On my blog, I regularly work with a range of businesses & brands on collaborative posts. I am enthusiastic about promoting new brands which I think would be of interest to you. I will not promote anything I don't agree with or like myself. All opinions will remain my own and cannot be bought or traded.

Disclaimer last updated on June 10th 2020 and is subject to change without notice.

Gifted Items

Sometimes I will be gifted an item for a review or feature on my blog. All reviews on www.loveemblog.com are my honest opinions and cannot be bought or traded. If I am gifted an item for inclusion, the post will be marked with AD or Gifted at the bottom of the post. It may also be written at the top of the post or be marked with an asterisk(*) in the title. 

Sponsored Posts

Any posts that have been paid a monetary value will be marked with AD at the bottom of the post, followed by further information. These sponsored posts have been paid for by a brand. In line with ASA guidelines, I will always mark a post that has been sponsored or gifted. Do not ask me to do otherwise. I am not responsible for the actions of my sponsors. If there are any issues regarding a service or product you have purchased from them, you must take it up with the sponsor, not me. 


Within a blog post, there may be links that when you click on them, will take you to a third-party website. If you purchase a product through that link, I will earn some commission to help run my blog. It will not cost you any more to click on these links. I will only promote and share links that I think are of value to you or my post. I won't promote links that I wouldn't use myself. I may mark that I have used affiliate links at the bottom of the post or put "(Aff)" next to the link I have used. 


If I have included a link which affects my reputation or gets me penalised by Google, it will be removed immediately without notice or changed. There will be no refund or part refund issue in this circumstance. 


I am the legal copyright holder of all material on this site unless otherwise stated. Please do not reprint or publish without my written consent.

Privacy Policy

 I will not sell or trade any of your personal or contact information. I am not responsible for the privacy practices of any of my blog commenters. For my full and extensive privacy policy, please read here.

I reserve the right to update or change my disclaimers at any time, and you should check this policy periodically. If you have any questions about these disclaimers, please contact me!