Eco-friendly Décor Ideas For Your Home!

Thursday, May 26, 2022

AD - There are gifted items in this post, but all opinions are my own 

If you're like me, then you're going through a redecorating phase. There are so many ways to update your home, some of which you may not even realise! I am really excited to invest in my bedroom and do it up over the next few weeks. There are lots of things I want to change, and I want to share my journey too! From planning the make-over, I've found so many unique and eco-friendly room updates! If you're looking to redo your home, here are some eco-friendly and fun ways to update your things!

Invest In Some Wall Art

I never knew how much my room would benefit from a canvas. I have a lovely geometric pastel coloured canvas which adds some colour to my room. My one is from Photowall, which is a little business that makes custom ordered canvas. Photowall delivers within a few days, and they're sustainably responsible too! Their inks are biodegradable, waste is reduced, and anything they need to throw away is recycled! I love this canvas, especially as you build it yourself. It was easy to make, although I'd recommend having another pair of hands to help. There are so many small businesses out there with gorgeous wall art designs. I'd highly recommend adding some hanging art to bring your room together!

If you're considering Photowall, I'd recommend going for it! If you'd like a little 25% discount on your purchase, you can use the code "loveemblog25". Here are a few more reasons why you should choose Photowall for your eco-friendly décor needs! 

  • The shipping is ridiculously fast, perfect for a last-minute gift or décor idea.
  • There are so many designs to choose from, and you can even upload your own photo for a personal touch!
  • Photowall plant over 5000 trees yearly, uses biodegradable cotton for their canvas and package your purchase with recycled materials.
  • Transport is reduced as much as possible by only sending out full trucks, so no fuel is wasted.

Grow Your Own Décor

Plants are gorgeous, and there are so many different ones to put around your home. I have a mini Christmas tree on my desk, and it looks adorable! From succulents to Bonsai trees, there are lots of plants to choose from. You could even use little flower planters on your windowsill, but make sure you don't cut them! Plants are easy things to put around your home and are also good for the planet. While one plant may not make a huge difference, if we all planted more, then we can make a big difference. You could also plant vegetables or herbs in your garden and incorporate them into your own meals! Becoming self-sufficient is a great way to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Linen Storage Baskets 

I love storage solutions in every shape and form. I recently purchased a handmade woven laundry basket which I keep all my fluffy blankets and throws. It is such a cute idea and looks great in a cosy living room. It's one of my favourite investments, and there are lots of different types you can opt for. My one is woven, but you can purchase reversible linen baskets too. Storage baskets are useful to have around the house and can be used for so many different things. We have a blanket basket, wash basket and some for my crafting bits. Try to get a basket with sustainably sourced materials and preferably handmade. You can find a lot of small business who sell these types of décor! 

Buy Pre-loved Furniture 

For some, swapping out certain things is a no-go. For example, maybe you really want that Ikea furniture set, but know it's not always the best thing for the environment. eBay, Facebook market place and other pre-loved sites are great places to look for home décor and furniture. Plus, you'll most likely be able to pick it up at a reduced price! I sell a lot of things on eBay and know that most sellers are legit. You can find a lot of great deals and furniture on second-hand websites. It's better than buying brand new, although this solution isn't perfect. If you're able to buy a second-hand, sustainable piece of décor, then that's even better! 

Purchase Handmade, Eco Furniture 

Handmade furniture is gorgeous and unique. Every room needs furniture of some kind, and so redecorate your room with some eco-friendly pieces! Wooden furniture is the best way to go. You can get sustainably sourced wood, or even have it made from scrap pieces! Try to avoid resin pieces as it looks amazing to watch, but only bio-resin is good for the planet. Handmade furniture can also be made to your specifics, most of the time. It leads to less waste as the made-to-order pieces fit your needs the first time! Plus, you'll most likely be supporting a small business in this time of need. 

Decorate With Geometric Trays

I love little trinket and trays to decorate my surfaces. Whether you're serving food or using it for jewellery, trays are a cute way to decorate your house. I love these sustainable birch trays with funky geometric patterns and bold colours. They really brighten up a room and look amazing too. If you like matching homeware, these trays also have matching placemats and coasters available! Durable but styles, these trays would make the perfect piece of décor or even blog photo prop! I love how vibrant the colours are and would highly recommend the investment!

Don't Forget The Pillows & Throws!

Fabrics, in general, are bad for the environment. In my sustainable wardrobe post, I spoke about why fast fashion, in particular, is damaging the environment. Blankets and pillows are of the same nature and use similar fabrics. Instead of buying a blanket form Primark, invest in an eco-friendly alternative. There are lots of gorgeous throws and pillows made from recycled fabric or sustainably sourced materials. Throws are the perfect wintery addition and would look great in the storage baskets you purchased earlier! They're also not as expensive as you think, and you'll be helping the environment as you go!

Finish The Look With Some Candles 

I am addicted to burning candles at the moment. I love every type of candle under the sun, but eco-friendly ones are my favourite! Burning candles can harm the environment because of the chemical inside them. Opt for organic soy wax with plastic-free packaging and chemical-free colourings/scents. You get bonus points for candles that are hand-poured, vegan friendly and from a small business! Candles are beautiful, warm ways to bring a room together. They're great for blog pictures and look pretty on a wintery night. It's funny how something so beautiful can harm the planet, so be mindful next time you pick up a candle! 

They are so many ways to update your rooms without harming the environment. Obviously, there are some things you may not want to change, but consciously swapping some things is better than nothing! I love researching new ways of doing things, and can't wait to see how my room turns out in the end! What are your favourite sustainable ways to redecorate your home? I'd love to hear what DIYs you've tried to bring a room together more! 

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  1. I feel like plants are so underrated, ive got so many house plants and at the moment im loving my bonsai tree and cacti!

  2. I love the prints! I am defo up for upcycling what I already have and I am not a snob about pre-loved items. You can find some right gems online!


  3. I am using so many candles at the moment as well and it really does make me feel happy. I love that print so much.

    We have just bought some lovely house plants as well and I think it is fast going to become a new hobby x

  4. Thanks for sharing, these are great ideas I do like plants in my flat :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes