A Simple Guide To Manifesting With A Vision Board!

Friday, May 06, 2022

The new year is the perfect time to start something new and hit any goals you haven't yet met. I love goal setting, but I don't like to add pressure by making them compulsory. Instead, I like to use mood boards to help me picture the life I want to build and motivate me on getting there. Here's how to create the perfect mood board for you and use one to manifest your goals!


What Is A Vision Board

A mood board is a collage of text, images and other media that help you to visualise ideas. You can use them for study, projects or goal setting. In this case, we use mood boards to set goals and help manifest them into achievable targets. You can use magazines, printed images, stickers, handwritten quotes and anything that helps you see where you'd like to be. It doesn't have to be complicated or pretty, but you should have it suit your goal setting needs.

A mood board is a perfect way to manifest my goals, as I can spill all of my thoughts into one place. I like to create a mood board at the beginning of the year and develop it as my thoughts and feelings change. To do this, I use a corkboard and pin pictures and change them as I see fit. I will cut out images, write quotes and use other cute stationery to visualise where I'd like my life to be quarterly and at the end of the year.

Why Should You Be Using One

Mood boards are great for those who like to picture their goals. They are a visual representation of what you'd like to achieve. There are many reasons you should be using a vision board. Here are some of my favourite reasons and how it helps me with my goals:

  • It defines my vision - I can clearly see my goals and form steps to get there from all the images and quotes.
  • You can change it freely and adapt as your goals develop.
  • It embraces your creativity as you use different media, textiles and skills to create.

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Creating A Physical Vision Board

I prefer to create a physical vision board as I enjoy the creation process. I also prefer to have it in my room ready for use. To start your vision board, you want to have some goals or ideas in mind. Brainstorm what you'd like to see on your mood board and where you'd like to be in a year. It could be themed to study, productivity, body image/self-care, home, etc. Decide which areas of your life need the most attention and what you'd like to develop. You should reflect on the previous months to help you with ideas. If you fail an exam, how will you improve that? If you want to save more, what will you do to change your financial position?

Then you'll want to start creating a board with different materials. You could print out pictures, use magazine cuttings, write your own quotes and use pre-made scrapbooking cuts. Whatever you use, make sure it shows where you want to get to. For example, I'd like to finish redoing my room, so I used cute organisation images. I also want to get better at yoga, so I have pictures and quotes relating to meditation. The photos you use should be personal to you and should be realistic. I like to also write some lists for my board.

Once you have all your media, you can start putting your board together. You could spiderweb your photos so that similar goals are grouped. Or you could arrange your goals by time frame. There are many ways to arrange your mood board, so have a play before you glue things down. It needs to be visually pleasing to you and something you're happy to look at and use. Once you're happy, glue everything down onto a poster board or pin it into a corkboard. You can use smaller images to fill in any gaps that appear. I like to use a corkboard to change goals as I grow and make quarterly transitions easier.

To summarise, here are the steps you need to take to create your mood board:

  1. Brainstorm some ideas of what you'd like your mood board to show
  2. Start cutting quotes, pictures and using stationery that will help you to manifest your goals
  3. Arrange your media and glue/pin everything where you want it to go
  4. Frame your vision board somewhere you're going to see a lot and use it when you need motivation

Creating A Digital Mood Board

If you don't want to or can't print things out, you can create a digital mood board. I recommend creating a vision board on Canva and using stock websites such as Unsplash for your images. It's easier to update digital mood boards as you can move things around freely, don't have to print media, and you can make one for free. All the steps for creating a digital vision board is the same as the above, but you just do it on a laptop! 

You can download the file once you've finished. Then, you can save it down as a lock screen or background for easier use. Similarly, you can use Pinterest for your mood board. But, I don't find it as motivating and personal to me. There are other websites you can use to create a digital board. Canva offers a great range of images, shapes and free fonts for you to use. You also have the option to purchase premium extras. You could also use Word and Crello. These are all free to use. 

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Ideas For Your Vision Board

If you're struggling with inspiration, that's okay! Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint what we want or how to get there. Here are some ideas for different goals that you could use for your own board! These ideas are things you could put onto your board or can help spark your own. You need to make sure it's something you really want and is for yourself. 

Relationship Ideas

  • Start to say yes to more events
  • Go on a date with someone new
  • Spend more time with family
  • Fall back in love with yourself
  • Cute date ideas
  • Spend more time with friends
  • Rebuild broken or lost relationships
  • Images of your love language
  • To forgive people in your past
  • Get a pet to share your love with
  • Take time to get to know your kids
  • Ensure date nights happen more often
  • Try new family traditions in the holidays
  • Form stronger bonds with your co-workers
  • Build a better relationship with yourself
  • To let go of any past issues/arguments

Health & Wellbeing Ideas

  • Eat a more balanced diet
  • Get to or maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise more
  • Sign up for more fun runs 
  • Get an important surgery done and out the way
  • Join a sports club or team
  • Drink more water
  • Try a new skill or hobby
  • Take the time to improve your mental health
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Learn to listen to your body
  • Develop a better routine
  • Try to sleep for the correct number of hours

Money & Career Ideas

  • Have a better work-life balance
  • Progress in your chosen career
  • Make £100 a month hustling
  • Make £1000 hustling
  • Make a full-time income from your side hustle
  • Switch to a new career
  • Take the leap and go self-employed
  • Put currency from all of your favourite places
  • To buy a house or car
  • Invest in something for your future
  • Find a way to save more money
  • Get a promotion in your role
  • Earn more money at your workplace
  • Take on more responsibility 
  • Meet new people and gain more clients
  • To get better at budgeting
  • To start a pension fund
  • To save for your dream holiday

Travel Vision Board Ideas

  • Photos of places you've been before
  • Names of countries you'd like to explore
  • Photos of places you'd like to visit
  • A mini travel bucketlist
  • Cute travel stickers
  • A passport renewal reminder
  • Tickets from previous adventures
  • A map with pins in places you want to go
  • Brochures for places you'd like to visit
  • Small souvenirs from your travels

Personal Growth Ideas

  • To read more each week
  • Yoga positions you'd like to try
  • Outfit ideas for you to try 
  • Affirmations that you believe in
  • Celebrities or business owners who inspire you
  • To make a better connection with people
  • Take more time to be with yourself
  • Learn to procrastinate less
  • To learn a skill or hobby
  • Quotes that resonate with you
  • Journal more

Top Tips For Creating A Mood Board

It can be tempting to put Pinterest worthy images on your board, but it's not always an achievable goal. You want to have a board that reflects realistic goals and motivates you to work there. Here are some tips for designing a vision board that manifests! 

  • Take a moment to reflect on the last year. Is there anything you want to change or improve on? This can give you an idea of what goals to set.
  • Use your board regularly and keep it in a visible place.
  • Use images that make you happy and inspired.
  • Make your goals simple - it should be something you really want and isn't too complicated.
  • Make changes when your life changes or you no longer align with those goals.

How To Manifest With A Vision Board

You can use a vision board in many ways, but you need to find the right one for you. Personally, I use my board to set goals that I can work towards. For example, if my board has pictures of money, I'll set weekly goals like selling 20 products or finding a new client. You should look at your board daily and when you need a boost of motivation. Here are the ways you can use your board

Use It To Set Goals - I believe in the power of manifestation while working towards your goals. If you want something enough, the universe will bless you with it, but hard work comes into play too. When setting your weekly or monthly goals, use inspiration from your board to come up with steps to take. 

Use It To Reflect - As you progress with your goals and manifestation, you can reflect on where you started. A mood board is a great tool for looking at your mindset and where it is now. You can also look back on goals and evaluate new ones! 

Use It To Bring Good Things To You - There is no point putting the time in if you're not going to manifest with it! Look at your board daily and manifest your goals. Try and draw positive energy from it and give yourself affirmations to guide you to achieving your dreams! 

I love creating seasonal vision boards so I can manifest things that are relevant to me each quarter. As manifestation is a personal thing, you need to create and use your vision board in a way that benefits you. If you love quotes, make a quote board. If you prefer visuals, try a more picture-heavy board! See what works for you, and remember to keep going back to it. Manifesting doesn't happen overnight, so using it daily or weekly can help you draw positive things! Do you have a mood board? I'd love to hear your favourite ways to manifest and how you designed your board! 

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  1. Some really fab goals here Em, I hope you smash them! Would love some tips on how you get your DA up so quick, I'm struggling with mine!

    1. Honestly same, I am not sure how I have done that! I am quite proud of it but I am just not sure how I got there!

      Em x

  2. Good luck with these! Posting daily is a great achievement but preparing lots of posts in advance will help with that, have a great June, hope you reach your goals!

    1. Thank you, you too! I am looking forward to the challenge :)

      EM x

  3. Good luck with your goals.

    My main one is to get my DA up from 3 which it seems to be stuck on 🤦‍♂️

  4. Best of luck with these. I'm sure you'll smash them!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your support!

      EM x

  5. Good luck with the goals, I'm sure you'll do great!!

    Tash - www.agirlwithview.co.uk

    1. Thank you, I am looking forward to the reviewing of them!

      Em x

  6. Wow I love these goals, it's inspired me to make some myself! Good luck reaching them, you'll be amazing!

  7. Some fab goals here! Best of luck with all of them - I'm sure you'll smash it! Love how achievable all your goals are too.


    1. Thank you! I appreciate your support. I didn't want to be too ambitious but I think some of them are a challenge!

      Em x

  8. You've achieved loads in such a short space of time - congratulations! Wishing you all the best with your June goals :) x
    Amy | sassycatlady.com

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that. I am so proud of where I have gotten. I'm hoping June will be even better!

      Em x

  9. Best of luck with your goals! They seem manageable and you seem passionate about them too! 💛💫 xo

    1. I am thank you, I haven't actually been this passionate about anything! I am glad to have found something I enjoy :)

      Em x

  10. Some great goals to achieve. One of mine is to continue posting regularly I aim for 3 per week if I can. Keep working at raising my DA recently checked and is now 9. Keep achieving your goals and hope you reach them.

    1. That's great! I am really glad you're doing so well. Keep up the amazing work! Thank you for your support :)

      Em x

  11. Goodness, have you really only been blogging for two months? That's amazing, you've come so far already! These goals look eminently achievable, I'm sure you'll smash them - good luck, I can't wait to see how you get on! Lisa x

    1. It is crazy isn't it! Thank you for your support, I really appreciate all the help you've given me! :)

      Em x

  12. You've got some great goals here! I think the success you've seen to date shows just how powerful goal setting can be in achieving great things - after all, you're an example of the whole process paying off! Congratulations!

    1. Aww thank you! I really appreciate your kind words. I recommend everyone sets goals - there is something motivating about it and rewarding when you reach it!

      Em x

  13. Great goals lovely! I will make sure to follow you on Pinterest and insta:)
    Good luck!

  14. Great set of goals :) Hope that you complete them :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  15. I need to get better about setting SMART goals like these when it comes to my blogging! Thank you for the structure to start it!