About Me

My name is Emily, Em for short and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I am an apprentice accountant based in Cambridge who loves to talk. I am also a side-hustle queen and stationery lover. While I am shy in person, I love writing and sharing my knowledge, so I started this blog during the first UK lockdown as a way to pass the time. 

In 2018, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder which completely changed my outlook on life. Since then, I have been trying to live the happiest life I can while doing the things I love. You'll find blog posts about blogging, making money and productivity, all in line with my journey to a more positive life! I have a passion for helping people out, so you'll always find a method that will work for you. 

You'll probably find me talking about the best ways you can make money or save a pretty penny. I love finding new income streams, so if you're looking to make some cash, you're in the right place! I also have a passion for the environment, productivity and mental health as it's important to be kind to the planet and your mind! Occasionally, I'll be baking or studying, so you're in for a fun mix of content! Yes, it's a whole crazy mix but welcome to my world!