100+ Valentine's Day Content Ideas For Every Niche

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Valentine's day isn't a holiday that everyone celebrates. However, if you're a blogger, you might want to consider creating some Valentine's day content. Seasonal content can be beneficial to your blog and help you to increase your traffic for that season. I've tried to include ideas for every niche so you can benefit from the increase in traffic. Here are some Valentine's day blog post ideas that you NEED to be sharing this romantic season! 

Why You Should Write Seasonal Content

Seasonal content isn't for everyone. I know bloggers who choose not to include seasonal content unless it fits in with something else they're writing. Honestly, seasonal content is a personal choice. I like to write 2-3 pieces of festive content for each season. I find that it helps to spike my traffic. While this may not be long term traffic, it introduces new people to my blog in hopes they stick around for other posts. Here are some benefits of seasonal content:

  • They increase your blog's traffic for a short period
  • More people will be searching for those topics at once
  • New readers can find your blog easily
  • Not everyone writes seasonal content, so you could benefit
  • It's great for link building, especially in Facebook groups
  • You can share it every year during that holiday period

When Should You Publish Seasonal Content?

I love to post seasonal content at least a month in advance. There are times that I will post a bit closer to the holiday, but posting a month in advance gives you more time to build traffic and promote. I start promoting my Christmas content after Halloween to help increase my traffic. People will be searching for these things 2-4 weeks in advance, depending on the topic and how much planning it requires. For example, Valentine's dates may need bookings, so the sooner you post a date idea post, the better. See how quickly your other blog posts take off and work out how much time you'll need to promote/create pins. These can help you to decide when to post too. 

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Blog Post Ideas For The Other Holidays

I love writing blog posts, and I always have ideas to write, but they don't all suit my niche. If you're struggling with blog post ideas for the other holidays, why not consider these! There are over 500 ideas on my blog for you to read: 

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Whether you have a lifestyle blog or want more personal content, lifestyle blog post ideas are easy to adapt to any niche. They break up your more informative content and give your readers a more light-hearted and personal read. I love reading lifestyle posts as they help me connect with the blogger more. 

  • The best gifts you've received for valentines day
  • Non-traditional gift/date ideas to try
  • What to do if you're single on valentine's day
  • Create a Valentines gift guide 
  • Last minute gift guide ideas
  • Self-care ideas for single people
  • How to take yourself on a date 
  • The best single people date night ideas
  • The best date night ideas for couples
  • Last-minute romantic gift ideas 
  • The best rom-com movies to watch

Valentines Food Blog Post Ideas

Baking and food is the way to my heart, and I'm sure your partner's too! There are many things to bake, eat and talk about in the food niche. If you love food or have a baking blog, here are some food blog post ideas to consider this Valentine's day. 

  • DIY chocolate gift ideas
  • DIY chocolate coated strawberries
  • How to make a cute valentine's day cake
  • Valentine's day gift guide for a food lover
  • Heart shapes desserts you'll want to try
  • Do a round-up of DIY Valentines dessert ideas
  • The best restaurants to visit in your area
  • What to do with unwanted/leftover chocolates
  • Gifts ideas that aren't chocolate
  • How to make a cute food gift basket
  • No-bake desserts to make for Valentines
  • The most romantic meal ideas
  • How to create a cute at-home meal for two

Valentines Day Craft Ideas

I have recently purchased a Cricut machine, and I am falling in love with crafting again. For those who are creative or love to craft on their blog, here are some ideas that you could share! There are many Pinterest worthy gift ideas to make for your special half!

  • DIY exploding box gift ideas
  • The best DIY Valentine's gift ideas
  • DIY at-home spa ideas for couples
  • How to create cute Valentine's day cards
  • Create a craft round-up of your favourite DIYs
  • The best recipes to make on Valentines day
  • Do a round-up of DIY Valentines gift ideas
  • Valentine's Day printables
  • Valentine's crafts to make and sell on the side
  • Cute crafts to do as a couple

Valentines Home & Décor Blog Post Ideas

I am getting ready to move out into a place of my own. I love reading home and décor content to find inspiration. There are many creative ways to do up your home for the holidays. Why not try it for Valentine's day too? 

  • Valentine's Day table decorations
  • How to decorate your home on a budget
  • Cute Target home décor finds you NEED to buy
  • DIY home décor ideas to make on Valentine's day
  • How to throw Valentine's day party
  • How to create flower bouquets for display
  • The best-scented candles to have at your romantic dinner

Valentines Day Travel Ideas

Romantic getaways are the perfect gift idea. It's also nice to take a break and relax. I love reading travel content and getting inspired to quit my job and explore the world. If you're a travel blogger, why not consider writing some romantic travel content? 

  • The best places to take your significant other
  • Cute day trip ideas to go on
  • Couple's travel bucket list
  • A roundup of your favourite blogging/vlogging couples 
  • Romantic places to propose
  • The best places to eat on Valentine's day
  • The most romantic cities to visit across the world
  • Honeymoon destinations
  • Your Valentine's day travel plans
  • Valentine's day date ideas in your hometown

Valentines Beauty & Wellbeing Blog Post Ideas

Everyone deserves a bit of self-care. It can be a day where single people struggle as couples share their posts online. Whether you're dressing up or staying home, here are some beauty & wellbeing content ideas for you to write about.

  • Self-care ideas for Valentine's day
  • Cute look books for your date night
  • How to wear your hair on Valentine's day
  • How to look after your mental health when you're single
  • Make-up/perfume gift ideas for your partner
  • How to get clear skin for the big day
  • Cute loungewear sets for a relaxing day at home

Valentines Fashion Blog Post Ideas

I struggle with looking cute for dates as I value comfort over style. However, if you're a fashion blogger, you might be able to help people like me decide what to wear on date night. Here are some fashion content ideas! 

  • Cute date night outfit ideas
  • Saucy underwear sets you need for Valentine's day
  • Heart themed clothing haul
  • Pet-friendly Valentine's day outfit ideas
  • Date night ideas for every occasion/activity
  • How to wear heels all night without them hurting
  • Your date night fashion disasters
  • Outfit ideas inspired by your favourite romantic movies
  • Your favourite pink outfits

Valentines Parenting Blog Post Ideas

Parenting and dates can be hard when there are children. Similarly, single parents may find it hard to date with kids around. Everyone deserves a date night and a chance to find live. If you're a parenting blogger, here are some blog post ideas you might want to share.

  • How to do a family Valentine's evening
  • How to celebrate as a single parent
  • How to celebrate as a family or with your kids
  • Valentine's day crafts to do with the kids
  • The best ideas to spice up your love life
  • Romantic date ideas for parents who need to get out
  • At-home Valentine's date ideas
  • What to gift your partner on Valentine's day

Valentines Money Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes I think that holidays are just reasons to spend money and splurge because everyone else is. However, sometimes budgets can change plans and limit what we can do. No matter what your budget is, here are some blog post ideas you could write about if you talk about money or business! 

  • Valentine's date night ideas on a budget
  • How to save money at your favourite restaurants
  • The best cashback offers for your date night
  • Online coupons and offers to use to save money
  • Affordable gift ideas for your partner
  • Overpriced/overrated purchases for Valentine's day
  • How to save money on gifts/flowers
  • Affordable date night ideas for couples
  • How to make some extra cash for your date night

Valentines Fitness Blog Post Ideas

It's still early in the year, and many people have just started their fitness journeys. There are so many create workouts and ways to eat better, why not take the opportunity to add a bit of romance? Here are some fitness and health related blog post ideas for fitness bloggers. 

  • Workout routine for couples
  • How to stay on track with your diet on Valentine's day
  • Yoga routine for couples
  • Share your couples fitness goals
  • Healthy snacks you could make for your loved one
  • Fitness gift ideas for your other half
  • How to enjoy your cheat day
  • Cute fitness date ideas to go on together (rock-climbing, skiing etc.) 
  • Tips on how to order healthier things/Starbucks drinks hacks
  • Healthy restaurants to visit on Valentine's day

There are lots of things you could share over the next few weeks for Valentine's day. I thought I'd share this post as early as possible to help you get a head start on your content creation. I will aim to update the post regularly so you'll never run out on blog post ideas. Have I missed a niche? Comment below with some of the posts you'll be writing over the next few weeks. I'd love to know what you're sharing this February! 

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