may have. This way, not only will you keep your customers coming back, but you'll also be able to sell other packages or services to them. You'll notice that banking halls often use this strategy by promoting to a captive audience. If your business environment is too busy or chaotic, it'll be challenging to attract customers' attention to new adverts. One effective way is to use ropes and queue barriers to instil order and create a captive audience for their promotional adverts on signages in the banking hall. You can also consider doing this for your business.

Improve Your Response Time

If you've been in business long enough, you'll know that some customers can be impatient. Few things are more frustrating to a customer than feeling that they're being left hanging. About 90% of consumers rate immediate response as crucial when they have a customer service question or inquiry. Any response that takes more than 10 minutes is considered too long and can cost you to lose your customers. You can use automated response tools to improve your response time, especially on your business website. 

Reach Out To Your Customers

As a growing business, don't always wait for your customers to bring in complaints and service-related questions. Find ways to reach out to them regularly to stay at the forefront of their minds. Some customers will not even bother to bring complaints to you about your products or service quality; they may jump to a competitor instead. But when you reach out to them, you give them a chance to vent and get an opportunity to improve your products and service based on the complaints you receive. You can reach out to your customers through surveys, short questionnaires, phone calls, and emails. You can also use social media platforms to engage your customers.

Run contests

Running contests where customers can win anything from one of your products to their own personalised number plates, to a holiday in the sun, when they make a purchase, is a great way to ensure that they stick with your company because you are someone who rewards them well for doing so. 

Don't Ignore After-sales Services

Your relationship with your customer should not end after a transaction is completed. Use after-sales services to engage your clients throughout their journey with you. Of course, solving after-sales issues is a great way to engage your customers, but don't end there. Take advantage of enticing but thoughtful discounts through coupons or promo codes to keep your loyal customers returning to your business for more. 

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